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Anomaly Archives eNews – August 8th, 2019


Source: Anomaly Archives eNews – August 8th, 2019

The Anomaly Archives Weekly Email Newsletter

August 8th, 2019 – Austin, Texas

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Greetings fellow Forteans, Anomalists, & UFOlks!

It’s a Bigfoot extravaganza this issue – having recently watched documentarian Seth Breedlove’s On the Trail of Bigfoot series and thoroughly enjoyed it, I’ve chosen to share one of the six episodes he’s shared for free via his YouTube channel. The episode in question is the one we’ve touched upon in past eNews installments where Seth and crew visited the Texas-based NAWAC (North American Wood Ape) group’s “Area-X” research site deep in the Ouachita Mountains in Southeastern Oklahoma. All of the episodes are excellent and I urge interested Anomalists to give them a try. I also highly recommend his other series – the ones I’ve watched and enjoyed include: The Flatwoods Monster: A Legacy of Fear (2018), Invasion on Chestnut Ridge (2017), The Mothman of Point Pleasant (2017), Casefiles (2017), and Minerva Monster (2015) – most of which are available on various streaming platforms.

Also in keeping with the Cryptozoological Extravaganza… for this week’s eNews Book-of-the-Week, I’ve chosen one of the bigger and deeper historical overviews of the 1970s era birth of modern Bigfoot research.

In other Bigfoot / Cryptozoology news…

“Brad Ginn and Madelyn Durand, a couple of Western Kentucky University students, said they were awakened in the middle of the night last weekend during a camping trip to Mammoth Cave by a gun-toting man hellbent on tracking down the legendary creature.”

Those last two stories of a couple’s strange experience while camping at Mammoth Cave reflect other recent darker headlines involving acts of gun violence committed by people with extreme “alternative” views of reality ranging from this Arizona case of a gun-wielding Bigfoot believer to a murder case in New York where lawyer’s say the shooter in the thrall of a conspiracy theory they call the “QAnon delusion“:

“A 24-year-old man who has been charged with shooting to death a reputed New York mob boss earlier this year thought he was under the influence of QAnon, pro-Trump Internet postings about the president supposedly battling a cabal of liberal elites, his lawyer wrote in a recent submission to New York state court.”

Of course these two incidents pale in comparison to the terrible tragedies in El Paso and Dayton. As I’ve mentioned before, I am a survivor of a 1979 mass-shooting / sniper event at San Antonio’s 1979 Fiesta “Battle of the Flowers” Parade. I’ve followed the transformation of the high school suicide cluster phenomenon and workplace rampage shootings of the 1980s and 90s as they’ve morphed into the surreal “Mass-Shooter Mayhem” / “Amok America” time we are living through now. I’ve reported on far too many of these incidents over the past twelve years on my PsiOp-Radio show. As much as I wish for us to find a solution to end these atrocities and as sickened as it makes me to research the topic, I find myself continuing to research the issue and revisit past attacks. To that end, I’ve been watching the Showtime TV series, Active Shooter: America Under Fire. It is a very powerful documentary series that focuses on the events themselves as told through the stories of survivors and emergency responders. Anyway – be careful out there; look out for each other and take care of one another…

. . .

Meanwhile, the UFO circus continues with reviews of the recent MUFON 50th Anniversary Symposium, continued critical analysis of the state of verified information about Tom DeLonge’s To The Stars Academy and the military UFO work of Luis Elizondo, reflection on the life and work of Mario Pazzaglini, deep-state / parapolitical audio interview with ARG (Alternate/Augmented Reality Games) pioneer Joseph Matheny on transmedia storytelling and the FBI’s recent warning against QAnon conspiracy theories as potential Domestic Terror Threat, and many other weird news stories for you to read.

Finally, we pay our respects to recently passed paranormal researcher Rosemary Ellen Guiley:

“She authored and compiled nearly 65 books, including books in the “Fate Presents” series, which included her newest title, Planet Bigfoot (2019).”


Check out all the links below in our News-Headlines section in this edition of the newsletter as well as the many more articles you can find at our Anomaly Archives Flipboard page.

