Semivan, Jim

Semivan, Jim

Jim Semivan

    In an interview conducted earlier this year, Jim Semivan described an encounter he and his wife had with an entity in their bedroom. The experience reportedly led to their eventual interaction with “a group” conducting apparent medical procedures. The interview was done by none other than George Knapp, and Semivan twice indicated Knapp is aware of the group.

“A group you know,” Semivan told Knapp and the Coast to Coast AM audience.

James “Jim” Semivan is credited as a co-founder of To The Stars. He is described on the website as a 25-year Operations Officer for the CIA Directorate of Operations and a recipient of the Agency’s Career Intelligence Medal. 

Over the course of the interview Semivan stated the entity encounter happened in probably 1991 or 1992, but he’s not sure the exact year. However, he said that the day after it happened, he was speaking to a CIA “deep cover guy” who was planning to soon attend a UFO convention in Virginia Beach. Semivan shared his experience from the night before with the man, who recommended he read Vallee.

“That started everything for me with that,” Semivan remarked.

In what Semivan estimated to be 2014 or 2015 he was interviewed by longtime Bigelow associate, intelligence officer, and non-lethal weapons expert John Alexander, for what are not entirely clear reasons, and Semivan told Alexander about the encounter. The next thing he knew, he was being visited by the group Knapp knows. They “took my blood and did everything else,” Semivan said, but, as far as describing the circumstances more clearly, opted to “leave it at that.” He stated he and his wife are still being studied and “looked at” by a group.

 Source: The UFO Injury Study That Wasn’t – April 12, 2022 – Jack Brewer, The UFO Trail