Mathis, Miles William

Miles William Mathis

Although some believe he may have been hatched from an egg deposited in mysterious ways in the 19th century or cloned from the fingernail clippings of a Florentine Fra, trusted paperwork informs us that Miles Williams Mathis was born in Amarillo, Texas, on the 17th of September, in the wee hours of the morning. Scant months later, we imagine, he must have ventured from his swaddling clothes and stuffed animals, upon hands and knees, muling and burbling, in search of his first crayon.

He turned down several scholarship offers in engineering, including one to Rice, instead choosing to study liberal arts at Haverford College.Unhappy there, he followed a girlfriend to the University of Texas, Austin, after only one semester. He immediately tested out of a year and half of classwork, including 16 hours of Latin. He had 82 hours of credit before he started his second year. Taking a bit of a breather, Miles loaded his schedule with PE credits, like diving, gymnastics and ballet. He was soon tapped by his ballet teacher to join a local company, where he danced for two years, including a minor role in Sleeping Beauty. He also began publishing a comic strip with the Daily Texan, one of the largest and best student papers in the country (and the breeding ground for such cartoonists as Berke Breathed, Sam Hurt, and Chris Ware~in 1980 Breathed had just taken his student strip Academia Waltz into syndication as Bloom County). Miles’ strip Squib was was published for three years to wide acclaim and national awards before being picked up for syndication by King Features as part of The New Breed.