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Anomaly-NOW! 3/15/2023 – Cargo Culture and Vallee’s Latest UFO Journal Revelations

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AI re-creates what people see by reading their brain scans
A new artificial intelligence system can reconstruct images a person saw based on their brain activity
By Kamal Nahas – March 7th

AIAA Accepts Three Papers from the SCU

Cargo Culture – Alien Entertainment, Comics, Clippings & More
The Latest Cargo Culture Clippings…

UFO Secret Nearly Outed 3X in 13 Years! – Richard Dolan Show

David Haith @wotzitt wrote: “1/According to Jacques Vallee, George W Bush confirmed to Eric Davis that the 1971 landing of a UFO at Holloman Air Force base in New Mexico was “the real thing.” This is revealed in Vallee’s latest Forbidden Science 5 memoir reviewed here by Richard Dolan.”

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