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“Tui Snider is an author, speaker, photographer, YouTuber, and musician who researches, creates videos, and writes about historic cemeteries and symbolism, weird history, and haunted lore. As she puts it, “I used to write fiction – but then, I moved to Texas!”

Tui enjoys speaking at conferences such as the International UFO Congress, and occasionally teaches classes based on her books at TCU. Her books and photos have been featured in many outlets, including Coast to Coast AM, LifeHack, WFAA TV, The National Museum of Funeral History, and Cult of Weird, among others.

Tui’s best-selling books include Understanding Cemetery Symbols, Paranormal Texas, and many more. She is currently working on a book called The Great Texas Airship Mystery of 1897.”


Author of Paranormal Texas Your Travel Guide to Haunted Places Near Dallas & Fort Worth (2014) and other titles.