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Spiritual Breakthrough: Handbook to God-Consciousness Auken, John Van 0-87604-367-8 Paperback 1 $12.95 A.R.E. Press September 1, 1996 5.0 Stars Religion & Spirituality : Religious Studies : Comparative Religion Book Description Drawing on his many years of spiritual study and experience with higher consciousness, John Van Auken carefully outlines the path that each of us can follow to be “as aware of God as we are of ourselves.” This book combines intimate knowledge of the material in the Edgar Cayce readings, the Bible, world religions, and ancient Egypt. In addition, the author describes the steps he followed and the effort he expended to be able to commune with God directly. His book is truly a gift for the seeker. From the Back Cover For those who seek the direct consciousness of God’s presence, this volume represents a precise map drawn by a spiritual explorer who has sought and found that presence. John Van Auken sets out for all seekers the path he followed and the effort he has expended to commune with God. The result, as this book makes clear, is a contentment beyond imagining. 2005-08-06 2005-08-06 Rabia 0
No Regrets : A Ten-Step Program for Living in the Present and Leaving the Past Behind Beazley, Hamilton 0-471-21295-4 Paperback 1 $10.17 Wiley December 19, 2003 5.0 Stars Health, Mind & Body : Psychology & Counseling : General Book Description At last, freedom from burdensome regrets Everyone has regrets. But not everyone can overcome them, even when they interfere with the enjoyment of life. With this book as your guide, you’ll learn how to let go of past mistakes, lost opportunities, and failed expectations to live richly in a present filled with hope and new possibilities. This wise, compassionate, and practical guide offers profound insights into the nature of regrets and how to overcome them. Grounded in proven psychotherapeutic and spiritual principles, No Regrets brings together the insights of mental health professionals, spiritual teachers, and self-help experts. In No Regrets, you’ll find: A structured ten-step program for letting go of burdensome regrets Powerful spiritual and psychological tools for overcoming regret, including creative visualization, journaling, affirmations, thought analysis, meditation, and sharing with others Insights into toxic thought patterns that create and support regrets Persistent myths about forgiveness that keep us trapped in our regrets Inspiring stories of people who have freed themselves from regret No Regrets will show you a way out of the pain, guilt, and shame of the past and how to create a rich and rewarding life in the present. “Hamilton Beazley has the distinct ability to understand the most complex inner workings of the human spirit and mind. No Regrets is destined to take its place alongside the other great self-help guides of our time.” -Howard J. Shaffer, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Director Division on Addictions, Harvard Medical School Download Description A step-by-step approach to moving beyond regrets, mistakes, and lost opportunities Everyone has regrets, but not everyone can let them go. Written by a recovery expert, No Regrets offers a practical, complete, and easy-to-follow program to relieve the pain, anger, guilt, and shame of unresolved regrets. Based on proven self-help and spiritual principles, the book takes readers through a supportive ten-step program using tools such as self-examination, visualization, journaling, and meditation to work through their regrets and embark on a life filled with peace, hope, and new possibilities. Hamilton Beazley, PhD (Austin, TX), is a former psychology professor at George Washington University. He has appeared on Oprah, A Current Affair, NBC, and CNN as an expert on addiction recovery.–This text refers to the Digital edition. 2005-08-06 2005-08-06 Rabia 0
The Cosmic Book Bentov, Itzhak 0-89281-213-3 Paperback 1 $4.11 Inner Traditions December 1, 1988 Religion & Spirituality : New Age : General From Independent Publisher Bentov is a standup cosmic comedian, an extragalactic Jokester quipping at the edge of the void, delivering a one-man monologue about the Mystery at the end of the universe. It happens to be ourselves. In 1979 the wisecracking scientist-meditator departed for a closer look at the Mystery, but from the other side of his early death we lesser intellects in the last decade have felt metaphysically bereft. In this posthumous work (edited and completed by his wife, the Boston sculptor, Mirtala), with its comic-book sketches, light-hearted irreverence, and magisterial spiritual penetration, Bentov explains more about the world in fewer pages and in simpler, more entertaining images than does a roster of prolix astronomer-philosophers in six