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Austin Mufon Newsletter notes

  • March 1992 – CBS local news coverage – Miles Lewis obtained clip from Corpus Christi.
  • July 1992 – announcement of first meeting of Abductee Support Group, Sunday, August 2nd.
  • August 1992 – prep for Turner, Wingfield, Conroy event. Excerpt of Jean Staffen’s letter about founding UFO Abduction Support Group. Enzo Danilo Pagotto farewell announcement.
  • March 1994 – news of Jean Staffen’s move away from Austin and the selection of Miles Lewis to continue the group. April 10th was his first meeting as group leader / organizer.
  • May 1994 – Robert Caluette joined the group. Miles Lewis in charge of audio/visuals for 1994 symposium.
  • June 1994 – Jerold Robert (RON) Johnson obit.
  • July 1994 – Conference followup, Ron Johnson video tribute,
  • April 1995 – more articles by Dr. Joe Juliano (blind ufo witness, abductee, experiencer) “The Alice Auditory Anomaly” by Joseph Juliano
  • May 1995 – Miles Lewis article.
  • October 1995 – “Coincidence? Synchronicity? Or was it a Shared Event?”
  • May 1998 – UFO Study Group disbanded by Jean Staffen Sunday May 10, 1998.
  • Feb 1999 – Saucers and Tornadoes? Black Helicopters and Operation Last Dance?



File Contents / Inventory:

  • Deep in their hearts: When it comes to UFOs, Texas has plenty of true believers by Patrick Beach, Austin American-Statesman, Sunday, July 27, 1997
  • MUFON Austin Newsletter Dec. 2002, Vol. 1, Issue 3
  • MUFON Austin Newsletter Nov. 2002, Vol. 1, Issue 2 (x2 copies)
  • Undated printout of SAI Anomaly Archives collection of 48 Mufon UFO Journal periodical issues
  • Austin Mufon Newsletter – October 1995 – “Coincidence? Synchronicity? Or was it a Shared Event?” (PDF)


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