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Anomaly-NOW! 7/5/2023 – 1st Saucers, 70th Anniversary, UFO Daze, Gravity Humz, Alien Octopi, Tx Plesiosaurs, Psych-Cults and More

Live News RoundUp, Wednesdays @ 7pm CDT from the nonprofit Anomaly Archives in Austin, Texas.

Anomaly-NOW! Live News RoundUp, Wednesdays @ 7pm CDT from the nonprofit Anomaly Archives in Austin, Texas.

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First “Flying Saucer” was in Texas (via TexasCoopPower).

Anomaly Archives eNews – July 4th, 2023

UFO Whistleblowers: Holding the Keys to Unearthly Secrets or Masters of Misinformation?
Jul 05, 2023 I Nick Redfern

Scientists Intrigued by “Gravity Hole” at Bottom of Ocean – Victor Tangermann

Astronomers reveal evidence of universe’s ‘background hum’
Yahoo News – Daniel Lawler and Juliette Collen

Scientists have found signs of a new kind of gravitational wave. It’s really big
NPR – Nell Greenfieldboyce

Scientists discover never-before-seen brain wave after reading octopuses’ minds
Live Science – Ben Turner

Decades-long bet on consciousness ends — and it’s philosopher 1, neuroscientist 0 – Mariana Lenharo

UT Austin scientists discover first-known Jurassic vertebrate fossils in Texas – Thalía Menchaca

The Upper West Side Cult That Hid in Plain Sight
The New Yorker – Jessica Winter

Bigfooter Claudia Ackley’s Sudden Death Announced – Loren Coleman

Episode 1449 – The United States of Conspiracy w/ Robert Guffey – Brendan McDonald

Scholars found another version of Genesis
Medium – Jonathan Poletti

“The Last Honest Man”: James Risen on How Frank Church Exposed CIA, FBI & NSA Assassinations, Abuse – Democracy Now!

Captain Attacked Twice by Orcas Says They’re Developing Better Anti-Boat Strategies – Noor Al-Sibai

Roswell, New Mexico 2017

Radio Misterioso Roswell Roundtable 2017 – Greg Bishop “gathered together a group of friends in our hotel room at Roswell, where the 70th anniversary festivities had just concluded. I was joined by Peter Robbins, Jack Brewer, Nick Redfern, Miles Lewis, and Adam Sayne to discuss the events of the weekend, and other UFO-type issues.”