Since at least 1994 Stephen Miles Lewis has used the phrase “Charting the ECCO of VALIS” to describe his proposed textual analysis of ancient sacred texts, apparition / ghost / haunting and other paranormal and UFO / close encounter / contact / abduction encounters. He has always considered this project as one of the main goals of the Anomaly Archives and is reflected within its Mission Statement:

Research and analysis of accumulated collections

In the wake of the September 11th, 2001 attacks Miles Lewis and his local colleagues became aware of apparent precognitive / premonitory dreams and other apparently anomalous paranormal phenomena. The possibility of predicting these sorts of disasters through advanced data trawling and textual analysis of online material much in the way the NSA and various other governmental and corporate organizations have done.

Much parapsychological work has been done on precognitive dreaming but what efforts have been made to leverage technology to more easily obtain and analyze significant amounts of dream and other PsychOccultural data?

  • Premonitions: A Leap Into the Future by Herbert B. Greenhouse, 1971
  • Central Premonitions Registry (Pre-911)
  • Premonitions Registry (Post-911),, Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies
  • Dean Radin, parapsychological researcher, reporter on 911 psi impacts
  • Marc Ian Barasch, author of Healing Dreams and collector of 911 precog dream reports
  • Roger Nelson and the 911 deviations from random within the Global Consciousness Research Project EGG project equipment

In 2003 and 2004, Miles Lewis and various board members of INACS and the Anomaly Archives met repeatedly to discuss the possibility of moving forward with any of the variations of their research ideas.

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  • 911 Dreams, Data-Mining, GCP Global Consciousness Project, Textual Analysis, Web Bots

File Contents / Inventory:

  • Various handwritten and printed notes and emails.

Conception: Urinal Revery at South Congress Bakery one morning with Jon Sanchez of The Flying Saucers. circa … ? Earliest / first public reference: Berkeley SAC 1995?

Encounters with the Fantastic – The Transformative UFO Paradigm.

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First online reference?


Charting The ECCO of VALIS
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The Austin Anomaly Archive is currently the sole property of ELFIS (FAQs) curator SMiles Lewis. Several possible futures exist for this mass of accumulated ufo and related phenomena materials. The ever-expanding collection of over 500 books, 300+ magazines, and 100s of paper files runs the gamut of UFO information: from consciousness research to parapsychology and MORE!

It is intended to be a local repository for UFO related resources eventually being housed in a publicly accessible location which may also afford space for small events. The archives are not only for the public but more specificly for researchers networking throuth the UFOU -the Visible College / Earth’s First UFO University. The Austin Anomaly Archives are also meant to serve as the main resource for UFOU’s research project known as the ECCO of VALIS.

While providing public access to materials the archives will generate funds through Research Services beyond those offered for free to the public and UFOU networkers.

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(July 8, 2001)

ELFIS issues 6, 7, 8 and beyond

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