That’s it for now …

SMiles Lewis / Founder



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Book Of The Week

Far-Out, Shaggy, Funky Monsters
What-it-is History of Bigfoot in the 1970s

by Daniel S. Green

  • Book Review: Far-Out, Shaggy, Funky Monsters by Matt Bille (Blog)
  • Book Review Far-Out Shaggy Funky Monsters A What It Is History of Bigfoot in the 1970s by Henry May (YouTube)


View Book Page at Anomaly Archives



On the Trail of Bigfoot – Episode 5: Area X

Published on Jun 26, 2019

“Travel deep into the heart of the Ouachita Mountains in Southeastern Oklahoma where a Bigfoot investigative group called the North American Wood Ape Conservancy conducts research. Seth spends two days in this place where Bigfoot is said to walk and has a series of events unfold that change his way of thinking about the Bigfoot subject. From Small Town Monsters and filmmaker, Seth Breedlove (The Mothman of Point Pleasant, The Bray Road Beast) comes this stunning, 6 episode miniseries. Setting out the detail the entire history of the Bigfoot phenomenon, On the Trail of Bigfoot was filmed coast to coast during 2018 and features witnesses and investigators of the elusive creature.”

Learn more at OnTheTrailOf.tv or SmallTownMonsters.com

Chronology of Small Town Monsters Documentaries:

  • Terror in the Skies (2019)
  • On the Trail of… Bigfoot (2019)
  • The Bray Road Beast (2018)
  • On the Trail of… Champ (2018)
  • The Flatwoods Monster: A Legacy of Fear (2018)
  • Invasion on Chestnut Ridge (2017)
  • The Mothman of Point Pleasant (2017)
  • Casefiles (2017)
  • Boggy Creek Monster (2016)
  • Beast of Whitehall (2016)
  • Minerva Monster (2015)



FLASHBACKS: Anomaly Archives eNews issues circa 2016 & 2017



Anomaly Archives board member, Jeremy Wells, is a journalist writing for the Grayson Journal-Enquirer in Grayson, Kentucky. One of his latest articles can be found in the Spring 2019 edition of the Olive Hill Quarterly. It’s about Seth Breedlove’s latest project from his Small Town Monsters productions (YouTube channel), called On the Trail of Bigfoot. The article, Exploring Reports From The Pacific Northwest To The TriState, can be read online (pages 14-19). If you are truly deeply interested in the subject of CryptoZoology and Bigfoot in America, we highly recommend Jeremy’s more in-depth interview with Seth Breedlove available on YouTube, which we feature as our Cargo-Culture feature for this installment of the Anomaly Archives newsletter, below.

All of this Bigfootery reminds us of the excellent presentation that Jeremy gave to our Anomaly Archives audience back a couple of years ago … this flashback below also features links to the SasWhat podcast episode from two years ago in which a different Seth talks with Texas based bigfoot research org memebers from NAWAC about the infamous Area-X that Jeremy talks about with Seth (Breedlove) in our Cargo Culture feature video…

FLASHBACK March 2016: Bigfoot reports & southern habitats . . .

Talking “On The Trail Of Bigfoot” with Seth Breedlove

“Journalist Jeremy D. Wells discusses the new “On the Trail of Bigfoot” mini-series, from Small Town Monsters, with writer and producer Seth Breedlove.

NOTES: I mistakenly say Daryl Colyer had his first Bigfoot sighting along the Pedernales River. Colyer has confirmed that it was actually along the Trinity River where a large, red (the color of dead pine needles), hair-covered creature crossed the path in front of him. This interview was initially the basis for a magazine article and review of the “On the Trail of Bigfoot” series. Though there are things in the audio that Breedlove asked me not to focus on in that story, or to keep “off the record”, he has given his permission to use the complete, unedited audio of our interview.”

– Jeremy Wells


Here are some headlines of note for this week:. . .

. . .

Check out more news links at the

[NOTE: Inclusion of news & event info is purely informational
and does not indicate endorsement.]

