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Mack White – artist, author, comic books, radio host, researcher

Mack White is a comic-book artist and parapolitical writer who has been researching the outer-limits of consciousness and deep-politics for many years. His artwork has appeared in a number of places ranging from his own classic Villa of the Mysteries, Mutant Book of the Dead, Texas Tales and more, as well as in such underground comics collections and magazines as HotWire, Comics Journal, and Komix (Italy). He also edited and contributed to The Bush Junta, an anthology of comic art depicting the Crimes Against Humanity of the George W. Bush regime. He has appeared in documentaries such as DAY-51: The True Story of Waco as well as within a variety of alternative news publications including Paranoia Magazine, Austin Para Times, Weird Magazine, Paranoid Magazine, and many more.


For more on Mack White, check out his BIO and websites: www.MackWhite.com and his blog MackWhite.blogspot.com

Archived interviews with Mack White:


Jack Blood, Mack White, Freeman 2012

Videos: Freeman and Mack Reunite Before Appearing with Jack Blood, February 2012

NUFOC 38 – 2001 Event Poster by Mack White


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