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Anomaly-NOW! 8/23/2023 – Farewells to Flying-Saucerers Spiegel and Perkins, plus other news

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David Perkins

Fortean and Mutology Researcher David Perkins Dies – Loren Coleman / CryptoZooNews

Vale to Pioneers Lee Spiegel and David Perkins – The Daily Grail – By red pill junkie

Legendary Writer and Show Host Lee Speigel Passed – Margie Kay

Wonderful Friend and UFO Icon, Lee Speigel, August 15, 2023 – Podcast UFO

Lee Speigel Bio

The Truth Is Out There: UFOs & National Security – The Hill
YouTube Archive ONE
YouTube Archive TWO

A Very Large UAP crosses the North Pacific: Observed by Five Pilots, with two Photos and a VideoBy Richard E. Griffiths, Affil. Prof., Univ Hawaii Hilo, Physics and Astronomy, At the 2023 SCU AAPC – Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies, Anomalous Aerospace Phenomena Conference

Solved: MUFON case #124190: ‘Mothership’ UAP Crosses the North Pacific [Starlink Stack]

Ryan Graves @uncertainvector

The Problem with Starlink – Mick West

Alien Attack Unites Humanity – The Saucers That Time Forgot

Local fishing charter crew sees a ‘whale’ of a sight off the Port Aransas coast – Alex Delcid CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (VIDEO)

Strange sighting: Hill Country Village baffled by mysterious creature – Hannah Tiede (VIDEO)

For old-school conspiracy theorists, QAnon crossed a line | Think

Even Conspiracy Theorists Are Alarmed by What They’ve Seen(Originally titled: How QAnon and Jan. 6 Ripped the Conspiracy Theory World Apart)
by Annie Kelly, NYTimes OpEd, August 4th, 2023

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