Alfvegren, Skylaire

Alfvegren, Skylaire

April 9, 1977 – August 27, 2021

From her LinkedIn page:

“Not yet of legal drinking age, I was hired as a consultant for the nationally syndicated paranormal news program, “Strange Universe,”​ penned the majority of a bar guide book, “Shecky’s Bar, Club & Lounge Guide Los Angeles,” and wrote regularly for the LA Weekly. Since then, I have worked as a features writer, film critic, music journalist, segment producer, consultant, researcher, mechanic, llama wrangler, radio guest, lecturer and chronicler of the curious.

As a successful writer and meticulous researcher, I have labored in print, online and in television. I possess nearly supernatural interview skills, a massive breadth of knowledge, and the ability to crack wise, or not, depending on the temperature of the room. I can flit seamlessly between projects of divergent subjects while conveying my hyper-informed and – truly – unique voice. At last look, my work had been translated into 23 languages.

It has been said I generate almost “too many” good ideas, no matter the format or medium I am working in. My abilities to summarize and elegantly elucidate data, as well as devise the most creative solutions first, are unrivaled.

I have worked on cars for the Mexican mafia and roped cattle on the border of Area 51. Having witnessed my first UFO alongside Air Force personnel as a child, I began my writing career with “File o’​ the Damned,” a column of Fortean investigation for a nationally distributed pop culture magazine. In 2007, I founded the League of Western Fortean Intermediatists (L.O.W.F.I.), which explores the mysteries and peculiarities of the American West.”