2020 Streamathon Week 04 – December 12th

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Saturday, December 12th


Ed Conroy – Keynote Speech &  “What’s it all about, Alfie? Reflections on five decades of anomalies–local and global.”

Articles / Report On Communion: An independent investigation of and commentary on Whitley Strieber’s Communion

“Ed Conroy is the author of “Report on ‘Communion,’” (Morrow, 1989; Avon, 1990; published as “Informe Comunión” by Reediciones Anómalas, 2020), the result of his investigation into the life and work of Whitley Strieber, author of “Communion: A True Story” (Morrow, 1987) his account of experiences with non-human beings he called his “visitors.” He has reported on UFO investigations and the crop circle phenomenon for “Más Allá de la Ciencia” of Barcelona, Spain. Educated at California Institute of the Art’s School of Critical Studies, the Universidad Nacional Autonóma de México and the University of Texas at San Antonio, he was in those years a student at the San Francisco Zen Center and member of an esoteric studies community centered around The Philosopher’s Stone Bookstore, where he became familiar with the literature of anthroposophy and both classical and humanistic astrology. He was also a student of the later Albert Riedel (Frater Albertus) at the Paracelsus College in Salt Lake City, Utah. Ed is a former arts reporter and columnist for the San Antonio Express-News. For the past 30 years he has been a student of the Western Hermetic Tradition in the Builders of the Adytum. Since 1998, he has served as Director of Development for Southwest School of Art in his native San Antonio, Texas.”



Aaron Gulyas – “Contactee Countdown” Top Most Influential (or Fun) UFO Contactees

Website / Podcast: SaucerLife.com / Books

“Aaron Gulyas was born in Indiana in 1975. Raised on toy-themed cartoons, game shows, and Star Trek reruns he has, nonetheless, achieved some sort of success in his life.

Gulyas received his BA in History from Hanover College in 1998 and promptly went to work for the state of Indiana assessing disability insurance claims. Wearing out his welcome in the civil service within a year or so, he shifted to the thrilling world of proofreading. Realizing he was only really good at history, he returned to school and was awarded an MA in United States History from Indiana University-Indianapolis in 2003. He then moved into teaching, eventually landing at Mott Community College, where he has taught since 2006.

Gulyas has presented numerous scholarly papers at conferences for various organizations, including the American Culture Association, the Popular Culture Association, and the Educational Technology Organization of Michigan. He has contributed to numerous history education and popular cultural resources. His first book, Extraterrestrials and the American Zeitgeist: Alien Contact Tales since the 1950s, was published by McFarland in 2013. He also contributed a chapter to Doctor Who in Time and Space: Essays on Themes, Characters, History and Fandom, 1963-2012, about the ways in which fan expectations shaped the 1996 and 2005 revivals of the classic science fiction series.

He lives near Flint, Michigan, with his wife and son.”



Micah Hanks – “UFOs: A Historical Perspective”

Websites: TheDebrief.org, MicahHanks.comSevenAges.org / Radio-Shows & Podcasts: The Micah Hanks Program / Middle Theory / Books 

“Micah Hanks is a writer, podcaster, researcher and speaker whose interests cover a variety of subjects, including history, archaeology, science, and the future of humankind.

A longtime researcher and proponent of the scientific study of unidentified aerial phenomena, or UFOs, Micah has authored a number of books and has contributed many essays, articles and blogs to various publications. Along with his podcasts, he has also worked as a narrator, lending his voice to several audiobooks, radio programs, and other recorded projects over the years.”



Michael M. Hughes – “Demystifying Tarot: How to Ditch the BS and Become a Better Reader”

Website:  MichaelMHughes.com / Books

“Michael M. Hughes is an author, speaker, magical thinker, and activist. He is the creator of the internationally viral Spell to Bind Donald Trump and All Those Who Abet Him, the largest magical working in history. He speaks on politics, magic, pop culture, psychedelics, the paranormal, and tarot.

His latest book, Magic for the Resistance: Rituals and Spells for Change, is published by Llewellyn Worldwide and is available via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Llewellyn, and at your favorite local bookstore.

His acclaimed supernatural thriller series, the Blackwater Lights trilogy, is available from Penguin Random House.

Michael lives in Baltimore with his wife, two daughters, and a rabbit named Toby Turnipseed.”



Steve Kohlhase – “Mystery-Hum: The GPS Hypothesis – Gas Pipeline Syndrome”

“A mechanical engineer by degree for 45 yrs in the design, construction and management of plants and facilities in the Process and Refining industries. For the Last 15 years managing Real Estate and Facilities for the company and investigating this problem on his own time Since he started realizing having hum like conditions and experiencing many of the typical symptoms of chronic exposure like interrupted sleep and uneasy feelings in late 2009 he has searched for answers that led him to the Gas Pipeline Syndrome hypothesis that includes the well known about hum as one of the symptoms. He believes GPS explains many of the reported hums since the mid 1970’s.”

. . .  “Pipeline Acoustic Syndrome: a developing health and environmental phenomenon caused by widespread emissions of sound waves that have begun to occur from high pressure natural gas pipelines. This sound is best known as Infrasound Low Frequency Noise (ILFN).”




Ken AdamsVarious Visual Art Videos

Garret Harkawik – Doom Vibrations 


Directed by Garret Harkawik

“Garret Harkawik is an Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker, whose work has been screened internationally. He has been videomaking professionally for over ten years, during which he has produced, directed and edited everything from music videos to feature films. He lives in Wilmington, Vermont with his wife, daughter, cat and dog.”

GarretHarkawik.com / MondoMediaWorks.com



Ken Adams

Ken Adams is a visual / video artist whose works immerse viewers in a surreal psychedelic kaleidoscopic maelstrom of sensory inputs. He worked with Terence McKenna (both before and AFTER Terence’s passing) on multiple visual projects and is a longtime dear friend of the Anomaly Archives and its founder, SMiles Lewis.

Dank Mesa





Adam Gorightly – Pacific NorthWest

Classic Videos / Music

“(Gorightly’s) musical entrees are a delicious blend of paranoia peppered with cosmic angst and humor.” of the very hippest sort.” – Victoria Grimalkin