West, Richard and Naomi

 – Richard and Naomi West

“Naomi and Richie are longtime friends of SMiles’ and the Anomaly Archives. In 2010 they helped bring CFZ Director, Jonathan Downes, to Austin, Texas for research and lectures.”

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Texas Blue Dogs (aka Chupacabras) Mystery 

The first news story we watched and discussed was “Experts explain Chupacabra sighting in Cedar Park” about a photographer who captured pics of what authorities assure us are coyotes with mange. We talked about the research discussed by past Anomaly Archive event lecturer Jonathon Downes who came from England to work with Richie and Naomi West researching the wide range of “Texas Blue Dog” sightings around the state – some of which have yielded DNA results which challenge mainstream assumptions that these are simply mange-riddled canines and coyotes.


Blanco Creature Investigation


Naomi & Richie West – “The Mandela Effect and An Eyewitness Account of Future Memory”