Staffen, Jean

Staffen, Jean – 

Founder of Austin’s UFO / Alien Abduction Support Group

Above: Still photo from interview videotaped in the 1990s by SMiles Lewis.

Erma Jean Staffen

AUGUST 1, 1939 – MAY 18, 2022

Erma Jean Staffen, age 82, of Bastrop, Texas passed away on Wednesday, May 18, 2022. Erma was born August 1, 1939.


Founder of Austin’s UFO / Alien Abduction Support Group
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Acknowledgements in Dissertation and Book by Susan Lepselter

The Flight of the Ordinary: Narrative, Poetics, Power and UFOs in the American Uncanny

by Susan Claudia Lepselter, B.A., M.A.

Dissertation Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School of The University of Texas at Austin in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy

The University of Texas at Austin May 2005

“Above all, in Austin, I owe enormous debts to Erma Jean Staffen and Stephen Miles Lewis, both of whose friendship, intellectual energy, and passion for big questions shaped my own thinking from the beginnings of my interest in this subject.”

. . .

The Resonance of Unseen Things: Poetics, Power, Captivity, and UFOs in the American Uncanny

By Susan Lepselter · 2016

“I owe enormous debts to Erma Jean Staffen and Stephen Miles Lewis, both of whose friendship, intellectual energy, and passion for big questions shaped my own thinking from the beginnings of my interest in this subject decades ago.”

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Austin Mufon Newsletter notes

  • July 1992 – announcement of first meeting of Abductee Support Group, Sunday, August 2nd.
  • August 1992 – Excerpt of Jean Staffen’s letter about founding UFO Abduction Support Group.
  • March 1994 – news of Jean Staffen’s move away from Austin and the selection of Miles Lewis to continue the group.
  • May 1998 – UFO Study Group disbanded by Jean Staffen Sunday May 10, 1998.


From her archived website:

A Lifetime of Anomalous Experiences

Why is this website here?

I have created this website to house accounts of Anomalous Experiences which have happened to me over the course of my lifetime.

Several of my friends have expressed a desire to learn more about my experiences. I have put up this site for the primary purpose of making it easier for everyone to access the information.

My 1st Encounter At Age Three …..

In 1942, when I was three years old, I lived in Sheldon, Missouri with my parents and sister, Sandra, who was then about a year and a half old. Early one winter evening, I lay in bed, alone in a room, because I had what my mother called the croup. She had given me a dose of honey and powdered alum, which was a common home remedy at the time.

As I lay there, I saw a light came in through the bedroom window. I remember thinking it was a car headlight. But then, as a I watched, the light coalesced into a round golden-white ball near the ceiling of the room. It was about the size of a beach ball, I became aware that something within the ball of light was communicating with me. I heard no voice, nor was I afraid. The “feeling” coming from the ball was one of loving, gentle, kindness balanced with extreme intelligence and strength. The consciousness of the ball of light communicated, without words, directly with my inner self and told me that I was a part of a group or species that had been watching over the people on earth since ancient times.

The “communicator” told me that I would have work to do that was integral to something that would happen toward the end of my life. Although I do not remember the specifics of what I was told, I do remember complaining at one point that I would never be able to do what was asked of me, that the job was beyond my capabilities. In reply, I was told that I was not to worry about it, that I would “grow into it.”

Up until this point in the experience, I had not been afraid, but had strongly felt I was in the presence of the highest benevolent intelligence one could ever imagine. However, now I felt that the presence had left the ball of light and approached the right side of my bed. It felt like tangible hands were reaching inside my stomach, just above my navel and rearranging or placing something there. I had the strong sensation that my body was expanding like a balloon, getting bigger and beginning to float above the bed.

This frightened me.

I jumped up from the bed and ran screaming into the living room, where my parents sat listening to the radio. My father scooped me up and carried me outside. You would have to know my dad to realize how out of character his behavior was. My dad was emotionally unavailable, physically gone most of the time, and died of alcoholism at the age of 58.

But on this occasion, he stood on the front porch, holding me and pointing up to the stars. I remember my mother followed us as far as the front door, where she stood yelling at my dad, Ermul, do not take her outside. It is too cold. She only has her nightgown on and she has been sick.

My dad ignored her and continued to point out the stars to me. I assumed he was trying to distract me and calm me down, until I heard him say, See up there? See that bunch of stars right there? Right around behind them is where they are from.


A Few Years Later, When I was Nine …..

I was living on a farm near Nevada, Missouri with my parents and two sisters. I awakened during a rainstorm one night to see a face staring at me through my bedroom window. The face belonged neither to a human nor an animal. Although I cannot entirely re-member that face, I do remember the huge, black eyes that bored into me, hypnotizing me and holding me immobile on the bed.

