Starseed Transmissions

The Starseed Transmissions

by Ken Carey / Raphael

The Starseed Transmissions Books
Channelled by Ken Carey
(Ken Carey returned to Spirit in January 2017)

Ken Carey, a contemporary New Age medium and channel, was a postal worker as a young man. Frustrated, he and his family moved to a farm where they lived without most modern conveniences such as electricity, plumbing, radio, television, newspapers, and magazines. Carey apprenticed himself to an Amish farmer. At one point in the later 1970s, lying in bed with a severe cold, he felt a presence and heard a low humming he described as an energy field. Then a voice spoke to him.

During the winter of 1978-79 he channelled for 11 days. The entities that spoke through him sometimes appeared as angels (including the Archangel Raphael) or extraterrestrials. However, during the later sessions, an entity declared “I am Christ. I am coming this day through the atmosphere of your consciousness…. I am the bridegroom, spoken of old. I came to you first through the man named Jesus.”  The transcripts of these sessions were published as The Starseed Transmissions in 1982 and became an early channelled New Age classic. The popular response led to the publication of further volumes based on the channelings.

The entities who spoke through Carey emphasized the central New Age message. They had emerged in order to assist human evolution. It was time to lift the spell of matter and to bring forth a new planetary being. Humankind, Carey argued, is poised on the brink of a momentous transformation: The earth is ripe for harvest. Two resources are available to assist humans in the transformative period: the advanced intelligences, such as those channeling through Carey; and the creative power of thought. As with other New Age channellings, Carey’s emphasizes the problems of over-reliance on rational thought in problem solving and living with guilt imposed in younger years.

Mar 4, 2010 – Uploaded by Grace Butler

Reading a book by Ken Carey entitled “The Starseed Transmissions