Warcollier, René

Warcollier, René –

If you want to refer to the ‘father of remote viewing,’ you would have to go back half a century to the French parapsychologist, René Warcollier.

— Joseph McMoneagle, remote viewer, from a 1998 interview in Psychic World

René Warcollier (April 1881 – May 1962) was a French chemical engineer and parapsychologist. He was a founder and president of the Institut Métapsychique, and edited and wrote theoretical and experimental reports for its journal.

Source: Wikipedia
  • IRVA and IRIS-PA Sponsor the René Warcollier Prize
  • Remote Searching: Can Pendulum Dowsing Locate Hidden Objects on a Grid? James L. King, Robert F. Price and Jan A. E. Six – IRVA’s Warcollier Prize Winner 2012


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