When I first, the face in the window staring at the light beside my bed. As the Being’s gaze shifted to me, I perceived it as a palpable thing. The eyes held me to the bed and I could not move. And the eyes were also conveying information on a subliminal level straight into my mind.

I intuitively knew that this Being was not good and I was furious that It would attempt to take me over when I was already aligned with the deeply good Beings who had contacted me when I was three years old.

I struggled as hard as I could and I finally moved one of my fingers. With that, the spell was broken and I tumbled off the bed, took all the covers with me, got my legs tangled in the bedclothes, and fell on my face on the floor.

When I was able to extricate myself and get to my feet, I ran head-long to my parents’ bedroom and dived into the space between them on the bed. I was screaming about something looking at me through the window. Dad jumped up and grabbed his rifle and ran out into the rain. For the second time in memory, Dad actually responded to the situation with uncharacteristic compassion. Mother began to reassure me that it was the dog. Our dog at that time was a 25 lb. Spitz/Cocker mix who could not have stood tall enough to reach the window to look through it.

Dad returned to the bedroom and said nothing was out there.

I remembered all this in vivid detail the rest of my life. I’d replay the scene over and over in my mind. But each time I got to the place where I looked at the face, my mind would go blank. It’s like my mind was cushioning me from the memory. It drove me nuts trying to remember that face.

Then in 1988, I was living in San Antonio and working for USAA. I was shopping in a mall one day when I happened to walk past a bookstore. There in the window, was a large display of Whitley Streiber’s book “Communion” which had just come out. When I saw the face on the cover, I began to have a panic attack and almost fainted in the door of the bookstore. As soon as I recovered my composure, I went into the store and bought a copy of the book. I literally read the first two chapters at red lights on the way home.

I immediately joined MUFON, which at that time was head-quartered in Seguin, Texas about 35 miles from where I was living.

But I’m getting ahead of my story ………….

1952 …..

It was 1952, I was 13 years old, and we had just moved to Hayworth, Illinois. Another new school. It was September and school had just started. A lovely, bright and crisp autumn day in Illinois. And our Physical Education class was outside learning how to play tennis.

In the middle of the class, “Something” told me to look up. I looked up and saw an object, then called a flying saucer. It was the color of pewter, not shiny, but metalic looking. It was round and the thin edges of the lower part sloped to a dome on the top. It looked like it was spinning and was sitting in one spot in the air high above me and to my left. With my arm extended, it was about the size of a fifty cent piece held between my fingers.

I had the feeling “they” had just stopped by to say ‘hello’ perhaps as a familiar gesture since I was (again) the new kid in school and surrounded by strangers.

The teacher called to me to pay attention to the class and I turned my attention back to the class. When I looked up a little while later, the object was gone.

I don’t recall mentioning this occurrence to anyone. Not my family or anyone at school. But I was left with a solid impression that the saucers were real and whenever I heard someone in authority snicker when the saucers were mentioned, I always wondered why they had that attitude.


Out of Body Experiences

OOB Experiences

In early 1961, I was newly married, barely pregnant with my only child, and living in Miami, Florida. I had married unwisely. Although my husband was a brilliant young lawyer, Editor-in-Chief of the Law Review, he was a bonafide Bill Clinton, in that he could not be true to one woman to save his life.

One night, he was gone as usual, and I had called his office, the Law Library, all his friends, the hospitals and everywhere I thought he might be. I could not find him anywhere, and it was midnight.

I went to bed and was listening for the crunch of gravel on the driveway, hoping he would drive in. I was also scouring my memory, trying to come up with somewhere else I could look for him. I could think of nothing.

Then in resignation and total exhaustion, I gave up.

Immediately, I felt myself leave my body and fly through the air to Hibiscus Island, an up-scale community that was a suburb of Miami. I found myself standing on the sidewalk across the street from an apartment house. The building was blond brick and there were huge glass doors nearing taking up the front of the first floor. I could see through the glass to the interior lobby. There were mail boxes on the wall to the left through the doors, and a narrow stair to the upper floors on the left past the mail boxes. There was a rather unique carpet on the floor – black or very dark blue with large yellow and gold tropical flowers with green leaves on it. The doors to the individual apartments were spaced down the right side of the hall.

Immediately, I was across the street, inside the glass doors and floating down a short hall where I came to rest behind the stairs going up. This put me looking down the hall toward the front door.

My husband came into the building with a blond woman wearing a camel hair coat. She wore her hair shoulder length and curled up on the ends like Annette Funicello used to. They stopped in front of the second door from the front. His back was toward me, and she was facing me. They were laughing and talking as she fished in her purse for her keys. She found them, hand they keys to him and he unlocked the door. They went in and closed the door.

