Anomaly Archives eNews – February 23rd, 2023

Source: Anomaly Archives eNews – February 23rd, 2023 / Year in Review for 2022 and Reflections on the departed… Eugenia Macer-Story and others

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February 23, 2023 – Austin, Texas

Greetings fellow Anomalists. Welcome to another edition of the Anomaly Archives eNews. Just a quick reminder… Tune-In to watch Anomaly-NOW! live via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Twitch, Wednesday evenings at 7pm CST.

Vale Robbie Graham (1981-2023)

It is with a heavy heart and extremely twisted feelings that I relay news of the passing of Robbie Graham. I became aware of his work over ten years ago and was honored to be a contributor to the anthology he edited, UFOs: Reframing the Debate. He had since founded August Night Press and was publishing a variety of important works.


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SMiles Lewis / Founder

UFO tv-show “Sweet Cigarettes”

“Since the 1930s, Sweet Cigarettes had been popular with children.

White sticks of candy with a splodge of red at one end, they came in a rough facsimile of a fag packet and even had collectable cigarette-style cards in them.

But attitudes to smoking were changing, and by the end of the 1970s, sweet cigarettes became ‘candy sticks’ and the red tip disappeared.”




The Life & Works of Eugenia Macer-Story

Exploring the Life-Work of Artist / Clairvoyant / Paranormal-Investigator Eugenia Macer-Story with SMiles Lewis, Stephanie Quick, Professor WHAM & Ben Roylance

From Jacques Vallee’s Forbidden Science Journal – Volume 3 on page 61 for the March 2, 1981 entry he mentions meeting Eugenia Macer-Story:

“This morning I met Eugenia Macer-Story, a perceptive analyst of the paranormal with whom I have corresponded. She was waiting for me on 18th Street in front of a theater; a serious figure dressed in jeans, graying hair, a plastic jacket, fragile and smart like all Greenwich Village. We spent an hour at a nearby coffee shop discussing her experiences and my own work. She believes there is a criminal psychic network that employs gifted subjects, and may be involved in cattle mutilations. Eugenia made a strong impression on me. Once she took off her plastic smock, her New York slick armor, she was a good friend, a colleague in a puzzling field where we both have more intuitions and speculations than hard facts.”

Read a poem by Professor WHAM titled For Eugenia



Eugenia Macer-Story

Paintings and Works on Paper

From Apport Books

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