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– A –

Abductee Demographics

Aboriginal: Myth and Actuality

Academy of Religion and Psychical Research

ACID DREAMS excerpts docs (CIA, MKUltra, LSD)

Advertising Possibilities

Airships: Austin

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Aldrich, Jan – UFO Workshop

Alien Dreamtime Reviews – SMiles Lewis in Crash Collusion magazine (See also Adams, Ken)

Alien Life / Astronomy Discoveries – (See also SETI and CSETI, etc.)

Aliens in Modern Culture – Aliens, Beings, & Creatures in our “Modern Culture”

– Aliens in Advertising (See also Cargo Culture)

– Alien Photos, Faces, Imagery

ASCs – Altered States of Consciousness (and Hypnosis and MPD)

Alternative 3 –

Amygdala Research

Ancient American Cultures

Ancient Astronauts

– Mesopotamian

Anomalist – Dennis Stacy




AI – Artificial Intelligence

Asha and Carl – CenTex New Agers

Ashtar – Zeo the local Walk-In

Association for Past Life Research and Therapies

ARE – Association for Research and Enlightenment – Edgar Cayce

Atmospheric phenomena – Flashes

AEC Experiments and GAO Roswell Investigation*

Austin American Statesman – temp file

Austin Chronicle – temp files

Austin IONS

Austin (UFO) Media Attention – news clippings

Austin Robot Group

Austin Sightings History

– B –

B:.B:. – Brother Blue

Barnes, Jack – Austin physicist


Behavior Research (NOTES on back of letter to Excluded Middle) – Shadow people, Strieber etc.

Behavior (of Scientists)

Behavior Mod Chapter 6 Courtesy of the U.S. Government

Brainwashing, Behavior Mod. Controllers

Behavior Mod Mind Kontrol – Sargant – Battle for the Mind excerpt


Beliefs – Legal Issues and Politics

Biblical Apocalypse


Biking (AusChron cover story with Mike and Amy)


Black Budget Aircraft –

Black Helicopters

– Austin Articles / Delta Force 1999
– Michael Ventura article 1995
– Tucson article 1995

Blobs – cryptozoological

Blue Star LSD Tattoo Scare

Bo and Peep Descendants
– Austin Encounter – Friday February 4th at Hyatt Regency (flyer and personal notes from event)

Bo and Hagar – Austin experiencers

Bord, Janet and Colin

Botanical Preservation Corps

Bramley, William – responds to Jim Keith

Brennan, T. Casey – Conjurella

Bright, Susie – sexpert

Bryan, CDB

Bullard, Eddie – abductee demographics, Mufon Journal June 1998

Burning Man

Campbell, Glenn (see also Area-51)

Campbell, Joseph

Cannon, Martin – The Controllers, MILABS, MKUltra
– Project Monarch: The Tangled Web by Martin Cannon

Card sets – ufo related (see also Aliens and UFOs in popular culture)

Cargo Culture – alien entertainment, comics, clippings

Carmines, Chris – Significance of the Western Magickal Tradition to the Study of Consciousness

Cartoons and Comic Strips

CFS Center for Frontier Sciences – Frontier Perspectives, Bev Rubik

Cattle Scam Funded by IRA

CAUS – Citizens Against UFO Secrecy

CIA / U2 Disinfo Confession

CHUDS – underground dwellers

Chupacabras, Puerto Rico

Colonization – Space

Communion Newsletter

Computers – Austin


Conroy, Ed – Beyond the Boggle Threshold


Constantine, Alex

CONSPIRACY – my earliest collection of parapolitical msm articles?!?