Saturday Lecture: Bigfoot reports and southern habitats by Jeremy Wells

Saturday Lecture: Bigfoot reports and southern habitats by Jeremy Wells

We have a special presentation for this month’s public meeting (this Saturday, March 26th from 1-4pm):

Anomaly Archives Board Member Jeremy Wells will be presenting / discussing BoardBigfoot reports and habitat in East Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas. Jeremy currently works as a freelance writer, editor, and training specialist in the video game industry and served as a researcher and field investigator with the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy (now NAWAC – North American Wood Ape Conservancy). We hope you’ll join us for this sure to be interesting and educational lecture.
[NOTE: This is not an official presentation by NAWAC – though I highly recommend there work. If you’d like to learn more about their efforts, visit their website and take a listen to this recent episode of the SasWhat podcast.]

Episode 84: Talking Area X (again) and Apes with Brian BrownThis week Seth sits down with Brian Brown to talk about the latest happenings with the NAWAC and their recent experiences in Area X. If you’ve been itching to hear what activity has been taking place inside the Ouachitas this past Winter then this is the episode for you! Special thanks to our listeners for submitting the bulk of the questions used in this episode.


Headquarters / Mailing Address:

12593 Research Blvd., Suite 302

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DIRECTIONS to The Anomaly Archives

It’s a little tricky to find the first time, so here are the directions:

If you’re heading northwest on Research/183 from I-35, Mopac or 360, exit 183 at the Oak Knoll exit, pass through the light at Oak Knoll, and stay on the access road heading north. The next side street off the 183 access road will be Technology Blvd; do not turn on Technology. Immediately after you pass Technology, there will be a driveway on your right (the only one in that area) — Exit into that driveway. There will be a sign overhead for “Forest Plaza.” After you pull in, you’ll have no choice but to go to the left into Forest Plaza. Our building is the back left building within the complex — Suite 302. If you’re heading south on Research/183, you also exit at Oak Knoll, but take the u-turn just before you get to Oak Knoll, get over the right on the northbound access road, and prepare to make the right immediately after Technology Blvd. as in the directions above.

12593 Research Blvd., Suite 302

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International Cryptozoology Conference: January 2016 – St. Augustine, Florida

International Cryptozoology Museum Conference – January 4th-6th, 2016
St. Augustine, Florida


Source: CryptoZooNews.com

Join us in Florida this winter. We proudly announce the International Cryptozoology Museum Conference, January 4-5-6, 2016, in America’s Oldest European-Settled City ~ St. Augustine, Florida.

The three-day event is a scientific cryptozoology conference being held near the site of the 1896 “Giant Octopus” beaching.

The conference will be a thoughtful experience for guests. Please sign up today (click here or see the individual options below).

The event will unfold over three days during Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of the first full week of 2016. This takes place at the end of St. Augustine’s Festival of Lights. It is a beautiful, calm time of year in St. Augustine, Florida, with moderate temperatures and festive decorations still in place in this European appearing city.

ICM Conference 2016 | International Cryptozoology Museum

International Cryptozoology Museum – Facebook

International Cryptozoology Museum Conference – Facebook

International Cryptozoology Museum Conference – Facebook

Analysis of Todd Standing’s “Sylvanic Bigfoot” Videos

Check out this recent offering from Texas’s NAWAC:

Critical Examination of Todd Standings Video Subjects.critic-exam-todd-standing-sylvanic-bigfoot

Through special arrangement with its authors, the NAWAC is making available an analysis of the Todd Standing “Sylvanic” video subjects performed by Phil Poling and Daniel Falconer.

Preface: Critical Examination of Standing/Sylvanic Bigfoot Videos.  Drawing from their respective fields of expertise for a combined examination, Phil Poling (formally trained in photography and with a twenty year law enforcement background) and Daniel Falconer (seventeen years working for special effects company and writer of numerous books on film special effects) have come together to analyze Todd Standing’s claimed bigfoot videos. Compiling their observations and reasoning in freely available, illustrated PDF, Falconer and Poling hope this document will be of help to readers who wish to critically examine Standing’s videos and draw their own conclusions. Poling and Falconer had never been in contact or worked with each other before, but their conclusions, reached independently and with the benefit of very different backgrounds, were practically identical.

Critical Examination of Standing/Sylvanic Bigfoot Videos (PDF, 1.3MB)


NAWAC: North American Wood Ape Conservancy



Cryptomundo Night at Museum of the Weird

Greetings and Happy New Year fellow Anomalists!


