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@LuAngeles (Luis Jimenez) & The UCR Unidentified Celebrity Review show

“Last week I laid out for everyone that I’ve been manipulated by members of the United States Space Force, Known and unknown current DoD employees, people posing as scientific journalists/researchers, and DC lobbyists. Thursday, we start with @conterammundi “


LuAngeles on his loss of faith in the UFO phenomenon being Non-Human in Origin

The post (below) focuses on Lu Jimenez’s disillusionment about the phenomenon and the field / “community” surrounding it, but perhaps the more important part is what he is alleging RE: Elizondo and/or his acolytes who may be using gas-lighting and sock puppets and cyber bullying…

Quotes below complied and posted by David Haith on the UfoUpdates group. They are a rough transcript from Luis Jimenez’s final UCR (Unidentified Celebrity Review) show … “and his 180 degree turn on UFOs, breaking out from what he now calls “a cult”. “

“It’s not alien. There’s no crash retrieval team, nothing has ever been dissected. There are no other worldly materials. Humans are really smart- really, really smart. It’s staring you guys right in the face. And here’s the kicker – they’re actually telling you that’s what it is in a lot of very subtle ways. And those are the things I’m going to start highlighting. Something’s not right.” 

 “I believe no-one is going to get what they want out of this discussion within the ufo twitter community  You’re not going to get bodies, you’re not going to get a crash retrieval program, your not going to get meta materials, you’re not going to get a dissected body with video, there’s been no reverse engineering of this stuff. As far as I’m concerned it’s our tech – it’s us. This is a slow drip of a huge break in physics in my personal opinion – I can’t prove this, and I’m not gonna sit here and try to prove it. This is not my life and I’m making the decision to completely remove myself from this because as far as I’m concerned I’ve helped add to the madness that feeds the crazy people I named or would feel like crazy people and they’re scary, the way they speak to people, the way they threaten people. How many steps away are we from when somebody gets hurt? If you want to know why I’m leaving, that’s why. This show’s not worth that. It sucks.” 

David Haith: Lu is even having second thoughts about the childhood sighting which brought him into movement.

Luis said: “The mathematical odds that what I saw when I was 13 years old, along with a whole bunch of other people, the mathematical odds is that that was a rare weather phenomenon or a plasma ball or something just very rarely seen. The maths are better that it was that, than an alien spaceship. And I can’t trust a 27 year old memory as science or proof of anything. 

 And you guys out there in the experiencer groups, in the hypnotist sessions, be careful. You’re being taken advantage of. If you find yourself in a 12 hour Twitter Space –  that’s not an open discussion of free thought and good ideas – that’s a Bible study class where the pastor the next day comes and sells you the new wares based off of the discussion the day before. You’re in a cult and I was in a cult and that sucks to say out loud. That’s embarrassing. I’m embarrassed. 
I’ve wasted my time these last two years and that’s a hard pill to swallow.” Commenting on those tuned in to this last podcast Lu said: ” 500 of you here. You love this shit this is exactly what you need. Its a drug for you guys and I’m pulling the needle out. And I have a lot of guilt cos I feel it has added to a lot of this what I see as a mess now. 
I see a legislative blank check for a brand new branch oif the military whose budget is going to start with a T but a B.  Space forces cost trillions. How do you convince the American people to spend that kind of money? Give em UFO and at the same time give your enemies intelligence that that ain’t alien boys – that’s us. We haven’t had a moment the US in 70 plus years that establishes our world dominance. Whatever this tech is, is a brand new version of that, except nobody has to die. It’s just going to be presented in a big UFO smokescreen like it was in the 40s. I’m such an idiot – I feel so stupid. The good news is America’s safe for the next thousand years I think. And say my theory is right… that means Elizondo’s actually a hero cos he was the public punching bag for helping usher in the greatest tech that maybe we’ll see in  our lifetimes. It feels like I was just a casualty of that. Maybe I’m way off cos I can’t prove any of that- just my gut feeling.”




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Among the wealth of important and interesting anomaly news headlines are a handful of opinion pieces on the oft repeated trope of the “Death of UFOlogy.” Veteran UFO researchers Chris Rutkowski and Kevin Randle (and undoubtedly others) responded in their own ways to an OpEd written by UFO, er um, UAP newbie Lue Elizondo and posted on September 5th, titled “Why UFOlogy Must Die.” Canadian Chris Rutkowski called folks attention to his 2010 blog post titled “The demise of ufology” while Kevin Randle wrote a new blog post titled, “Let’s Kill Ufology?

While there was much discussion about this latest pronouncement from “Former Director AATIP” Lue Elizondo, most seemed to avoid drawing the connection of its timing and tone with the accusations from Luis Jimenez, host of the UCR (Unidentified Celebrity Review) show on YouTube and The Big Phone Home UAP-activism campaigns. While Lue Elizondo’s OpEd, alluded to his desire for, “a new UFOlogy minus the drama, the cults of personalities, and the click-bait-driven agendas that lead to petty backbiting,” and the  “exchange ideas without fear of personal attack, without having to pick a side, and without middle school drama,” these were a large part of the claims made by @LuAngeles (Luis Jimenez) against Elizondo (and possibly others) in his last two UCR episodes; the first streamed live on Aug 25, 2022 (Clicks, Clique’s, & who’s really in it for the UFO money) and then the more relevant to Elizondo’s OpEd, the other UCR show (Who is Richard Butt?) streamed on September 1st. And just in case that timing isn’t enough to convince you of these two events being related… there is Lue Elizondo’s tweet on September 2nd:

@LueElizondo · Sep 2 “To avoid confusion and conjecture, neither I, nor my wife, are Richard Butt.” 

Lu @LuAngeles · Sep 2 Replying to @LueElizondo Does anyone want to ask how Richard butt had details of a phone call only 4 people knew about? You may not be Richard, but you know who it is. Please tell us for clarity.

When I stumbled upon this hornets-nest of drama and accusations during the September 1st, UCR livestream, I was completely clueless as to what this was all about.

Dick Butt & The 5×5 Felon Affair

So what was all this Lue on Lu fracas action about? Well, allegedly, it was all about a text message sent by Elizondo to Jimenez decrying the “BS” of various people in the UFO/UAP scene whom Elizondo considered to be among the many “bullshit artists” with one or more of them – this is one of the many points of contention – actually having past felony convictions. Or at least that is what Jimenez thought Elizondo meant by the text, allegedly. Its all very convoluted “he said / she said” kinds of drama but with an apparent digital paper-trail that a certain “Richard Butt” was pushing Jimenez to post publicly.

Part of this drama goes all the way back to UCR shows from back in April and May:

@LuAngeles (Luis Jimenez) & The UCR Unidentified Celebrity Review show

Here is an attempt by someone at Reddit to explain all this…

You can view these alleged texts in this gallery below…