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Updated May 2023


Here is an ongoing international index of UFO & Paranormal oriented repositories for books, magazines, newsclippings, and especially personal collections of historic phenomena researchers.

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Here are some of the best online Collection-Directory pathfinding aides for UFOs, the Paranormal and Parapsychological materials:

And thanks to Isaac Koi and others who continue to inspire this Directory / Index effort. See the 1999 Proceedings of the Sign Historical Group for an attempt to outline the content of various UFO archives in several universities and in the hands of private UFO groups/researchers. See also the Resources at Sign Historical Group.

A –

APRO: Aerial Phenomena Research Organization  (defunct / deceased: Jim and Coral Lorenzen)

Aldrich, Jan – Folder headings in the file holdings of Jan Aldrich

American Philosophical Society [Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA]

  • See also Michael Swords Collection – “CUFOS – North” [Kalamazoo, Michigan] SITU Archives (Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained & Ivan T. Sanderson) – Link 2011 / Link 2014

ArchiveGrid — About ArchiveGrid


“Archives of the Impossible” [Formerly the GEM Archives: Gnosticism, Esotericism, and Mysticism] – Rice University, Houston, Texas

From the certificate program within the Religious Studies department of Rice University, founded by the efforts of Jeff Kripal.

Main Collections:

  • Jacques F. Vallee –UFOlogist, computer scientist, venture capitalist.
  • Whitley Strieber – author of the Communion books detailing his abduction experiences, and his wife and co-author, Anne Strieber.
  • Edwin May – research director at Pentagon’s Star Gate project that focused on ESP research.
  • Richard Haines – founder of National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena (NARCAP).
  • Brenda Denzler – anthropologist and scholar of the paranormal (books and some archival materials).
  • Jeffrey Kripal Academic Papers, 1970-2015
  • A full run of Fate magazine.



AFU: Archives For the Unexplained (formerly Archives For UFO Research) [Sweden]


ARE: Association for Research and Enlightenment (Edgar Cayce) [Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA]


B –

154 GB NARA Blue Book Archive


Barker, Gray – Clarksburg-Harrison Public Library [Clarksburg, West Virginia, USA]

  • Gray Barker UFO Collection
  • Barker, Gray – extract from Sign Historical Group Proceedings (1999) edited by Thomas Tulien.pdf (?)


Project Blue Book Archive [www.BlueBookArchive.org] – Currently Offline


Project Blue Book – Black Vault Archive


Bloecher, Ted – Ted Bloecher papers 1950-2000 – Manuscripts and Archives Division, The New York Public Library [NYC, USA]


Bott, Murray – Murray Bott Archives [Mt Roskill, Auckland, New Zealand]


Bray, Arthur – Arthur Bray Collection – University of Ottawa [Ottawa, Canada]


C –

Canadian UFO Survey [survey.canadianuforeport.com]

  • Annual Survey
  • Personal Collection of Chris Rutkowski

Carr, Robert S. – Robert Spencer Carr Papers – University of Florida Smathers Libraries [Florida, USA]


Cohen, Daniel Edward – University of Southern Mississippi  & de Grummond Children’s Literature Collection


CUFOS: Center for UFO Studies (J. Allen Hynek) [Chicago, Illinois, USA]


CISU: Centro Italiano Studi Ufologici (English) [Torino, Italy]


Chalker, Bill – UFO Investigation Centre [West Pennant Hills, New South Wales, Australia]


Clarksburg-Harrison Public Library [Clarksburg, West Virginia, USA]


Connors, Wendy – SHG Audio Archive Project


Coody, Robert – NAU Northern Arizona University / Cline Library, Special Collections & Archives (Flagstaff, Arizona)

“Robert (Bob) Coody. At one point, he was employed at Cline Library in Special Collections and Archives.” 

  • “Flagstaff History For Kids! A portrait of two paleolithic age Native Americans on a hilltop surveying a wooly mammoth hunt in the far distance. Paleo-Indian by Bob Coody”


CDU: Corpus of Ufological Documentation


Craig, Roy – Texas A&M University / Cushing Memorial Library (College Station, Texas, USA)


D –

Davidson, Leon – Flying Saucer Collection at Columbia University’s Rare Book & Manuscript Library: University Special Collections

(Chemical engineer and scientist, one of the team that developed the atomic bomb. Wikipedia)


Dayton Daily News Archive / Wright State University – DDN Archive of UFO & Weird Collections


Discordia, Historia – Kerry Thornley & the Discordian Archives


Druffel, Ann – Expanding Frontiers Research (Formerly, WAPA: Western Aerial Phenomena Archive), Utah

With contributions from Keith Chester, Jan Aldrich, Fran Ridge, Norm Gagnon, Jim Klotz, and Barry Greenwood.