I could have followed, but I didn’t want to spy, I just wanted to know he was alright.

Immediately -WHOOSH! – I was back in my body laying in my bed. But my mind was at ease and I went to sleep.

Months later, after the baby was born on 12/10/61, he left us when she was four months old and moved in with this girlfriend. I won’t bore you with all the sordid details.

One day, he came over to settle up some financial accounts and I decided to bite the bullet and confront him with what I’d seen. I asked him, “Do you know a girl with blond hair who lives in an apartment on Hibiscus Island that has dark carpet with great, big yellow flowers …..?)

He never confirmed it, but his face went ashen, his jaw dropped, his eyes popped, and he said, “You bitch, you had me followed!”

That was confirmation enough for me.

It Happens Again …..
It was 1964 and I was living in Tulsa, Oklahoma with my three year old daughter. Kennedy had been killed the previous year and we were getting up to our necks in Viet Nam.

I lived in the upper part of an old victorian 2-story house. It was furnished with red velvet plush, old oak carved furniture. Very little closet space, but I had a huge old ornate chest in my bedroom to hang clothes in.

I was going with a guy who worked for a big oil company. He loved my daughter and spent a lot of time at our house. He called and wanted to come over one Sunday afternoon to watch the football game on my TV.

I was real tired and not a big fan of football, so when he settled in to watch the game, I asked him to keep an eye on my daughter and I went to take a short nap.

When I woke up from my nap, I could hear the game on the TV in the living room. I could hear my daughter jabbering to him and him answering her. I could see the white filmy curtains blowing inward at the open window.

But when I went to get up, I could not move. I could move my eyes, I could see and hear, but I could not move! I tried to scream, but I could not scream! Not even a squeek!

I finally became aware that I was paralyzed because part of me was missing. When that thought struck, I immediately was across the room on top of the old clothes chest, between two antique hatboxes. I was looking across the room and down at myself laying on the bed.

When it registered on me that THAT was me down there – it scared me silly.

I immediately went -WHOOSH!- and was back in my body. The impact jarred me and I jumped off the bed and ran to the livingroom. When I sat down on the couch, my boyfriend looked at me and said, “What’s the matter with you? You look like you’ve seen a ghost!”

I had.



Near Death Experience


My Visit to the Other Side

In 1967 I was living in Houston, Texas with my six year old daughter. I was extremely depressed, drinking heavily and felt that my life had no direction or purpose. My loftiest goal was to diet myself thin and marry a man with money enough to solve all my problems.

One day I came home from work, exhausted, and lay down on the bed. My mood was bleak and I completely relaxed into a make-the-world-go-away frame of mind. I almost immediately fell into myself – imploded. I experienced a sense of speed like being on a toboggan – a whooshing sound – and fell rapidly through a tunnel of blue, satin light. At the end of the tunnel was a clearing and in it’s center a “blue bag”. The bag was organic and like the sac containing a baby. A birth sac. It’s shape was organic and roughly pear-shaped, with an opening at the top. I floated to the top of the sac and when I did, “knowings” began to spew out of the bag. By “knowings”, I mean a complete, four-dimensional understanding of a concept or idea without it’s coating of words. Have you ever heard something a hundred times and then one day you “knew” what it meant? It is very difficult to describe my experience in words because it was pre-verbal.

Anyway, the “knowings” were popping out of the top of the bag as thick and fast as popcorn popping out of a pan. I tried to grab some so I could take them back with me and put words on them so I could remember them. But they were too numerous and happening too fast to get hold of. I “knew” that what I had found was the sum total of all “knowing” or wisdom of all people for all time – past, present and future. All wisdom comes from this pool of collective knowing and all we learn goes into the pool for the use of everyone.

I left the blue bag and immediately found myself high above the earth. I could look down and view the curvature of the earth, its colors and the shape of its waters and continents. I was not only above space, though, I was also above time. I could see the movement of the people and ideas that had shaped and been shaped by history. At each period in history, I experienced the total “feel” of that period, including its music, architecture, styles of clothing, political thinking and literature. It was like a vast march of people from different times with different world-views, all working together. Like removing the top of a gigantic piece of machinery and observing all the wheels, cogs and pulleys working together. On the surface we see none of this, but take off the top and we can see it. My vision took off the top.