lifetimes. Bentov regards himself as an inventor, a mechanical engineer, a plumber, a visionary who requests his revelations in the form of structures. In A Cosmic Book, Bentov distills with characteristic precision and impertinence his holistic model of cosmos and consciousness which, he’s delighted to tell us, has a “happy ending.” The Creation, says Bentov, is a big hologram in the shape of an elongated torus, or smoke-ring doughnut. Its holographic nature guarantees that all information about itself is distributed uniformly throughout, which means the human, embedded in this matrix, has full access in consciousness to knowledge of the entire Creation. Vibration is a central concept to Bentov’s model. Consciousness in a vibratory state manifests as our familiar matter. When the Absolute (or void or pure consciousness) begins to vibrate, manifest creation arises. Bentov describes a holographic series of systems beginning with a cosmos made of forty-nine universes (the observable circumference of each universe is twenty-billion light years) arranged in a helical coil; one-half million of these make up one super-cosmos, and this complexity continues upwards for seven levels. The summation is Manifest Creation. One reasonably wonders, as did our intrepid cosmic voyager, Bentov, who’s running the show? The surprise Bentov finds at the end of the universe was himself. “It is yourself! It is your SELF, the supreme SELF that has been guiding you through the long and eventful trip back to itself.” Bentov’s exquisite paean to cosmic creation is most profitably read as the more esoteric postscript to his earlier, longer text, Stalking the Wild Pendulum (1978, reprinted 1988, Destiny Books). This review is only an inadequate precis of the vast riches in Bentov’s modest and mind-ballooning work, itself only a humorous and tentative precis of the “absolute paradox” of creation. 2005-08-06 2005-08-06 Rabia 0
Healing Shattered Reality: Understanding Contactee Trauma Bryant, Alice 0-926524-16-X Paperback 2 $1.41 Wildflower Press May 1, 1991 3.0 Stars Religion & Spirituality : Occult : UFOs Book Description is an appropriate description of the world as the UFO abductee experiences it. the event itself destroys preconceptions about the nature of reality and the reliability of one’s own senses. Return to the so-called real world often presents a devil’s choice between keeping silent or risking the mockery and disbelief of others. In this matter-of-fact but deeply sympa thetic book the authors help abductees deal with their trauma in a life-affirming way and include information that will be useful totherapists in clinical situations. 2005-08-06 2005-08-06 Rabia 0
The Custodians: Beyond Abduction Cannon, Dolores 1-886940-04-5 Paperback 1 N N $11.56 Ozark Mountain Publishing Inc January 1, 1998 4.5 Stars Extraterrestrial beings Editorial Reviews Product Description Dolore Cannon’s work in Hypnosis has taken the study beyond abduction. Dolores traces the phenomenon from the simple to the complex. Exploring areas untouched by other investigators,she makes the unbelievable become acceptable and understandable! About the Author Dolores Cannon 2010-03-16 2010-03-16 Rabia 0 aliens, alien abduction, ufo, alien encounters, dimensions, dolores cannon, new age, ascension, book, john mack
Parapsychology and the UFO Cassirer, Manfred 0-9513187-0-5 Paperback 1 M. Cassirer 2005-08-06 1988 Rabia 0
God and the New Physics Davies, Paul 0-671-52806-8 Paperback 1 $11.20 Simon & Schuster October 16, 1984 4.0 Stars Professional & Technical : Professional Science : Physics : General Review The New York Times Book The concepts are breathtaking…the general thrust of modern physics is amazingly well described. Timothy Ferris The New York Times Book Review Mr. Davies knows the arcana of physics the way a plumber knows wrenches, and he can make sense out of quite daunting ideas….One of the most adept science writers on either side of the Atlantic. Review Magazine One of England’s leading theoreticians and easily the most intriguing explicator of complex physical concepts writing today. Review Review Magazine One of England’s leading theoreticians and easily the most intriguing explicator of complex physical concepts writing today. 2005-08-06 2005-08-06 Rabia 0
Space, Time & Medicine Dossey, Larry 0-394-71091-6 Paperback 1 $15.61 Shambhala April 12, 1982 4.5 Stars Health, Mind & Body : Alternative Medicine : General 2005-08-06 2005-08-06 Rabia 0