Dyke, Rod – (AUFOR) Archives for UFO Research [Seattle, Washington, USA]


E –


Esalen Institute Library Online


F –

Faded Discs Project / Wendy Connrors


Farish, Lucius (“Lou”) – UFO Newsclipping Service

  • Personal files and extensive book collection left to David Marler (see Marler, David below)


Folklore Society Library and Archives

Library and Archives of the Folklore Society are held at University College London (UCL) Library:


Folklore Museums Network


Fuller, John G. – John Fuller Files – Twentieth Century Archives, Boston University [Boston, Massachusetts, USA]


FUFOR: Fund for UFO Research [Alexandria, Virginia, USA]

Donald E. Keyhoe Archives: FUFOR [Mount Rainier, MD]


G –

Green, Gabriel – (Contactee)

Greenwood UFO Archive [www.GreenwoodUfoArchive.com]

  • Archive of Barry Greenwood


Gross, Loren [Fremont, California, USA]


H –

Hall, Manly P.


Museum of Hidden History and the Hidden History Center [York, Pennsylvania]

  • “a library and research center. It contains the McGehee and Penn Jones Collections, as well as a very large collection of books and archival documents that belonged to our founder, John Judge.”


Hill, Betty and Barney – University of New Hampshire Library


Hill, Paul – Paul R. Hill Collection, 1936-1996 – Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University [Blacksburg, Virginia,USA]


Holland Collections


Hynek, J. Allen – J. Allen Hynek (1910-1986) Papers – Northwestern University Archives [Evanston, Illinois, USA]


I –

IAPSOP: International Association for the Preservation of Spiritualist and Occult Periodicals


ICM: International Cryptozoology Museum (Loren Coleman) [Portland, Maine, USA]


International UFO Museum and Research Center [Roswell, New Mexico, USA]


Internet UFO Bibliography (Rick Harrison)


Intruders Foundation (defunct / materials disposition uncertain)


J –

Jones, Cecil B. “Scott” – C. B. “Scott” Jones papers – University of Colorado, Boulder

Part of the University of Colorado Boulder Libraries, Rare and Distinctive Collections Repository

“The Cecil. B. “Scott” Jones collection contains original documents from the 1960s-2013 and copied documents from as early as 1943. The majority pertain to his work as an assistant to Senator Clairborne Pell, with the Human Potential Foundation (HPF), and with the Peace and Emergency Action Coalition for Earth (PEACE). Also included are documents related to his time with the U.S. Navy as a fighter pilot and later as a Naval Intelligence officer, his work with a think tank in California called Kaman Tempo, and his work for a short lived non-profit named the Center for Applied Anomalous Phenomena (CAAP).”

Jones, William E – William E Jones UFO Collection – Ohio State University [Columbus, Ohio, USA]

  • FINDING AID: Preliminary Inventory of the UFO Collection: Unprocessed Materials, undated SPEC.RARE.0019
  • FINDING AID: Preliminary Inventory of the William E. Jones Collection on Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), 1940-2013 SPEC.RARE.0018



K –

Chief Dan Katchongva Papers – Processed by The Autry National Center, Braun Research Library (Autry Museum of the American West)

  • “Katchongva (1860-1972) was a traditional leader and Hopi Chief at Hotevilla, Arizona. This collection consists of material primarily created between 1970-1971. They include photocopies of correspondence from Chief Dan Katchongva to tribal, church, and government leaders; press clippings; and posters related to unidentified flying object (UFO) sightings near Prescott, Arizona and its relation to a Hopi prophecy. You can access the finding aid at…”

    oac.cdlib.org/findaid/ark:/13030/c8tq630q/entire_text/ (PDF)

    Source: National Historical Publications and Records Commission (Facebook post)


Keel, John (NYC / Portland, Oregon, USA)


Koi, Isaac [www.IsaacKoi.com / UFO Collective discussion group]


L –

Leary, Timothy



Lexscien – Online Library / Digital Collections Consortium [www.LexScien.org]


M –

Jesse A. Marcel Library (JAML) – Montana

  • Maintained by Dr. Richard O’Connor & the Crop Circles Research Foundation, Inc.


