Herrera, Michael

Herrera, Michael

“A former Marine claims he and five comrades saw a flying saucer being loaded with weapons while serving in Indonesia in 2009 – and was threatened at gunpoint by unmarked US forces at the scene.”

Source: DailyMail


Michael Herrera presents his story at the June 2023 Nationl Press Club event (at the 1:05:30 mark) …

Monday, June 12, 2023! Dr. Greer’s Groundbreaking National Press Club Event! – Dr. Steven Greer

Michael Herrera – US Marine Encounters UFO Black Ops Human Trafficking Operation | SRS #66 (Part 1) – Shawn Ryan Show

“Herrera and his team were tasked with responding to a major earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia providing overwatch and logistical support.”


EXCLUSIVE: Marine vet breaks 14-year silence to make astonishing claim that his six-man unit saw a hovering octagonal UFO being loaded with WEAPONS by unmarked US forces who threatened them at gunpoint while serving in Indonesia in 2009

  • Former Marine Michael Herrera tells DailyMail.com that he saw a UFO being loaded with weapons while serving in Indonesia in 2009
  • Herrera claims an Air Force lieutenant colonel told him, ‘You’re not allowed to talk about what happened. You will go to prison, or you will die’
  • He says he was emboldened to break his 14-year silence by new UFO whistleblower protections and in April testified under oath about his wild story






Project Stargate and Michael Herrera U.S. Marine encounter with a Black Ops UFO – Indonesia 2009


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