Perspectives in Psychical Research – Volumes 1 & 2 Driesch, Hans Hardcover 1 N N $157.56 Ayer Co Pub November 1975 Body, Mind & Spirit Editorial Reviews Product Description This book marks a distinction between psychical research, on the one hand, and spiritualism, on the other. The two terms are often regarded as synonymous, but they are not. Psychical research aims at being a science, while spiritualism or spiritism is a pronouncement of faith. Contents: Part I: Method in Psychical Research: possibility of deception in psychical research, forms of possible deception, higher problems of psychical research; Part II: Theories of Psychical Research: concept of theory and its methodology, paraphysical phenomena, parapsychical phenomena. –This text refers to the Paperback edition. Language Notes Text: English, German (translation) 2010-03-16 2010-03-16 Rabia Perspectives in Psychical Research 0
Energies of Transformation: A Guide to the Kundalini Process Greenwell, Bonnie L. B000GO1AN6 Paperback 1 N N $36.00 Shakti River Press 1990 4.0 Stars Editorial Reviews Product Description A synthesis of Eastern and Western perspectives of the ancient phenomenon known as Kunalini awekening, including 23 fascinating case histories culled from the literature and recorded in interviews with Westerners who have lived through this process and found it to be a profound life-transforming experience that forever changed them physically, emotionally and spiritually. 2010-03-16 2010-03-16 Rabia 0
Creation, The Sacred Universe: The Incubation of the Phoenix Hatonn, Gyerogos Ceres 0-922356-29-7 Paperback 1 America West Publishers 2005-08-06 1990 Rabia 0
The Chinese Roswell: Ufo Encounters in the Far East from Ancient Times to the Present Hausdorf, Hartwig 1-892138-00-X Paperback 1 $11.16 New Paradigm Books August 1, 1998 3.0 Stars History : Ancient : China Berthold E. Schwarz, M.D., author Psychiatric and Paranormal Aspects of UFOlogy, ALTERNATE PERCEPTIONS, Winter, 1999 For all who wonder and desire to expand their vision … The Chinese Roswell by Hartwig Hausdorf is indispensable reading. Robert C. Girard, ARCTURUS BOOKS Catalogue, November, 1998 Full of interesting topics, and of material little known to the West, this is an excellent, crackling good read. 2005-08-06 2005-08-06 Rabia 0
BEYOND EINSTEIN Kaku, Michio 0-553-34349-1 Paperback 1 $0.46 Bantam February 1, 1987 3.5 Stars Science : Physics : Waves & Wave Mechanics From Library Journal Recently, the “superstring” theory, which asserts that all physical matter consists of extraordinarily minute vibrating strings, has been touted as the route to the long-sought unified theory of forces; some proponents call it a “theory of the universe” that will bring fundamental physics research to a closure. The first author of the present book is a researcher in the field who offers here one of the earliest superstring presentations for lay readers. The beginning chapters offer a not-very-good history of early 20th century physics, but the remainder of the work becomes livelier and more convincing as it approaches Dr. Kaku’s own area of expertise. On the whole this is a fairly successful introduction to a new and exciting scientific area. Jack W. Weigel, Univ. of Michigan Lib., Ann Arbor Copyright 1987 Reed Business Information, Inc. Book Description Beyond Einstein takes readers on an exciting excursion into the discoveries that have led scientists to the brightest new prospect in theoretical physics today — superstring theory. What is superstring theory and why is it important? This revolutionary breakthrough may well be the fulfillment of  Albert Einstein’s lifelong dream of a Theory of Everything, uniting the laws of physics into a single description explaining all the known forces in the universe. Co-authored by one of the leading pioneers in superstrings, Michio Kaku, and completely revised and updated with the newest groundbreaking research, the book approaches scientific questions with the excitement of a detective story, offering a fascinating look at the new science that may make the impossible possible.–This text refers to the Paperback edition. 2005-08-06 2005-08-06 Rabia 0
The Contact Has Begun: The True Story of a Journalist’s Encounter with Alien Beings Krapf, Phillip 1-56170-506-3 Paperback 1 N N $4.46 Hay House January 1, 1998 3.0 Stars Mind, Body, Spirit Editorial Reviews Product Description According to the author, alien beings who have been observing the Earth for 1,000 years have decided that the time has come for mankind to be invited into the Intergalactic Federation of Sovereign Planets. In this amazing yet completely true story, former “Los Angeles Times” copy editor Phillip H. Krapf tells the story of one person’s recruitment as the official chronicler of this event. About the Author Phillip H. Krapf worked for 25 years as an editor on the metro desk at the Los Angeles Times. During that time, he shared in a Pulitzer Priz e as a member of the Metro team that covered the L.A. riots of 1992. B efore his retirement in 1993, Krapf had spent a total of 30 years in t he newspaper business, starting out as a cub reporter and eventually b ecoming managing editor of a suburban newspaper in the San Fernando Va lley, before moving on to the LA Times. He has remained active in reti rement as a freelance writer, and lives with his wife in Southern Cali fornia. –This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition. 2010-03-16 2010-03-16 Rabia 0 aliens