Marler, David – University of New Mexico (UNM) Center for Southwest Research and Special Collections – Rio Rancho, NM


Marrs, Jim – See University Of North Texas Special Collections


McDonald, James –  Arizona Archives Online & Arizona University Libraries Special Collections


MUFON: Mutual UFO Network [Cincinnati, Ohio, USA]


N –

NICAP: National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena [Original archive whereabouts unknown]


NOUFORS: Northern Ontario UFO Research & Study [Ontario, Canada]


NUFOHRC – National UFO Historical Records Center

  • NUFOHRC.org
  • NICAP and CUFOS case files including J. Allen Hynek’s personal Project Blue Book files
  • Personal collections including…
    • Philip Mantle from the UK
    • Antonio Huneeus
    • Lou Farish

O –

Olmos, Vicente-Juan Ballester – Fotocat


OPUS: Organization For Paranormal Understanding and Support [Virtual]


P –

PARANOIA Magazine Archives [Waco, Texas & Kingston, Rhode Island]

  • Baylor University  / Poage Legislative Library – Building 64
    One Bear Place 97153
    Waco, Texas 76798

. . . and . . .

  • University of Rhode Island / Carothers Library and Learning Commons – Special Collections
    15 Lippitt Road
    Kingston, Rhode Island 02881

Peebles, Curtis [San Diego Air and Space Museum Library and Archives / OAC – Online Archive of California]

PHCP: Preserving the Historical Collections of Parapsychology [Victoria, British Columbia, Canada]

PO Box 8697

VictoriaBC V8W 3S3



Parapsychology Foundation Library [Greenport, New York, USA]


Philosophical Research Society (Manly P. Hall) [California, USA]


Pflock, Karl

350+ books including, a complete bound set of, Nexus/Saucer News/Saucer Smear, 1954 to date (this will go to the Gray Barker Collection). … A complete copy set of all material will go to the library at the University of New Hampshire, Betty Hill’s alma mater. The original material will go to the OSU collection.

Psychical Research and Spiritualism Collections  – University of Manitoba [Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada]

Psychical Research & Spiritualism Collections:

“The University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections has acquired a number of manuscript collections and rare books related to the study of these disciplines. The collections and books represented on these pages were chosen for the value of their information about matters of the occult and paranormal. Some collections have direct and immediately apparent relevance while others are connected peripherally to psychical research and spiritualism. Also included are links to photograph collections in this area of study.”

Includes the archives for Alexander Imich, founder of the Anomalous Phenomena Research Center. [Finding Aid]



Q –

R –

Realist Archive Project (Zine)


Roach, Franklin – University of Alaska [Fairbanks, Alaska, USA]


RVML: Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library [Ashland, Oregon, USA]


Ruppelt, Edward


S –

Sagan, Carl


Salisbury, Frank Boyer – J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah [Salt Lake City, Utah, USA]


Sign Historical Group [Canterbury, Connecticut, USA]


Project SIGN Research Center Archives [Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA]


Sign Oral History Project [Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA]


Sourcebook Project: Science Frontiers – Digest of Scientific Anomalies (William Roger Corliss Archives) [Glen Arm, Maryland, USA]


SPR: Society for Psychical Research [London, England]


SRIC: Survival Research Institute of Canada

Survival Research Institute of Canada
PO Box 8697, Victoria, BC V8W 3S3 Canada


Stevens, Wendelle

“Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens moved to Tucson when he retired from the USAF, where he had the opportunity of working closely with the Lorenzens for many years. His collection of the Bulletinspans decades, from 1954 into the early1980s, providing an invaluable record of that ufological era.”

Stringfield, Leonard

See: MUFON: Mutual UFO Network [Newport Beach, California, USA]

“Stringfield (1920-1994) was an American ufologist who worked with government and private agencies to track UFO reports and had a special interest in reports of crashed objects.” – Roger Marsh


Switzerland Collections


Swords, Michael – “CUFOS – North” [Kalamazoo, Michigan]


T –

Thomas, Kenn – Steamshovel Press magazine editor / publisher [State Historical Society of Missouri, Research Centers]

  • The Kenn Thomas Papers – Preliminary Inventory (PDF) @ The State Historical Society of Missouri


U –



University Of North Texas Special Collections


V –

W –

Webb, Jack – UCLA Charles E. Young Research Library [Los Angeles, California, USA]


Williamson, George Hunt – Contactee


WISE (World Institute for Scientific Exploration) Worldwide Resource Center – Digital Library (Dr. John Reed)


X –

Y –


Young, Arthur M. – Anodos Foundation


Z –



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