USAF Fake Cloaking Device Cover Story

USAF Fake Cloaking Device Cover Story – 

A-7 Corsair II with Fake Klingon Cloaking Device as cover for the F-117 Stealth Fighter?

Photo credit: Geoffrey Morrison/CNET

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The Prank  – The inside jokes didn’t end with the crazy “Top Secret” decoy pod carried by the A-7s. The few visitors allowed to tour Tonopah Test Range Airport during the F-117’s tenure there would be told that they will be shown the “invisible aircraft.”

Ground crews would set up an elaborate scene in advance in one of Tonopah’s dimly lit hangars. Wheels, chocks, an air hose, and even a pilot’s helmet would be arrayed as if there were an invisible F-117 right there, with some of the components suspended in air by nearly invisible fishing line.

Add a few ground crewmen working around the cloaked jet just as if they were servicing a real material aircraft and it was a convincing vision, even if for just a brief moment. The visitors would enter the hangar and be totally stunned with what they were seeing.”


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