Life We Are Given Leonard, George 0-87477-853-0 Paperback 1 $0.25 Jeremy P Tarcher Inc 5.0 Stars From AudioFile Leonard and Murphy bring us results from their program, Integral Transformative Practice (ITP), the latest concept in the quest for self-knowledge and spiritual awakening. With a kind of tag-team approach, they switch off in explaining the principles of the program of focusing inward on one’s mind, body, heart and soul in a lifelong practice. They also reveal helpful experiences with their own ITP classes. Leonard and Murphy integrate Japanese “katas” (body-warming exercises), Hindu meditation and a Western “group therapy” format to help students transform their goals into realistic and lasting successes. Although the physical exercises aren’t incorporated into the audio presentation, there are helpful guidelines toward mental and emotional relaxation all listeners can benefit from. R.A.P. (c)AudioFile, Portland, Maine –This text refers to the Audio Cassette edition. 2005-08-06 2005-08-06 Rabia 0
Despair and Personal Power in the Nuclear Age Macy, Joanna R. 0-86571-031-7 Paperback 1 $5.50 New Society Pub January 1, 1983 5.0 Stars 2005-08-06 155.9 19 2005-08-06 Rabia 0
From Elsewhere Mandelker, Scott 0-440-22286-9 Mass Market Paperback 1 N N $36.00 Dell November 1, 1996 4.5 Stars Social issues Editorial Reviews From Publishers Weekly Mandelker, a San Francisco New Age counselor, believes he is an ET (extraterrestrial). His two dozen interviewees?among them a hospital technician, a nurse, a psychic, an architect, a housepainter?all maintain that they are from other planets or dimensions. Mandelker, who spent years immersed in Buddhist, Taoist and Zen meditation, classifies some respondents as “Wanderers,” who, born of human parents, gradually awakened to their ET souls. Others typify the “Walk-in,” meaning someone whose body and mind were suddenly taken over by an ET entity. Mandelker’s informants express little interest in nuts-and-bolts UFOs; instead, they talk of nonphysical beings, expanded awareness, information channeled from spirit-guides or ET entities. Interviewees predict a familiar scenario: impending global eco-catastrophe followed by the spiritual awakening of humanity’s remnants. Unfortunately, there is nothing here to convince the reader that these alleged ETs are something other than victims of delusion. Copyright 1995 Reed Business Information, Inc. –This text refers to the Hardcover edition. Review “…Mandelker handles this difficult topic well by comparing and contrasting different case histories.” — Psychic Reader, Glenn Spencer (1995) “…Mandelker handles this difficult topic well. If the title strikes a chord, this may be the answer you’re looking for.” — Psychic Reader, Glenn Spencer “As an eloquent and elegant guide, Dr. Mandelker takes the reader on a grand tour of ancient and ageless wisdom…” — R. Leo Sprinkle, UFO researcher “In UV, Scott Mandelker establishes himself as one of the leading voices of the new millennium…” — Dr. Kenneth Ring, author of Heading Toward Omega “In this book, Scott provides a wonderfully clear blueprint that can be used by both layman and the serious searcher.” — Delores Cannon, hypnotherapist and metaphysical author “There are also good insights here into the inner workings of spiritual dyanmics…” — UFO Magazine, Michael Miley (1996) “…if you are someone with a sense of being a ‘stranger in a strange land’…you may find solace …” — John Ludi “…interviewees hope to serve as catalysts for a global renaissance of spiritual values…and are here to help.” — Brad Steiger, author of The Star People “…long overdue and much needed study…on those who believe they have off-planet origins and are here to assist…” — Kenneth Ring, Ph.D., author of The Omega Project “Scott possesses the rare gift of a clear and rational intellect combined with deep spirituality…” — Lyssa Royal, author of Preparing for Contact and The Prism of Lyra –This text refers to the Hardcover edition. 2010-03-16 2010-03-16 Rabia 0 aliens
On feeling good: An operating manual for the human consciousness : being a discourse on the high states of consciousness in relation to the fourth, fifth, … and the nature of time and immortality McLaughlin, Samuel C 0-394-73637-0 Unknown Binding 1 $17.99 distributed by Random House 1978 2005-08-06 131/.32 2005-08-06 Rabia 0
Historia General del Arte Mexicano, XI; Quetzal Mompradé, Electra L. 84-399-3563-3 Paperback 1 N N $72.64 Editorial Hermes, S.A. 1981 Books : History : Americas : Mexico 2010-03-16 2010-03-16 Rabia Historia General del Arte Mexicano, XI; Quetzal 0 american history, history