Welcome to 2013. The Anomaly Archives won’t be holding a regular meeting this month but we wanted to let you know about an interesting event happening downtown, Saturday, January 26th. Here’s your chance to tour Austin’s Museum of the Weird, listen to cryptozoologists Lyle Blackburn,  Nick Redfern, Ken Gerhard, & Dave Coleman, dine at the Chupacabra Cantina, watch the Creature From Black Lake, and have drinks at the Jackalope Bar. All in one afternoon / evening! But reserve your spot early, seating is limited!



Come join Cryptomundo and The Museum of the Weird, www.MuseumOfTheWeird.com, for an afternoon and evening of fun and frivolity.

Reserve your tickets early as space is limited! Click here:

   Schedule of Events

  • 3-6: Tour of Museum


    Speaker presentations and author book signings

  • Lyle Blackburn: The Beast of Boggy Creek
  • Nick Redfern: Wildman! The Monstrous and Mysterious Saga of the British Bigfoot, Monster Diary: On the Road in Search of Strange and Sinister Creatures, The World’s Weirdest Places, Memoirs of a Monster Hunter, Monsters of Texas
  • Ken Gerhard: Big Bird! Modern Sightings of Flying Monsters, Monsters of Texas
  • Dave Coleman: The Bigfoot Filmographychupacabra-cantina


Museum of the Weird
412 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78701




Anomaly Archives eNews – February/March/April 2012


February / March / April 2012

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Greetings everyone. We apologize for the long delay in getting this eNewsletter out to you.

This edition of the eNewsletter contains a report on last month’s meetup discussions and videos watched, as well as news of the first Annual Women’s UFO Conference right here in Texas, plus a ton of Anomalous Headlines, information on our next monthly meetup and more!


The Anomaly Archives holds monthly meetings on the Fourth Saturday of most months. The meetings are held from 1-5pm on the fourth Saturday at the INACS / Anomaly Archives headquarters located in North West Austin just past the intersections of Research and Technology Boulevards (see bottom of email for detailed directions):

12593 Research Blvd., Suite 302,
Austin, Texas 78759

This month’s meeting will be one week early, on Saturday, April 21st with a viewing of the second live online Alternate Universe i-Conference:


Anomaly Archives monthly meeting report for March 24th 2012

At last month’s (March) Anomaly Archives meeting we had some great discussions on a wide range of topics, from talk of ufo whistleblowers to channeling to what books we’ve been reading. We also watched some interesting videos. More on the videos (with links) at the end of this brief meeting report for now here is more about the conversations we had.

At the beginning of the meeting we continued a discussion we’ve been having about the merits of people like UFO “Whistleblower” Robert O. Dean. For more background on the interesting story of Bob Dean and the alleged 1964 SHAPE Ufo Assessment document check out these links. This first one from an interview in mid-1996:

Here is a brief assessment of Bob Dean (and others claiming insider information) from long-time down-to-earth UFO investigator and Roswell crash believer Kevin Randle:

And here is SHAPE Historian Greg Pedlow’s analysis of Dean and the alleged UFO assessment document claims:

  • The Alleged SHAPE “Assessment” of UFOs in 1964: What the Official Records Show by Dr. Gregory Pedlow SHAPE Historian

http://www.aco.nato.int/resources/21/Alleged SHAPE Assessment of UFOs.pdf


Meeting attendees talked about Dolores Cannon and Channeling in general, though Dolores clarifies that her messages come through the use of hypnosis. One person mentioned that they are currently reading one her books. Here are some introductory videos about Dolores:

Preview of Interview with Dolores Cannon

Dolores Cannon – Three Waves of Volunteer Souls & Ascension (Starseeds, Indigos, Crystals, etc.)

We also discussed the Trickster element within various UFO and paranormal encounters as well as deceased persons appearing in alien abductions / CE3Ks / NDEs, etc.