CONTACT movie – CNN’s part

CONTACT the Phoenix Project –

CNI News issues – Michale Lindemann, 1996-1997

CSICOP attention

Cooper, Bill – “Coopers Net”


Corliss, Bill

Cosmic Collisions

Crop Circles

Crowley, Aleister and LAM


– Distler

Crystall, Ellen – Contactee

Cult of MK – various killer cults and kooks

Cyber Culture – Rights

Davenport, Marc (Time Travel UFOs)

Davenport, Peter (NUFORC)

DeKorne, Jim – Psychedelic Shaman Briefings: The Entities of The Imaginal Realm

Delony, Jerry – actor, SLACKER and beyond

Desert Rat On-Line – see also Glenn Campbell

Dick, Philip Kindrid – PKD –

Dietz, Sean – Xion – Seminary Sightings of Moon

Downard, James Shelby – interview with Michael A Hoffman

Dowsing – Central Texas – CROSSCURRENTS Armadillo chapter of the American Society of Dowsers circa 1992

Dream Scene magazine – Fact Sheet Five ads

Dreams, Sleep, Night – review of NIGHT by A. Alvarez, author of Savage God: A Study of Suicide

Drugs – categories / effects

Drug Legalization

Ecology Action – Austin

Education Alternatives

Ed Hall

Einhorn, Ira  – Unicorn Captured June 1997


Earth Lights – Texas


EMF / Field Effects Research
– Mind Kontrol – Microwave Harassment
– Implants
– Agency Wants Data on Nukes: EPA Tests Resemble ‘Alien’ Acts – by Richard Sauder, UFO Magazine
– USGS Terry Blanton on Lew Tery on USGS gravitic anomaly maps and FBI harassment

Eyes – India hunters with masks on back of heads to scare away lion attacks?

Falls – Fortean, Fish – news clippings

FMSF – False Memory Syndrome Foundation

FEMA – Compromised, Clinton, Terry Reed

FIJA – Fully Informed Jury Association

Fire in the Sky

Floatation Tanks – Austin, Center for Personal and Planetary Empowerment – synch with my crush

Folklore, Legend – International Society for Legend Research

Fortean Times – inserts

Foundation of America – Refounding Amendment – an initiative to refound america circa 1994

Fox, Marci – local

Fox, Mark – bible prophet


Friedman, Stanton – nuclear physicist ufologist

Frankovich, KT – Florida experiencer, Art Bell, Orchard experiences?

Fry’s Incredible Inq

“Fuming Lady”

FUFOR Fund for UFO Reseearch

Futurism Articles

Gaia – Evolution

GeoWatch – misc unsorted weird clippings ANCIENT STATUTES THAT LOOK LIKE BETTY HILL ALIENS

Gaia – Climate

Gibson, William – see Cyberpunk, Cyberspace, Virtual Reality, Matrix

Global Communications newsletter –

Gorightly, Adam

Govt / Mil Deception and Misc – more early parapolitical clippings
– Bushes hit by tear gas from Panamanian protestors
– Codex Alimentarius circa 1997

Govt Radiation Experiments

Govt UFO Research – Historic: Sign, Stork, Robertson Panel, Grudge, Blue Book, White Stork, Golden Eagle, Condon

Govt Intelligence (?)
– Manchurian Candidate notes

Grapevine – newspaper

Green Leaf Publications – Marc Davenport and Leah Haley

Greenfield, Alan – review of his Secret Cypher of the UFOnauts by Dean James

Gulf Breeze

Gysin, Brian

Haley, Leah

Harlan, Thomas – Austin Role Playing Gamer


Hauck, Dennis William – Alchemy of the Paranormal

Historic Preservation

Hoagland, Richard – Mars

Hoaxes – Civilian, Government and or other?
– Sour Grapes issue – JMP UFO CIA press release

Hopkins, Budd – letter to Carl Sagan

HUFON – Houston UFO Network

Howard, Harv

Hynek, J. Allen – OMNI Interview – IMPORTANT QUOTES

Hypnosis in the News

Howe, Linda Moulton – productions


Hutchison, Michael

Ibogain Therapy – OMNI article

Interspecies Communications

Inner Light Publishing – Timothy Green Beckley

IUR International UFO Reporter – CUFOS – March/April 1993 LINDA CORTILE

IONS Institute of Noetic Sciences

Institute for the Study of Consciousness – Arthur Young and Frank E. Barr in Berkeley California

International (UFO) Case Files – French (translated by Angela), Belgium, Medjorgor, etc.

