James Bunnell Collection

James Bunnell Collection Donation 

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James Bunnell

Bunnell, a Texas native with 37 years in the aerospace industry, relates his investigation of the Marfa Lights, which he also chronicled in three previous books (Hunting Marfa Lights, 2009, etc.). The lights are famous throughout North America, but particularly in the Lone Star State. Nov 30, 2015

Strange Lights in West Texas – Home

“This website is the product of privately funded research into phenomena known worldwide as “MarfaLights” and referred to in this website as “MLs.” It is not often in today’s modern world that one can observe physical phenomena that seem to defy conventional explanations as MLs do. People fortunate enough to …”


Some of the books believed to be in the donation:

  • Bergmark, Janet, In The Presence of Aliens, 1997, PB
  • Bord, [not Birdm] Janet & Colin, Unexplained Mysteries of the 20th Century, 1989, PB
  • Bowen, Charles, Encounter Cases from Flying Saucer Review, 1977, PB
  • Cassirer, Manfred, Dimensions of Enchantment, 1994, PB
  • Castro, Hugo A., UFOs A New Dawn for Humanity, 1997, PB
  • Conroy, Ed, Report on Communion, 1989, HB
  • Denaerde, Stefan & Lt. Col. Stevens, Wendelle C., UFO Contact from planet Iarga, 1982, HB
  • Dennett, Preston, Extraterrestrial Visitations, 2001, PB
  • Dr. Sanchez-Ocejo, Virgilio & Stevens, Wendelle C. Lt. Col., UFO Contact from Undersea, 1982, HB
  • Evans, Hilary, Visions*Apparitions*Alien Visitors, 1984, PB
  • Evans, Hilary & Stacy, Dennis, Fortean Times Prsents UFO 1947 – 1997 Fifty years of flying saucers, 1997, HB
  • Greer, Steven M. MD, Extraterrestrial Contact, 1999, PB
  • Hamilton, William F. III, Alien Magic, 1996, PB
  • Jordan, Debbie & Mitchell, Kathy, Abducted!, 1994, PB
  • Joy, Gilbert S., It’s Time To Remember, 1995, HB
  • Kaku, Michio, Hyperspace, 1995, PB
  • George, Hunt for the Skinwalker, 2005, PB
  • Larkins, Lisette, Talking to Extraterrestrials, 2002, PB
  • Lieder, Nancy, ZetaTalk, 1999, PB
  • Lt. Col. Stevens, Wendelle C. & Herrmann, William J., UFO Contact from Reticulum, 1981, HB
  • Newald, Alec, Coevolution, 1999, PB
  • Robinson, Jeanne Marie, Alienated (A quest to understand contact), 1997, PB
  • Smith, Angela Thompson PhD, Diary of an Abduction, 2001, PB
  • Steinbrecher, Edwin C., The Inner Guide Meditation, 1988, PB
  • Wunder, Mary M., A Message From The Stars, 1993, PB
  • Newton, Michael PhD, Journey of Souls, 1994, PB
  • Randle, Kevin D., Case MJ-12, 2002, PB
  • Romanek, Stan, Messages, 2009, PB
  • Birnes, William J. & Burt, Harold, Unsolved UFO Mysteries, 2000, PB
  • Baxter, John & Atkins, Thomas, The Fire Came By — Riddle of the great Siberian explosion, 1976, PB
  • Moseley, James W. & Pflock, Karl T., Shockingly Close to the Truth, 2002, HB
  • Lammer, Helmut & Marion, MILABS: Military Mind Control and Alien Abduction, 1999, PB
  • Dolan, Richard M., UFOs and the National Security State, 2002, PB
  • Keel, John A., Why UFOs, 1970, PB
  • Sutherly, Curt, Strange Encounters, 1996, PB
  • Thompson, Richard L., Alien Identities, 1993, PB
  • Huyghe, Patrick & Stacy, Dennis, The Anomalist No. 10, 2002, PB
  • Royal, Lyssa & Priest, Keith, Visitors From Within, 1992, PB
  • Mack, John E. MD, Abduction, 1994, HB
  • Lemesurier, Peter, The Great Pyramid Decoded, 1996, PB