Of course David Icke’s ideas about reptilian’s was raised and we talked about precedents in shamanism and resonant speculative hypothesis suggested by alien abduction researcher Karla Turner in this 1994 interview at the Annual Mufon Conference which was that year held in Austin, Texas. Here are links to that interview:

From The (old) Archives: Karla Turner – Anomalous Abductee Experiences

Mike DeGroff reminded the attendees about an intriguing plan proposed by NUFORC’s (National UFO Reporting Center) Peter Davenport. It is his passive radar plan, first proposed back in 2004.

From the “Coast to Coast AM” Newsletter COASTZONE Weekend Edition for March 19, 2012:

UFO Detection: In the latter half, Director of the National UFO Reporting Center, Peter Davenport, discussed his revolutionary proposal ( PDF file) for detecting UFOs in near-Earth environment, out to a distance of around 250,000 miles. The plan calls for using a passive radar system in which signals could be analyzed to determine a target’s size, location, and other details. For example, such a system would be particularly useful in identifying craft that are in our atmosphere, doing 20,000 mph, and making sudden right turns, he said. This detection data could be shared with scientists for analysis, and eliminate the need for government disclosure, which doesn’t appear to be forthcoming, he commented. Davenport said he is seeking funding for this project– around $750,0000 is needed to set up a prototype of the passive radar system operating station (much of that cost would go toward developing the software for analyzing the intercepted signals). Ultimately, he foresees a kind of webcam system in which all the UFO detection information would be available on one public website in real time. He also talked about his UFO Hotline, which recently has received reports of spherical fireball-type objects

PDF link: http://www.dat-e-baseonline.com/front/a.asp?arg=8F7D995F927D7A64606B737A628B73798C6A706E867C736B

Here is the introduction to the paper presented at the 2004 Annual Mufon Symposium in Denver:


Copyright 2004 Peter B. Davenport All rights reserved. Author: Peter B. Davenport Director, National UFO Reporting Center Seattle, Washington

ABSTRACT: The author proposes a system for the remote, real-time detection of UFO’s in the near- Earth environment, using passive, multi-static, frequency-modulated (FM) radar. The system capitalizes on the use of multiple, time-synchronized radio receivers to capture high-frequency radio signals reflected from a target. The time-lapse between received signals, together with three-dimensional Doppler-shift analysis, permits calculation of a target’s location, velocity, acceleration, flight path, and other parameters, possibly to include target size estimation. Signal analysis of the reflected signal, combined with analysis of target characteristics, will permit discrimination between suspected UFO’s, and targets of terrestrial origin, e.g. aircraft, satellites, space debris, meteor trails, upper atmospheric conditions, weather phenomena, migratory birds, the Moon, etc.. One application proposed may allow detection of UFO’s out to a range of at least 27,600 kilometers from the Earth’s surface.

Here is some background on similar ideas noted on the UFO UpDates eList:

Of course, this sort of instrumented approach reminds us of Austin’s own, Ray Stanford and his PSI (Project Starlight International) research efforts:

My Dad, the UFO Hunter http://www.tikaro.com/2008/01/my-dad-the-ufo-hunter.html

UFO-VECTOR SYSTEM: Communicate with UFOs by transmitting signals along a joystick-guided laser. http://www.nicap.org/madar/psi-mpic.htm

RECORDING MAGNETOMETER: Track and record moving ferrous objects (see comments for correction from Ray) magnetic fields overhead. It’s pictured below — check out the tape drive! And the big capacitors!

Other tech articles are on the main PSI tech page here. http://www.nicap.org/madar/psi.htm

From a February, 1976 “Texas Monthly” article:

“The laser [seen in the background] can provide a video readout of the UFO for the PSI people as well as transmit information to the spacecraft. The pan-and-tilt head can be moved up and down and sideways simultaneously by means of the remote-control “joystick,” but it still takes the skill of an anti-aircraft gunner to strike the UFO with the laser beam.”

For much of the middle of the meeting we each briefly talked about what we have been reading? Some of the titles and authors mentioned included Jim Mars’ RULE BY SECRECY, Tom Campbell’s MY BIG T.O.E. as well as the books of Dolores Cannon. Also mentioned were Bob Frissell, Paul Smith’s READING THE ENEMIES MIND (about the military’s Remote Viewing). We also talked about Smith’s documenting of the military’s Dowsing programs. Miles spoke about reading Jenny Randles’ book PARANORMAL PENINES.