Internet Insecurity

James, Dean – writer

Japanese Coverage of UFOs etc.

Jersey Devil, Pine Barrens

Johnson, Larry – THE LITTLE FREE PRESS, murder?

Jupiter Collision

Kennedy – man sues for return of photos 1994

King, Larry – Larry King Live

Klark Kent and Super Science

Knell, Bill

Krill Papers

Larouche, Lyndon

Lazar, Robert (see also Area-51)

LSD Therapy – OMNI article


Lewis, Jeff – precog dream

Lilly, John C.

Liber Chetch

Little Ale-Inn


Mack, John – alien abduction

Maeterlinck, Maurice – 1901 The Life of the Bee – On the Threshold of the Hive

Marfa Lights, Texas – see also Ghost Lights, BOLs

Marijuana, Misc

Mars, Life On

Mason, Joe – writer, symbols, dreams, crop circles, magick

McDonnell Douglas Aerospace

McKenna, Terence –

Media Net – Fiction more real than fact

Medical Alienation: The Technological Model of Birth – JAF Journal of American Folklore v100 1987 #398

MEGA BRAIN Communications –

Mellet, Tom –




Military Structure and Supply

Mind machines and brainwave entrainment devices

MK Quarterly – newsletter Texas

– Who Killed John Kennedy

Mizrach, Steven – UFOs reconsidered as fortean phenomena – Crash Collusion

Modern Ghostbusters in the News

Modern Myths – Beat The Devil: Welfare, Norplant and the Nazis by Alexander Cockburn, Nation magazine

Money – alt positive concepts of

Monroe Institute – mind, RV, OBE, hemisync

Monroe, Robert – astral travel OBE

Moody, Robert – MK killer

Morphogenetic field theory – Hypothesis of Formative Causation – Rupert Sheldrake

Motoyama, Hiroshi – Meditation Notes

Music of the Spheres – NAD excerpts Rogo

Music, Media and UFOs

Noel Encounter notes

NOTES 1991-1992

NASA Conspiracy

NEWS APROPOS – Winter 1994 Hollow Earth, Austin Zine

News of Channels – San Fran clipping

Newspeak Paranoia publishing – Zine

Non-Lethal Weapons
– GQ Armageddon Killing Them Softly by Russell Shorto interviewing Alexander and others, 1995


Ochuam, Shamaan – local shameness.

Omega Communications / Books –

OMNI AntiMatter and other UFO and paranormal clippings
– Patrick Huyghe on the ET Demon angle
– Vallee on Staged CIA Abductions

Oozing Icons – see also … bleeding, crying, weeping Madonnas

Orange County Register, February 17, 1994 article on William Cone and Russ Estes on Alien Abductions


Origin Systems Inc


Pagans – in the military

Paradigm Shift website

Parish, Robert – MIB Counter Measures

Pendragon, Gareth – local psychic

Perception – note tricks of perception

Persinger, Michael – Gaia: Tectonics

Physical Evidence – UFOs
– 1997 Physical Evid. Related to UFO Reports, Terrytown NY – Peter Sturrock, R. Jahn, Puthof, Vallee

Pirate Radio

Pokemon – seizures


Possenti, Saint Gabriel – handguns


Project Shift newsletters

PSInsory Research
– OMNI Keith Harrary blurb on Mind Science Foundation Sense of Being Stared At survey

Psychic Consulting Services Center – Douglas M Beya?