Closer to the Light Morse, Melvin 0-8041-0832-3 Mass Market Paperback 1 N N $7.99 Ivy Books July 30, 1991 4.5 Stars Mind, body, spirit: reincarnation & past lives Editorial Reviews Product Description The skeptics have had their say; now listen to the experts. In hundreds of interviews with children who had once been declared clinically dead, Dr. Morse found that children too young to have absorbed our adult views and ideas of death, share first-hand accounts of out-of-body travel, telepathic communication and encounters with dead friends and relatives. Finally illuminating what it is like to die, here is proof that there is that elusive “something” that survives “bodily death.” “New information on what may await us after death…Responsible, highly readable, and certainly thought-provoking.” THE KIRKUS REVIEWS From the Publisher Thirty-two years ago, my mother’s best friend died on the operating table. She felt herself moving toward a brilliant light and spoke with her father who had passed away years before. Ultimately, she made the decision to return to take care of her two young children. Although this was the most peaceful experience of her life, she kept it a secret until the publication of books like CLOSER TO THE LIGHT and TRANSFORMED BY THE LIGHT. Reading the experiences of others gave her the freedom to speak openly about what it means to die and why there is little to fear. Lorelei Andrysick Ballantine Advertising –This text refers to the Paperback edition. 2010-03-16 2010-03-16 Rabia 0 near death experiences, afterlife, death, heaven, spiritual, near death experience, spirituality, near-death experiences, spiritualism
Symposium on Consciousness Ornstein, Robert E. 0-14-004412-4 Paperback 1 N N $0.01 Penguin April 28, 1977 Psychology / General 2010-03-16 2010-03-16 Rabia 0
Messengers of Hope Parrish-Harra, Carol E. 0-87613-079-1 Paperback 1 N N $56.00 New Age Pr June 1982 Books : Religion & Spirituality : New Age 2010-03-16 2010-03-16 Rabia 0
Emergence of the Divine Child: Healing the Emotional Body Phillips, Rick 0-939680-67-X Paperback 1 $0.75 Bear & Co October 1, 1990 5.0 Stars Religion & Spirituality : New Age : Mental & Spiritual Healing 2005-08-06 2005-08-06 Rabia 0
The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat: And Other Clinical Tales Sacks, Oliver W. 0-06-097079-0 Paperback 1 N N $4.84 Harpercollins January 1987 4.5 Stars Physiological & neuro-psychology Editorial Reviews From Publishers Weekly A neurologist who claims to be equally interested in disease and people, Sacks (Awakenings, etc.) explores neurological disorders with a novelist’s skill and an appreciation of his patients as human beings. These cases, some of which have appeared in literary or medical publications, illustrate the tragedy of losing neurological facultiesmemory, powers of visualization, word-recognitionor the also-devastating fate of those suffering an excess of neurological functions causing such hyper states as chorea, tics, Tourette’s syndrome and Parkinsonism. Still other patients experience organically based hallucinations, transports, visions, etc., usually deemed to be psychic in nature. The science of neurology, Sacks charges, stresses the abstract and computerized at the expense of judgment and emotional depthsin his view, the most important human qualities. Therapy for brain-damaged patients (by medication, accommodation, music or art) should, he asserts, be designed to help restore the essentially personal quality of the individual. First serial to New York Review of Books, The Sciences and Science; Reader’s Subscription alternate. January Copyright 1985 Reed Business Information, Inc. –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. From Library Journal Neurologist Sacks, author of Awakenings and A Leg To Stand On , presents a series of clinical tales drawn from fascinating and unusual cases encountered during his years of medical practice. Dividing his text into four parts”losses” of neurological function; “excesses”; “transports” involving reminiscence, altered perception, and imagination; and “the simple,” or the world of the retardedSacks introduces the reader to real people who suffer from a variety of neurological syndromes which include symptoms such as amnesia, uncontrolled movements, and musical hallucinations. Sacks recounts their stories in a riveting, compassionate, and thoughtful manner. Written on a somewhat scholarly level, the book is highly recommended for larger collections. Debra Berlanstein, Towson State Univ. Lib., Baltimore Copyright 1986 Reed Business Information, Inc. –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. 2010-03-16 2010-03-16 Rabia 0 neurology, memory, tourettes