I “knew” that we are all connected with each other – like mountain climbers with ropes around their middles. When one of us falls, we pull the others down. When we climb up, we help others up. We’re all in this together. I “knew” that what we observe as empty space between us is not empty. We are like marbles in a sheet of glass. You don’t see the glass, you see the marbles. But the glass holds the marbles together. We are held together by an invisible substance that is around us and between us. It is invisible to us, but it is real. I saw that life on this planet was not random, there is a giant plan. The plan, however, is on a scale that is incompressible to us. Our minds are too finite to grasp it. I was shown a ball that was convoluted and contained all surfaces.

For years after my experience, I looked for someone who could explain this to me. I would take a strip of paper and twist and attach the two ends together. “What is this?” I’d ask. Finally, years later, I met a physicist who told me it was a mobius strip. I told him I had seen a solid round ball that was like this mobius strip. The physicist said that would be a mobius solid. Pure mathematics has proven a mobius solid can exist, he said, but our three-dimensional minds could not envision one. I told him I had seen one. He just shook his head. During my experience, I was told that all time is “now” and all space is “here”. I believe there was more to this middle part of my experience that will be revealed to me when the time is right.

I moved from this vantage point back into that beautiful blue light. I came into the picture from the right, front and slightly at an angle toward the center. Before me, there was a group of “essences” of people. If you refined a field of flowers to a single drop of perfume, that would be the essence of the flowers. These essences of people were like drops of water in a bucket of water – they were individual, but collective. They were grouped together in a triangle shape – like bowling pins are set up – with the apex of the triangle toward me. There was one essence that stood slightly in front of the others. I had the sense that this one spoke for the others but was not in authority over them.
As I came near them, I was immediately aware that this group knew me better than I would ever know myself, accepted me totally, and loved me completely. The love that came out from them washed over me in waves and was so pure and strong I could not hardly bear it. I was one of them and always had been. They knew it and I knew it. The one slightly in front communicated with my heart and mind and told me I could not stay, I must go back. The presence felt masculine, although I did not identify it as any known spiritual figure. I begged him not to send me back. He told me very firmly that there was something I had to do, but that they would be there for me and I could come back to them when I had finished my work.

I immediately popped back outside and rose from the bed, with a deep down anger that I was back here. For weeks I was angry at having to come back, but then I set my self toward doing whatever it was I was supposed to do here. This experience changed my life and I made many worthwhile changes in my life as a result of having had it. I let go of some bad behavior and commenced a dedicated spiritual search that has taken me into all sorts of rich and interesting places.

I’m still not real sure why they sent me back, but I suspect it was to share the experience (as I have many times, especially with terminal AIDS patients) and give others the opportunity to share their experiences.

In 1995, my dear little Schnoodle (Schnauzer/Poodle) suffered a doggie-stroke and had to be put to sleep. He had been the light of my life for 16 years.

I grieved his death intensely. One night as I lay in bed, I was suddenly allowed to visit the place of the “essences of people” one more time.

As I neared the triangle of loving souls, I could see quite clearly the figure of my dear Josh sitting at their feet and smiling at me. Intuitively I knew they would care for him until I could join them.

I still miss him terribly, but I know he is okay and waiting for me there.


Past Life Experiences


In 1973, I was living in Denver, Colorado. One weekend afternoon, I lay down for a nap and felt myself take that familiar fall into another place. This time, I was walking down a set of steps that had been hewn from solid rock. The steps led down into an underground cavern. I could feel the cool sweat on the wall as I descended the steps and see the reflection of the lights below on the moisture clinging to the walls.

Down below, there were many short, very slender men wearing diapers and holding torches. They were milling around and waiting for us to approach them. I “knew” these were the men who had created the covern we were entering.

I was near the wall as we descended the circular steps. On my right, was a man of about 35 years. He was hefty built, had dark curly hair and wore a short, but very full, beard. He had a ruddy complexion. I knew this man very well.

On his right, was his wife, a tall, slender woman of about his age. She had very long dark hair, which she wore pulled back into a ponytail that swung and fell all the way down her back. She had very a large pointed nose and very sharp features. I also knew her very well.

I was a girl of about 18 or 19, short and of stocky build. I also had long, dark hair. I was the woman’s maid. Although I was a servant – actually, probably a slave considering the time and place – I was in an elite bracket of slave because the man was high up in the governing class, like a mayor or a governor, but not a king.

His wife was very proud of his position because of the rank it gave her, but she cared nothing for him personally.

I was his lover, and had been since I came into puberty. I genuinely cared for him, although he was a dullard, a plutocrat and rarely had an original thought. But I loved him.

We were going down to inspect his tomb. Everybody understood that when he died, his wife, all their servants and the workmen would all be killed to accompany him on his journey to the afterline. I knew this and accepted it.

At this point in the experience, I sensed what was coming and pulled myself out of this. I literally forced myself up off the bed and into the kitchen, where I drank a glass of milk, ate a sandwich and smoked several cigarettes.