Psiber Paganism News


Rare Art

Ratliff, Hub

Raves – Raving my religion NYTimes

Reader, August – Optics and NDEs

Readers Digest – UFOs Continuing Enigma –

Religion and UFOs

ROV Remotely Operated Vehicle, RPVs, UAVs


Rock Repelling Info

Roswell 1994 – 1995
– 50th Case Closed Dummy

RPRP – Royal Priest Research Press

Sacred Spots
– Mount Shasta

Sam of Bob – Elfis art by Sam of Bob

San Fran Exam misc articles –

SAC paper drafts / notes

Sarfatti’s Illuminati – in the thick of it

Savings and Loan Scandal trading cards

Science and Politics of UFO Research symposium, Second Annual, Science Museum of Minnesota, St. Paul 1995

Secret Bases – govt and otherwise



Shangri-La found
Michael Kilian chicago tribune 1999 team finds mythic falls and hidden shangri-la

Silva Mind Control Method, Jose Silva – Austin

Soleri, Paolo – City in the Image of Man

Smith, Eric Star – beheaded son

Smith, Joseph – Mormonism

SSE Society for the Scientific Exploration – 1997 conf info

Sony Psi – 1995 articles about Sony pursuing, and ultimately stopping research after proving it works

Sound Photosynthesis audio catalogs

Sour Grapes / ARENA – 1990s austin magazine

Spacey Images

Sphere, Metal – found in Seguin, Texas

SEN – Spiritual Emergence Network

Spirit Contact
– Fate article about early EVP
– reverse side ESP Child Art experiments

Sprinkle, Annie – sex worker

PSI – Project Starlight International and Ray Stanford
– AUM Association for the Understanding of Man

Star Trek – local fandom

SPACE – Support Program for Abductees Contact Encounters – Worcester, MA pamphlet


STRANGE Magazine

Strieber, Whitley


(sub) TEX – December 1994 Volume 1 Issue 4 Social Injustice and Resistance in Austin – Brave New World Banks

– Mystery of Chance: Jung & Synch by Peter Jordan

Timeline of Known UFO Events


Texas Observer – June 3, 1994

TSLAC ufo resources

Theory Lists
– Richard Hall

Thompson, Kieth – reviewing CDBryan’s MIT abduction book

Time, Space, Distance

Tortorici, Ralph – MK Killer

Toads, Psychedelic

“Toynbee…” Art

Unarius Society

Underwood, Ashley

UFO Cartoons, Art, Images

UFOs in Kids Art – Kerbey Lane samples

UFO ENCOUNTERS zine – Vol. 2 No. 3 – 1994 – Controversial Correlations and the Question of Consciousness

UFO Library Magazine

Ufology Bad

UFOs in the News – 1986

UFOs in the News – 1987
– Strieber

UFOs in the News – 1988
– Strieber

UFOs in the News – 1989
– includes AAS articles including ones on Cash Landrum Encounter
– Ed Conroy on Strieber

UFOs in the News – 1990

UFOs in the News – 1991
– OMNI AntiMatter articles including on Linda Cortile

UFOs in the News – 1992

UFOs in the News – 1993
– OMNI Dark Side of the Unknown by Patrick Huyghe

UFOs in the News – 1994

UFOs in the News – 1995

UFOs in the News – 1996

UFOs in the News – 1997

UFO CONNECTIONS – The Austin Mufon UFO Network Newsletter – December 1997 / Volume 6, Number 12
[mentions Miles leading the Austin UFO Forum and Study Group]


USOs Unidentified Submarine Objects – Unexplained Mysteries of the 20th Century excerpt

USPA – US Psychontronics Association

UT Tech projects
– AAS Nov. 1999 UT Research projects get overdue honors

Vallee, Jacques



Vidal, Gore

VR Virtual Reality – Christian perspectives

Werewolf – all in the genes

Whole Earth Review catalogs – Anomalistic Psychology, Blind Eye of Science by Ron Westrum, Ball Lightning and Bead Lightning, Zetetic Scholar

Whole Life Expo – Austin, 1996 – Strieber, McKenna, Marciniak, LaBerge, Wolf, Ed Mitchell, Derrel Sims,

Wichrowski, Jason Austin –

Wright, Bruce Lanier – Invaders from Elsewhere – Flying Saucers, Weirdness and Pop Culture


Zepezaur, Mark – Tucson Comics News June 1994 (via Jean S) Weirdest of Tucson Winners

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