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Brad E. Steiger (February 19, 1936 ~ May 6, 2018)


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Brad Steiger (born February 19, 1936) is an American author of fiction and nonfiction works on the paranormal, spirituality, UFOs, true crime, and biographies. …

Steiger was born as Eugene E. Olson on February 19, 1936[1] at the Fort Dodge Lutheran Hospital during a blizzard. He grew up on a farm in Bode, Iowa. He identified as Lutheran until the age of eleven, when a near-death experience changed his religious beliefs. His parents encouraged him to become a teacher.[2] He graduated from Luther College (Iowa) in 1957 and the University of Iowa in 1963. He taught high school English before teaching Literature and Creative Writing at his former college from 1963-1967.[1]

Steiger claims to have written his first book at age seven.[2] His first book, Ghosts, Ghouls and Other Peculiar People was published in 1965. He became a full-time writer by 1967.[1] He has authored/co-authored almost 170 books, which have sold 17 million copies. He has written biographies on Greta Garbo, Judy Garland, and Rudolph Valentino, the latter of which was adapted as a film in 1977.[3] With his wife Sherry Hansen Steiger, he is the author of Four-legged Miracles: Heartwarming Tales of Lost Dogs’ Journeys Home. …

  • 1974: San Francisco, the Genie, for Metaphysical Writer of the Year
  • 1977: Philadelphia, the Dani, for Services to Humanity
  • 1987: Inducted into the Hypnosis Hall of Fame
  • 1996: Minneapolis, Lifetime Achievement Award at the National UFO and Unexplained Phenomena Conference

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