Marfa Lights by Judith Brueske

The Marfa Lights: Being a collection of first-hand accounts by people who have seen the lights close-up or in unusual circumstances, and related material  by Judith M Brueske (1989)51aQ3UX793L._SL500_SX312_BO1204203200_

Judith Brueske says, “The ‘Marfa Lights of west Texas have been called many names over the years, such as ghost lights, weird lights, mystery lights, or Chinati lights. The favorite place from which to view the lights is a widened shoulder on Highway 90 about nine miles east of Marfa…at this ‘official Marfa Lights viewing site’. The lights are most often reported as rather distant bright lights distinguishable from ranch lights and automobile headlights on Highway 67 (between Marfa and Presidio, to the south) primarily by their aberrant movements.”