Anomaly-NOW! 20230913

Anomaly-NOW! 9/13/2023 – Somber September Secrets

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Alfvegren, Skylaire – April 9, 1977 – August 27, 2021

UFO Whistleblower Dave Grusch Tells Me Everything Jesse Michels on YouTube

Secret Service agent’s story revives multiple shooter theories and may add a twist to the “Magic Bullet Theory” and its origin…

The Suspicious Death of Dorothy Kilgallen

Presidential Libraries of Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan and More Warn About State of US Democracy in First Ever Joint Statement

Conservative book ban push fuels exodus from American Library Association

Expanding Frontiers Research to Launch Online UFO Archive

PhenomeCon lands in Utah with talk of UFOs, Bigfoot, taxes (VIDEO)

Movie review: The Unbinding

Ending music for 911-Anniversary: From Monument To Masses – Sharpshooter