The SERPO Saga was raised and a brief talk ensued about the merits or lack thereof regarding the whole sordid affair. Mike DeGroff mentioned it’s having caught his attention because of the inclusion in the story of a sighting that sounded strikingly similar to the famous Lonnie Zamora sighting. Here are some investigations by various groups into the strange story of SERPO:


Among the many other information items discussed at the March meeting were…

The weird story from a couple years ago of Eisenhower’s grand daughter:


Ancient Aliens episode on Rendlesham and the mysterious 1001010111010101001001 message:

  • Ancient Aliens – Rendlesham Binary Code Revealed – edited

An attendee mentioned some striking footage they remember and we’d like to look at. They described it as being from Mexico and of a cloud-cigar type ufo disgorging smaller orbs. If you think you know more about this video or have a link to it online please let us know.

Miles had brought a number of long, medium and short length videos for the group to watch. He mentioned several feature length UFO documentaries that the group might want to watch but ultimately we chose to watch a sampling of shorter length videos including:

Laredo UFO Conference videos…

Open Minds TV’s coverage of the IUFOC including…

  • 2012 UFO Congress Researcher of the Year Lee Speigel 
  • 2011 Year-in-Review


FLASBHACK: Nick Pope and MSM on Triangular UFO Videos in Ireland… Miles spoke briefly about his ANOMALY Magazine website and articles being cited on this MSNBC news video and how they got the story completely wrong, confusing two different incidents of bad-jacketing of an alleged ufo sighting with other known footage not related at all to the new sighting. Here is the MSNBC video with Nick Pope – whom Miles communicated with about this case. Here also are the articles alluded to in the video:

  • Nick Pope and MSM on Triangular UFO Videos in Ireland


We also talked briefly about these great documentaries … UFOS: THE SECRET HISTORY, OUT OF THE BLUE, and BEST EVIDENCE: TOP 10 UFO CASES.

Miles mentioned that we have videos featuring SRI/URI GELLER and Ed Mitchell Quantum Hologram and RV.

We watched Disclosure Madness animation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q76cxfcNK-M

Miles mentioned one of his favorite weird close encounter cases from the early days of flying saucers. He played an old recording of Close Encounter witness Joe Simonton where he describes the pancakes the occupants gave him: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9Ih8jH3J88

We watched a brief local news piece about Austin’s Museum of the Weird: http://austin.ynn.com/content/community/local_wonders/283318/local-wonders—museum-of-the-weird http://www.museumoftheweird.com

Lastly, before wrapping up after a long and interesting meeting, we watched the preview for recent interview of  musician Billy Corgan by Austin’s Alex Jones from during the recent SXSW media festival. Below are links to the sneak peak and the full interview:


Until next time …


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  • Legend, Lore & Legacy: Bigfoot Hunters Search for Signs of the Creature
  • Lone Star Scene: Bigfoot hunting indie film sprouts in Manor (Video)


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RAWilson Week


– Events

MeetUps & Events

The Anomaly Archives is currently planning more events for 2012.

Join up and stay tuned for news about upcoming meetings and events:



Other Upcoming Events in Texas:

  • 2012 Women’s UFO Symposium
    Glen Rose Texas, May 18-19-20th
    Early bird registration until April 15th, at $75.00 for the three days.
    After April 15th it will be $90.00

Other Upcoming Events:



Klaus Dona – “Ancient Evidence of Possible Anunakki in Americas”
William Michael Mott – “The Problem of Density Regarding Non-Human Encounters”
Don Ecker – “Is Somebody Else On The Moon?”
Adam Gorightly – “Sex, Drugs and UFOs”
Kevin Smith – “MARS: The Fading Fog”


  • UFOs at the Lake! ~ April 21, 2012 ~ Smith Mtn Lake, VA
    Saturday, April 21, 2012 from 11:00 AM to 9:30 PM (ET) Huddleston, VA

– Anomaly Archives Needs Your Help

We need your help! The Anomaly Archives is always looking for new membership and needs your support both financially and as volunteers at the lending library and educational outreach events.