I stalled long enough that I thought it was safe to go back to bed. But I was wrong.

The moment I laid back down and closed my eyes, the scene literally grabbed me and pulled me back down into it.

This time, my lover, the plutocrat, had died and they were preparing him and the tomb for his burial. It was my turn to take the transformation so that I could accompany his wife into the hereafter. They were stabbing me in the stomach and I remember it felt hot, hot, hot like burning pokers being driven into my midsection.

I was furious as I died. Not because they were killing me to accompany them….no, I was furious because I was dying as her maid, not as his wife.

I believe this life and death were shown to me to help me understand why I always had to be the bride —Never The Bridesmaid!— in this life.

It cleared up a lot for me.

This past life came to me very clearly and -Thank God- very calmly.

I was a heavy-set middle aged woman in a tiny settlement in Ireland (or maybe Scotland) during the Dark Ages. It is hard to place a time because we lived in such a rural setting and there were no buildings or anything to help me date it.

I was married to a big, fat man who was a laborer of some kind. He was a good man, it’s just that marriage wasn’t based on romance in those days. He did his job and I did mine. He was pretty much irrelevant to me, on the rare occasions he was around, because my heart was totally set on my son.

My son was in his mid to late 20’s and had been born with something wrong with his foot. I think it must have been a club foot. He was also very slender, pale and sickly. But oh, he had the most beautiful soul! My God, he wrote the finest poetry and his mind was so clear – like a tinkling bell – and when he talked, it was music.

I loved him so.

He made all the crude clothing, and drudgery of my life worthwhile. He was like a piece of fine porcelain.

He died when he was not yet thirty. I do believe I died when he did. Maybe not physically, but my heart was not in living after he left.

I did not remember my death in this life. I only remember the love I felt for my son.

In this life, I was a young boy. A beautiful boy with yellow curls and a total inability to take anything seriously.

It was about the 17th century and I traveled with a troup of people who went from town to town playing music and putting on little plays. Minstrels. I played a little recorder (to this day, I LOVE baroque recorder music) and danced and acted in plays.

I had many friends among the ladies in our troup, but it was the men I really loved. I loved to tease them and flirt with them and make them do what I wanted them to. I loved frustrating them and driving them nuts.

I died very young in this life, I believe I was killed by a jealous lover. Served me right!

I mainly remember the music and the traveling and the color and magic we created. Loved it!


UFO Support Group

By 1980, I had moved to Austin, Texas. Austin has always been my first love and I always knew in my heart of hearts that when I was through rambling around and decided to settle, it would be in Austin.

I had gone about as far as I could go with my solitary investigations into my UFO experiences. I needed the input of others and I needed to share my experiences with others.

So I started a UFO Abductees Support Group. We later dropped the abductees part, because it has such a negative connotation and not all our experiences were negative.

The Group Is Visited By A Folklorist During the 2nd year of our existence, a young lady from UT working on a Master’s Degree in the Anthropology Department visited our group. Her discipline was Folklore and she was interested in doing her thesis on my group.

With our permission, she became a regular at our group and a close personal friend of mine.

When she wrote her thesis, she asked me to write the introduction. Here it is:


A Lifetime of Anomalous Experience by Jean Staffen
Although the majority of experiences which are currently called “UFO Abduction” exist beneath the surface of mainstream society, I believe these phenomena will prove to be precursors of a future evolution in species consciousness.

Until the publication of Communion in 1987, the subject of UFOs was primarily the bailiwick of loosely organized, quasi-scientific citizen’s groups, covert government investigatory bodies, and the occasional eccentric religious group (commonly known as the “lunatic fringe”).

As Whitley Strieber’s Communion maintained its position on The New York Times bestseller list week after week, the attention of highly credentialed readers was captured for the first time since the phenomena came into public awareness in 1947. The attention thus captured was from sociologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, historians and cultural anthropologists, especially those practitioners specializing in the folklore of various cultures. “Soft” science recognized in Strieber’s graphic account of his personal experiences what the physical scientists had never seen, or at least had never publicly admitted-a connection to a known quantity in the human experience. This quantity was known to them, however, primarily from studying cultures in other times and countries. To be fair, the information coming out of the abduction phenomena is probably less threatening to those in the humanistic sciences in that the emerging information seems to confirm their findings. Contrarily, most of the facts the physical scientists have learned about UFOs tend to disprove their assumptions.

