Rettig, Dale

Rettig, Dale – (October 27, 1948 – September 3, 2014)

Dale Norman Rettig went to Stanford University, in Stanford, California, then attended the Hastings College of Law in San Francisco, being admitted to The State Bar of California on December 19, 1973.  …

Rettig was an early organizer of ufologists and conferences, as can be seen in some of the first conferences’ photographic records.  …

Rick Hilberg has noted, in a clarification of “A Brief History of the National UFO Conference,” by James Moseley, written in 2001, that…

Jim omitted the name of one of the founders [of the National UFO Conference], namely Dale Rettig. Dale was a very active ufologist back in the early 1960s and ran an Illinois based UFO organization that had a very fine for the time, almost professional looking newsletter. Most ufozines of the time were either run on Ditto machines (remember those purple pages? ) or maybe a mimeograph. Offset printed publications were quite scarce, although I did start doing my “original” UFO Magazine by offset as early as 1964. Anyway, Dale, Allen Greenfield and I were the principals in a group called the American UFO Committee back in 1963 ( It was group that combined three organizations that we each were the heads of into one fairly large national group.), and it was at this time that Greenfield came up with the seminal idea of holding a serious, non contactee gathering in 1964 and seeing if it would take hold.

Twilight Language: Ufologist Dale Rettig Dies.

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