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Anomaly-NOW! 8/30/2023 – Loch Ness Lake Monster, Out-of-Place Animals, and Stan Friedman Day

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Inside the largest Loch Ness Monster hunt in decades [Ken Gerhard]

Loch Ness monster enthusiasts gear up for biggest search in 50 years

Salmon shark suddenly appears on the shores of Salmon River in Idaho

Weird monkey sightings spread across Florida city, cops say. ‘I knew I wasn’t crazy’

Leading expert on UFOs celebrated at Fredericton museum | Watch News Videos Online (VIDEO)

Stanton T. Friedman Archives Update from the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick – AnomalyArchives

Best UFO book in last 50 years? PDF of “The UFOs That Never Were”

PDF: Book “UFO Reality” by Jenny Randles [“Oz Factor” and “UAP”]

Life on Mars was discovered 50 years ago and then eradicated – astrobiologist