My personal experiences in this area began in 1942, when, as a three-year-old child, I was visited in my bedroom by a glowing orb, within which a disembodied presence communicated with me telepathically. Rather than being frightened, I felt loved and valued. I felt that I had been especially selected to become identified with a species whose infinite wisdom, strength, and love, left me with a sense of overwhelming awe and humility. Although I do not remember specific things that they told me at the time, I do remember thinking that I would not be able to live up to the course I felt was being outlined by them for my life. I also remember a sudden knowledge (which is indicative of the thought-transference style of their communication) that I “would grow into it.” The sure sense that my feet are being led along a definite path has accompanied me all my life.

I had awakened during a rainstorm one night when I was nine years old, to see a face staring at me through my bedroom window. The face belonged neither to a human nor an animal. Although I cannot entirely remember that face, I do remember the huge, black eyes that bored into me, hypnotizing me and holding me immobile on the bed.
In 1988, I accidentally saw the cover of the book Communion in a bookstore in San Antonio. I experienced strong body memories in the form of panic attacks, which preceded memories of a lifetime of experiences. I remembered the light in my bedroom, the face in the window and a tall, thin Being who taught me during the 1970s. Like the language of art and symbol, his instructions circumvented my conscious mind and were planted directly into some interior part of me which does not yield its knowledge readily to the probing of the conscious mind. I believe that this is the reason many people refer to these experiences as “dreams.” The experiences occur at a level that is preverbal, so it is very difficult to express their content or the feelings aroused in a language designed to describe our conscious state. Words like “mood,” “sense,” “half-memory,” and “dream” best convey the layer between conscious and subconscious wherein they operate.

In the summer of 1992, I felt I had exhausted my ability to integrate my experiences alone, with the limited aid of the books that I could find. It seemed to me that there must be others like myself. I decided to form a support group of these like-minded people, if I could locate them. I located a meeting room and drew up a simple flyer on the location and dates of the group and sent the flyer out to several members of the local media. A young reporter at the Austin American-Statesman called me and we arranged for an interview. His well-written article appeared in the City/State section of the Sunday paper. The article was picked up by the Associated Press and carried by newspapers over a wide area. I received over 600 telephone calls, and was interviewed on radio talk shows in Dallas and Tyler. The Daily Texan and Georgetown papers did articles on the group, and 62 people attended our first meeting. I was overwhelmed by the number of people expressing interest and personal experiences with UFO abduction. I was also very impressed by the level of intelligence, creativity, realness, and academic accomplishment of the average experiencer. Who knows whether we are this way because of our experiences, or whether these Beings have the sensitivity and discernment to select some of the finest people around to draft for participation.

Of course, the jury is just coming in with the emergence of “soft” science interest in UFO experience. But I am honored to be asked to put my conjectures on the record. As a result of 50 years of personal experience (as well as a near death experience in 1967) and the experiences of others I have shared-both through their books and in my support group-this is what I believe is going on.

I believe that these experiences are occurring at a level which points to the emergence (or re-emergence) of a vital area of human existence which has traditionally been ignored by our technological culture. I believe that we live in the midst of myriad dimensions, separated only by our finite consciousness and further defined and limited by our language structure and learned limitations. I believe that space and time do not exist outside our conscious minds. I believe that various situations can precipitate our movement into these other dimensions. In a culture where religion has been reduced to segmented groups who are more concerned with form than content, where Christianity remains a personality cult around Jesus and spiritual principles have been all but lost, where science does its best to reduce all of life to understandable and controllable parts, and therapy constantly tells us that we are responsible for the entirety of our thoughts and actions the UFO experience has personal access to dimensions not yet labeled. The UFO experiencer is privy to that dimension where “reality” overlaps with dream. Not only is he able to perceive the UFO experience on a subjective level, with all the joy and terror it might inspire, but he is able to share his experiences with others who have also walked along those uncharted paths. I believe there are forces both Light and Dark-with which we are unconsciously connected. I believe we are now becoming consciously aware of some of those unconscious connections. I believe our species is evolving into the conscious awareness of those dimensions traditionally interpreted by the shaman, the seer, the visionary and the prophet. Many believe these to be the End Times. They may well be, if not actually on a physical level, perhaps in a figurative sense. Life as we have known it, wearing blinders to most of reality, may be nearly over.

I believe we will find that space and time are actually only components of something we can’t yet intellectually grasp. If this is true, the question of whether these entities are from another planet or another dimension will become moot. We will no longer need psychoactive drugs to open the doors into that world. I believe we have outgrown our power structures and our dependence on authority figures, and are maturing as a species. As crude as the research is now, I believe the spearhead of this maturation is embodied in UFO abductees.


