ARGs – Alternate Reality Games / Gaming (see also Stealth, Viral Marketing)

An alternate reality game (ARG) is an interactive networked narrative that uses the real world as a platform and uses transmedia storytelling to deliver a story that may be altered by players’ ideas or actions.

The form is defined by intense player involvement with a story that takes place in real time and evolves according to players’ responses. Subsequently, it is shaped by characters that are actively controlled by the game’s designers, as opposed to being controlled by artificial intelligence as in a computer or console video game. Players interact directly with characters in the game, solve plot-based challenges and puzzles, and collaborate as a community to analyze the story and coordinate real-life and online activities. ARGs generally use multimedia, such as telephones, email and mail but rely on the Internet as the central binding medium.

ARGs are growing in popularity, with new games appearing regularly and an increasing amount of experimentation with new models and subgenres. They tend to be free to play, with costs absorbed either through supporting products (e.g. collectible puzzle cards fund Perplex City) or through promotional relationships with existing products (for example, I Love Bees was a promotion for Halo 2, and the Lost Experience and Find 815 promoted the television show Lost). However, pay-to-play models are not unheard of.



 Audio Interviews About ARGs (Theremy) and ParaCulture:

  • Adam Gorightly interviews DreamsEnd
  • SMiles Lewis interviews DreamsEnd
  • Vyzygoth interviews SMiles Lewis
  • Vyzygoth interviews DreamsEnd

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Incomplete List of Known ARGs, Experiential Training, Immersive games:

File Contents / Inventory:

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  • Whois record:, (printout circa 4/30/2009)
  • Whois record:, (printout circa 4/27/2009)

Various other Majestic ARG documents:

  • Majestic-Alliance in association with and Electronic Arts, circa April 2001, capture (printout circa 1/5/2007)
  • Deus ex Majestica parts 1 & 2, Alex Burns, disinformation, (printout circa 9/21/2007)
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  • Wayback Machine, misc. printouts from (circa 1/10/2007)
  • Whois record: (circa 1/8/2007)
    • See also Bearden, Tom files: On Tom Bearden, Oil Companies and Websites

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