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Free Lecture with CryptoZoologist Ken Gerhard in Austin February 18th at 7pm


Friday night, February 18th, join the Anomaly Archives in welcoming cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard to Austin, Texas.

Ken Gerhard is an accomplished cryptozoologist and field researcher for The Centre for Fortean Zoology and The Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization , as well as a fellow of the Pangea Institute . He has investigated reports of monsters and mysterious beasts all over the world including Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, the Chupacabra, winged creatures and even werewolves.

In addition to appearing in three episodes of the History Channel television series Monster Quest , Ken is featured on the special The Real Wolfman (History Channel) and in the series Legend Hunters (Travel Channel/A&E) and also Paranatural (National Geographic), plus numerous, radio and Internet broadcasts. His credits include appearances on Eyewitness News , Coast to Coast Radio and Ireland’s Newstalk Radio , as well as being featured in major books, DVDs and in articles by the Associated Press , Tampa Tribune and Amarillo Edge.

Ken is author of the books Big Bird: Modern Sightings of Flying Monsters and Monsters of Texas and has contributed to trade publications including Animals and Men, The Journal of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club and Bigfoot Times . He has lectured and exhibited at numerous paranormal conferences across the United States. Born on Friday the 13 th of October, Ken has traveled to twenty-six different countries and has visited forty-three of the states. An avid adventurer, he has camped along the Amazon, explored the Galapagos, hiked the Australian Outback and has visited many ancient and mysterious sites, from Machu Pichu to Stonehenge.

Friday February 18th at 7pm

Austin Center for Spiritual Living

4804 Grover Ave Austin, TX 78756

Follow the Anomaly Archives on Twitter, Facebook friend us, and track our events through our Meetup group or Yahoo group.

Articles, Interviews, Links and Media Coverage of Ken Gerhard…

Anomaly Archives Presents Fortean Cryptozoologist Jonathan Downes

The Anomaly Archives Presents: Fortean Cryptozoologist Jonathan Downes

Saturday, March 20th 1:30-3:30pm CST 

12593 Research Blvd., Suite 302, Austin, Texas 78759

“Cryptozoology’s answer to Hunter Thompson” – Nick Redfern

 [Jon Downes at Loch Ness in 2005]  

The Anomaly Archives welcomes British Fortean researcher Jon Downes to Austin, Texas for a lecture on all things anomalous, Fortean, cryptozoological and UFOlogical. Please join us at the Anomaly Archives lending library (located at 12593 Research Blvd., Suite 302) from 1 to 5pm, Saturday, March 20th for an enlightening lecture from one of the world’s leading cryptozoological field investigators.

This lecture event is FREE, however, a $5 donation is respectfully requested for those wishing to help support the Anomaly Archives in its non-profit community education, outreach and research efforts. 

Jonathan Downes is the Director of the British-based Center for Fortean Zoology, the world’s only full-time group dedicated to the investigation of unknown animals, including Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, Ogopogo, and the Abominable Snowman. 

In both 1998 and 2004, Jon traveled to the island of Puerto Rico in search of the deadly, blood-sucking creature known as the Chupacabras – a beast that has been linked with a large amount of UFO activity, including UFO crashes, on the island.  

Jon will be speaking about his two expeditions, findings, theories and conclusions as to what the creature may be. Jon will also reveal the very latest news on his quest to find out the truth concerning the so-called Texas Chupacabras. 

Are the beasts of Puerto Rico and Texas one and the same? Or, is something even stranger going on? Don’t miss this rare chance to see Jon Downes expose the truth of this strange and sensational mystery.   

Jonathan Downes is the author and co-author of numerous books on the subjects of Fortean phenomena, especially cryptozoological critters such as Owlman, the Monster of the Mere and others. Besides his research, writing and activism, Jon Downes is also an accomplished film maker having worked on over 7 films. He also produces a regular online video series for the Centre for Fortean Zoology called On The Track (Of Unknown Animals).



  Links & Information:  

Anomaly Archives eNews – March/April 2009


March/April, 2009

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– Anomaly Archives News

New Location !!!

