Anomaly-NOW! 20230927

Anomaly-NOW! LIVE 9/27/2023 – Farewells to Kenn Thomas and Carol Rainey

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Author and Conspiracy Theorist Kenn Thomas Passes Away by Loren Coleman

Kenn Thomas remembrance from Greg Bishop

Kenn Thomas – Anomaly Archives page

Episode 245: Kenn Thomas, The Octopus, and ‘90s Paranoia feat. Devin O’Shea – QAnon Anonymous

Carol Rainey (former wife of Budd Hopkins) passes…

Carol Rainey: Open Letter to the UFO Community – TheUfoTrail, February 24, 2014

Budd Hopkins, Abstract Expressionist and U.F.O. Author, Dies at 80 – NYTimes
By Margalit Fox, Aug. 24, 2011

Abductology Implodes (PDF) by Robert Sheaffer – Skeptical Inquirer