Nos, Book of the Resurrection Serrano, Miguel 0-7100-9828-6 Hardcover 1 Routledge & Kegan Paul Books Ltd January, 1984 3.0 Stars Language Notes Text: English, Spanish (translation) 2005-08-06 863 19 2005-08-06 Rabia 0
The Dead Are Alive: They Can and Do Communicate With You Sherman, Harold 0-449-13158-0 Mass Market Paperback 1 N N $7.99 Fawcett November 12, 1986 4.0 Stars Parapsychology, psychic powers, ESP Editorial Reviews Product Description In case after amazing case, you’ll listen to the actual voices of the dead–contrary, lyrical entrancing. You’ll explore the meaning of out-of-body experiences and learn how spirits of the dead can be seen as well as heard. You’ll also discover how YOU can communicate with the dead–and capture their voices on an ordinary tape recorder! From the Inside Flap In case after amazing case, you’ll listen to the actual voices of the dead–contrary, lyrical entrancing. You’ll explore the meaning of out-of-body experiences and learn how spirits of the dead can be seen as well as heard. You’ll also discover how YOU can communicate with the dead–and capture their voices on an ordinary tape recorder! 2010-03-16 2010-03-16 Rabia 0 afterlife, esp
Fire in the Brain: Clinical Tales of Hallucination Siegel, Ronald K. 0-452-26953-9 Paperback 1 N N $599.99 Plume March 1, 1993 4.0 Stars Hallucinations and illusions – Case studies. Editorial Reviews From Publishers Weekly Siegel evokes bizarre visions with a novelist’s skill, explaining the nature of hallucination through 17 spine-tingling stories. Copyright 1993 Reed Business Information, Inc. From School Library Journal YA– Siegel, a neuropsychiatrist who studies brain changes that occur under the influence of drugs, sensory deprivation, dreams, torture, and the like presents 17 fascinating case studies he’s encountered. From the horrifying tale of two young women who were drugged with ketamine and repeatedly raped, to the clinical description of a man’s being flayed alive while suffering no pain, each tale reads like a Poe horror story. The author himself has participated in many experiences, from going into the isolation tank to being locked in a cage for four days with no food or water. His clear, matter-of-fact style makes these cases both vivid and memorable. They’re enough to turn anyone off simple aspirin!– Diana C. Hirsch, Prince George’s County Memorial Library System, MD Copyright 1992 Reed Business Information, Inc. –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. 2010-03-16 2010-03-16 Rabia Plume 0 drug use, hallucination, mental illness, mystical, paranormal, psychedelic, psychology, spiritual, ufo
The Man Who Never Died Singh, Gopal 0-89389-119-3 Paperback 1 N N $29.45 Himalayan Inst Pr December 1989 20th Century English Poetry 2010-03-16 2010-03-16 Rabia 0 christianity, poetry
State of Consciousness Tart, Charles T. 0-525-47406-4 Paperback 1 N N $50.90 Plume January 1, 1975 5.0 Stars Consciousness Editorial Reviews Review “A beautiful piece of work on the theory of altered states of consciousness.” — Stanislav Grof, M.D. author of Realms of the Human Unconsciousness –This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition. Product Description States of Consciousness, a classic by world authority Charles T. Tart, is a basic understanding of how the mind is a dynamic, culturally biased, semi-arbitrary construction and system. A systematic exploration of how and why altered states can come about and their possibilities. As a student of his remarked, “For the first weeks of class I didn’t understand what those diagrams were about, but I’ve realized the book is all about the way my own mind works!” Useful in understanding some of the important ways your mind works before you start altering it. –This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition. 2010-03-16 2010-03-16 Rabia 0
Shared Heart: Relationship Initiations and Celebrations Vissell, Barry Paperback 1 $9.95 Ramira Pub.; 1st U.S June 1, 1984 Religion & Spirituality : New Age : General Rev. Stan Hampson, President, Association of Unity Churches “We have been taught for a long time that the entrance to God’s presence is through the eyes of the child. Rami flings wide that delicious door of perception. Thank you Rami!” Gerald Jampolsky, M.D. and Diane Cirincione “Through your gentle intermingling of tend breath of fresh air, teaching us about our innocence and the simplicity of loving ourselves and others.” 2005-08-06 2004-08-07 Rabia 0
UP FROM EDEN Wilber, Ken 0-394-71424-5 Paperback 1 $1.95 Shambhala April 12, 1983 4.5 Stars Health, Mind & Body : Psychology & Counseling : General Book Description Wilber traces humanity’s cultural and spiritual evolution. New Foreword by the author.–This text refers to the Paperback edition. 2005-08-06 2005-08-06 Rabia 0


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