Josi Galante Collection

Josi Galante Collection

Abductee, Artist, Contactee, Friend …

“Josi’s Red World” – (Local Archive) /

Screenshot of Josi’s twitter profile, circa 2012-2017.

Josi Galante Alien Contact UFO Art with Didgeridoo

Josi Galante Art with Didgeridoo – broadcast on ACTV Austin Community access TeleVision in the 1990s.

You can find more of Josi’s work here:

Not sure but the didgeridoo music may have been by mutual friend / artist “Loping Buzzard” … who donated his materials, as well as some of those he had from Josi, to the Anomaly Archives.Loping Buzzard (YouTube) (Spotify)

August 2017 eNewsletter …

I’ve recently added several new videos to myvariouspersonalYouTubeaccounts, including a couple of videos at the Official Anomaly Archives YouTube Channel. This one (see below) was recorded from Austin’s Community Access TV network, ACTV, and features the artwork of Austin contactee artist, Josi Galantealong with a didgeridoo soundtrack (possibly created by Austin didgeridoo player, Loping Buzzard*). Both were frequent attendees of the Austin UFO Forum & Study Group and / or similar local para-oriented group meetings (Austin MufonAustin Art Bell Chat Club etc.) back in the 1990s. Around 2011-ish, Loping Buzzard showed up at the Anomaly Archives to donate some of his many UFO and paranormal books. He had a terminal illness and wanted to donate his collection which also featured materials from Josi Galante’s personal collection.

I last heard from Josi back in 2014 and suspect that she too may have passed beyond…We love and them both – Josi G. & L.P.

* “Loping Buzzard” – local musician and

Forever Friend of the Archives.

2011 ish – Received “Loping Buzzard” Collection Donation (featuring materials from Josi Galante)

“Loping Buzzard” – local musician and Friend of the Archives no longer with us (Amazon, CD Baby, iTunes, ReverbNation, Spotify)