    The Scientific Anomaly Institute is happy to announce the return of the Anomaly Archives lending library collection to a new real-world location. We are proud to now be housed at the new headquarters of INACS, the Institute for Neuroscience And Consciousness Studies located in North West Austin near the intersection of Research and Technology Blvds.

    New hours of operation and details about utilizing the lending library will be announced soon!

    – Anomaly Headlines (Thank You Anomalist.com)

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    Ancient Humanity

    A superb documentary tells the true and intriguing story of the discovery of a Bronze Age artifact in a German forest and how the artifact was recovered from the grave robbers who uncovered it. The nine-part series of videos, each around five minutes long, also tells the significance of the small metal disc the tomb raiders uncovered. Key quote: “It’s the find of a lifetime. Indeed, the find of several lifetimes.” Does this small metal object prove civilization arrived in Europe 3600 years ago?

    Ghosts, Hauntings and Paranormal Investigations


    In today’s maverick science news: Professor Gordon S. “Grover” Krantz was a teacher of osteology, the study of bones, at Washington State University. He was also an avid Bigfoot investigator, often featured in television documentaries about the legendary creature. The Smithsonian National Museum has become Krantz’s final resting place, just as he requested, and the recreation of the skeletons of Krantz and his beloved wolfhound Clyde, are now on exhibit. Meanwhile, another type of immortality is envisioned in Freezing Lazarus: The Cryonics of Eternal Life. (www.Anomalist.com)

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    July/August, 2008

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    UFOS have been popping up en masse over Texas and Brazil recently, grounding planes in Chicago, menacing Indiana Jones and the Energizer Bunny, and planting themselves firmly in the minds of the American public.

    The spaceships arrived in San Jose this past weekend, as the floating annual symposium of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) was held this year at the Doubletree Inn. Co-organized by local businessman Les Valez (founder of the Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support) MUFON ‘08 attracted nearly 600 registrants with presentations like “Britain’s X-Files,” “Resolving Current Reporting Bias of Pilots” and “Chilean Army Investigates UFOs.”

    Alejandro Rojas, MUFON’s press agent, quoted from the ad campaign for the new X-Files movie, responding to the common perception that UFO researchers have hyperactive imaginations.

    “We don’t want to believe,” he said. “The evidence led us to believe.””

    News & Culture | UFO | Hole in the cloud over OHare Airport in Chicago

    Help The International Cryptozoology Museum Gain Independence. Loren Coleman needs your help to preserve cryptozoological data, memorabilia, and more.

    Right: Greg Bishop with German-UFO-Rocker Nina Hagen.

    UFO researcher and writer Greg Bishop chronicles the latest

    UFOMystic » Roswell 2008 Day 1 & Day 2

    “FORMER NASA astronaut and moon-walker Dr Edgar Mitchell – a veteran of the Apollo 14 mission – has stunningly claimed aliens exist.

    And he says extra-terrestrials have visited Earth on several occasions – but the alien contact has been repeatedly covered up by governments for six decades.

    Dr Mitchell, 77, said during a radio interview that sources at the space agency who had had contact with aliens described the beings as ‘little people who look strange to us.’”

    FLASHBACK to 2004: Edgar Mitchell On UFOs & ETs and Ed Mitchell continues coming clean on UFOs?

    Read more »

    “It would appear that the US President has been briefed by Phoenix scientists about the discovery of something more “provocative” than the discovery of water existing on the Martian surface. This news comes just as the Thermal and Evolved Gas Analyzer (TEGA) confirmed experimental evidence for the existence of water in the Mars regolith on Thursday. Whilst NASA scientists are not claiming that life once existed on the Red Planet’s surface, new data appears to indicate the “potential for life” more conclusively than the TEGA water results. Apparently these new results are being kept under wraps until further, more detailed analysis can be carried out, but we are assured that this announcement will be huge…

    The White House is Briefed: Phoenix About to Announce “Potential For Life” on Mars | Universe Today

    Watch this video before it vanishes. Rick Dyer appears to have uploaded a video explaining, confessing, revealing, and pointing fingers at other alleged co-conspirators in this hoax. And apologizing.

    Cryptomundo » Hoaxers’ Video Confession & Apology to Loren Coleman & Matt Moneymaker

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