My Visions


In 1973, I began to get a series of “instructions” about the work I was to do. The instructions were given to me through a series of pictures flashed on my mind’s eye. I perceived the information instinctively and intuitively, rather than auditorily. I was told that during the years 1990 through 1999, many devastating changes would occur, culminating in the collapse of the economic system (banks, insurance companies, the stock market, etc). The world as we know it is based on greed, fear and competition and is negative and unnatural. I was told that the communication devices we depend on would be inoperative and that instructions for survival would be given through the intuition during the chaos which followed the collapse.

I was told to work with women – especially young women – because women are more apt to listen to the “still, small voice” inside – not because women are superior to men in any other way. Information, I was informed, would be broadcast and only those “tuned in” to their intuitions would hear it. I was to work with young women because they would more likely survive the change because they were stronger and more adaptable than older women. I was to tell the young women two things: (1) Practice listening to your intuition, and trusting your intuition, so that your ability to hear and respond will be honed and second-nature by the time you really need it, and (2) If you have guidance toward homeopathic medicine or any other natural talent for helping others, take it seriously, work with it until you have learned all you can about it so you can use it for the period after the collapse.

This last part was important because I was told that after the man-made, corrupt system we are currently living in is gone, medicine will consist of herbs, touch, talking, love, attention, etc. rather than the cutting and chemicals which now comprises most of our medical practice.

In 1983, I was given the instruction on the 4 Genders and told to get the word out to as many people as I could, because the information would be invaluable later. After the chaos of the collapse, the people remaining would rebuild a society on more honest, genuine and spiritual principles. When people are living in harmony with Spirit, themselves, each other, animals and the earth, the information on the Four Genders would serve as a framework for accepting people as they naturally are and for promoting peace within society. It would also provide a basis for the division of labor so that the different genders would be encouraged to follow their natural instincts. Thereby, all work would be accomplished by the ones who naturally do it best and no one would be forced to fit themselves into a societal role which was not natural to them.

In 1984, I was given a series of visions into the chaos which will come as the present system is imploding. I saw trains with many, many flatbeds rolling through the night. On the flatbed train cars, tanks and other war machinery was lined up in endless rows. Later, I saw scenes of (mostly) men fighting in the streets – deadly hand-to-hand combat. One group wore black uniforms and considered themselves to be in the right. The men they were fighting wore no uniforms, and also considered themselves to be right. The only difference between the groups were the uniforms. The ones with no uniforms were called “criminals” by the ones with the black uniforms – not because they had committed any real crime, but simply because they were fighting the ones in the uniforms. In truth, both sides were the pawns of people and ideas they knew nothing about. I was reminded of the line in the poem “Dover Beach” -“where ignorant armies clash by night.”

The streets were filthy – littered with glass, debris of all kinds. The scenes took place in a large city, and the windows in the shops were broken. There was no electricity, and no cars were moving. People who were not either “blacksuits” or “criminals”, were mainly trying to save themselves by hiding. I was with a group of these people, and we were so hungry we were picking oranges and grapefruits off the trees for something to eat. I and the group of frightened folks I was with, went into a building that had been a luxury hotel. But the glass windows were broken out, and shards of glass were lying on the expensive carpet in the lobby. There was no electricity nor air conditioning, and the place was dank and dark. We went through the lobby toward the back of the hotel looking for an unlocked door to one of the rooms so we could hide from the fighting in the streets.

I believe that the visions I have had were from the beings represented by the consciousness in the ball of light when I was three. I believe that the work I have to do is to share these experiences.

I was told that I would not be around for the rebuilding…but I was to help prepare the ones who would survive to rebuild. That is what I’m trying to do.

If my message does not speak to your heart, please disregard what I have written. If, however, any of this resonates with you, get ready. It’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better – but it will get better. A new world will be built, and it will not be the New World Order. It will be a simple world where Spirit reins and folks live as a tribe, help each other, and life is sweet.


The Four Genders

Although God created two sexes, male and female, He
created four genders. He created masculine and
feminine men and masculine and feminine women.
These divisions do not pertain to “gay” or
“straight” because anyone can express
sexually with anyone else at any time (and they do)
at various points in their lives.


These are the warriors, the builders, the hunters and the impreg-nators. These are their jobs. They protect the other genders from enemies, construct shelter, bring home the bacon and give the women their children. Around us in society, we see masculine men naturally gravitating toward these roles. In fact, we have so many wars because it is by keeping a war going all the time, the masculine man can insure his dominance. When masculine man is respected for his contribution and not expected to be anything but what he is, he will be much more comfortable. When masculine man is taught by the other genders that these are his roles and he is not God, everyone else will be much more comfortable.

