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“The abductee also learns from experience that the aliens induce an altered perceptive state in humans during every encounter. Employed for control, it can be used to prevent any undesired responses from the abductee. And the altered state also prevents any objective assessment of the situation by the witness. This means that the witness can only report what was seen, felt, and heard, which is not necessarily a reflection of what actually occurred. By inducing and manipulating altered consciousness in the abductee, the aliens assume full control of the situation and thus exert control over the data reported by the witness.  …

Abductees report alien-controlled information. This is a fact abduction researchers must face. … Until the day we can unmask the alien illusions, however, we can at least study the entire body of reported data, controlled though it may be, trying to learn more about why certain images and events are employed and what they can tell us about the covert directors of these scenarios.”



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