Donated Collections

Leaving a Legacy

The bulk of the foundational collection are books, magazines, personal correspondence and research files, digital files, cultural objects / para-memorabilia collected by Stephen Miles Lewis.

Other donated collections include those of individual researchers such as:

  • “Adams Family” collection (11/20/04)
  • James Bunnell collection (Sept. 2016)
  • Chris Athanas – local Friend of the Archives
  • “Loping Buzzard” – local musician and Friend of the Archives no longer with us (Amazon, CD Baby, iTunes, ReverbNation, Spotify)
  • “John Carter”Friend of the Archives, author of Sex and Rockets: The Occult World of Jack Parsons and other works
  • Rabia Clark (Files / Collection) – author, researcher, past-life therapist, local Friend of the Archives: Rabia Clark Collection
  • Josi Galante Collection“Josi’s Red World” – (Local Archive) /
  • Robert C. Girard Collection
  • Jimmy G – local Friend of the Archives
  • Mike Hanson – author of Bohemian Grove: Cult of Conspiracy (accompanied Alex Jones into Bohemian Grove) and Friend of the Archives
  • SMiles Lewis – author, “informationalist, and gonzo alt-media proprietor” (ELFIS.NET, Anomaly-Radio, Anomaly-TV) and Friend of the Archives
  • Wesley “Wes” Nations (Files / Collection) – author, explorer, publisher, traveler, and Friend of the Archives: Wes Nations Collection
  • Dennis Stacy – author, publisher (Anomalist Books), and was the editor of the monthly Mufon UFO Journal from 1985 to 1997. He received the 1995 Donald E. Keyhoe Journalism Award for a six-part series on UFOs that appeared in Omni. Friend of the Archives
  • Michael Weaver – of the (defunct) San Antonio Parapsychological Association and Friend of the Archives



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