Masculine man has run the show for much too long and we are close to destroying ourselves because masculine man’s natural aggressiveness and competitiveness has been allowed to run rampant. Give a masculine man a choice between playing God and having to strain himself to “be sensitive” and “find the female within himself” or being allowed and encouraged to be his natural self, while staying within his limits, and I believe most men would go for it in a heartbeat. Ask a masculine man if he would give up the race for life where he could build houses, bridges, machinery and gadgets, hunt and fish all he wants, fight to win against any real enemy without any pretended rules of fairness, and impregnate women all his life, and I believe most men would give up trying to be everything to prove their superiority. Masculine men need to be taught that there are three other genders who have their roles, too, and that it will not be tolerated for him to continue to deny them the dignity of their parts in the whole scheme of things. Show a masculine man a deer, and he’ll see meat. Masculine man loves to provide and protect.


Feminine Men: These men are the keepers of beauty. They are the designers, the costumers, the artists, dancers and playwrights. They are the actors and the makers of magic. Wherever there is color and line and beauty to be expressed, there you will find the feminine man. Too long have they been denied the credit that is theirs for finding and creating beautiful things in a sometimes sordid world. Without the feminine man, we have no elegance, no dignity. Their gifts raise us above ourselves. The feminine man sees and reflects back to us a side of ourselves the other genders do not see until he shows it to us. They need to be loved and appreciated for who they are and what they have always given to us. They are the natural emotional companions of the masculine man. Show a feminine man a deer, and he’ll see the deer’s beauty. Feminine man’s first love is art.


She is the nurturer. She tends the animals and the sick. She prepares the dead for burial. According to the bible, on the third day the women came to the tomb to get Christ’s body to prepare it for burial.

Masculine women are natural veterinarians, nurses, funeral home workers. They have always served as midwives because they are the natural providers of support and under-standing for the feminine woman.

Feminine woman looks to masculine man to provide understanding and support, but it is masculine woman who can provide it. Masculine woman always does the tough jobs. She staffs the battered women’s shelters and in the role of attorney, fights for the rights of women and children. She is the strong, smart woman in the universities who teach women to realize and utilize their own potentials.

Sapho was a masculine woman. Without masculine woman, the animals, the sick and women/children would have no champion. Show a masculine woman a deer, and she’ll see something to take care of. Masculine woman’s first love is nurturing.

She is the homemaker, the bearer and tender of the young, the gatherer and gardener. Look at the magazines at the grocery store checkout stands. All women’s magazines are concerned with the feminine woman’s concerns – children, home and garden. Feminine woman is the maker of clothing, the cooker of food, the planter. She looks to the masculine man to understand her and give her support, but he will never be able to do it. It is not in his nature. What he can give her is her children, her home, her meat, her safety. The companion-ship she craves will come from the masculine woman. Show a feminine woman a deer and she’ll see a pet – something to love. Her first love is her home and children.

There are two exceptions to these gender classifications – one for each sex.

On the Male Side – The Priest:

This is a masculine man, but he is not a warrior, not a constructor, not a hunter. His job is to report us to ourselves, mirror us to ourselves. He is the philosopher, the poet, the thinker and the writer. He warns us when we are going in the wrong direction and sees a straight line between where we are and where we are headed. He is the shaman in every culture who sees past the physical world to the larger reality. He belongs to the people and is not designed to do the work of the other masculine males. His first love is God (or God in the guise of the spirit that is the sum total of humanity). This spirit moves through him to keep us in touch with our divine origin. He is the metaphysician – the barometer. He is naturally in touch with the great collective consciousness – the mind-at-large. In contemporary America, he is often the musician and songwriter. Show him a deer, and he’ll probably view it as a symbol. The priest’s first love is humanity.

On the Female Side – The Concubine:

Society has banned, banished and denigrated the concubine, calling her by many derogatory names. But this is still the world’s oldest profession because it is a natural role. The English refer to sex as “comfort” and it is the concubine’s role to provide comfort to the man who needs what she has to give – usually the priest. In ancient times, the temple virgins filled this role. The temple virgins were respected and considered vital members of society for offering comfort to the priests. The word “virgin” originally meant a woman who belonged to herself; who was unattached to a man or children throughout her life. She was the femme sole, the woman alone and her job was to provide under-standing, sympathy, comfort and guidance to the man who served humanity. These were the “holy whores” and nowadays, you will find many of these women following musical groups. Even a man who is married to his music and who is intent upon saying what he needs to say needs the concubine’s comfort. In Japan, the Geisha is the classic concubine, providing attention, relaxation, companionship and comfort. Show the concubine a deer and the last thing she’ll want to do is hurt it, trap it or interfere with it in any way. She will celebrate the deer’s freedom. The concubine’s first love is to serve a spiritual man’s physical needs.



11:11 Experiences

What Does 11:11 Mean?
Sometime in the mid-80’s, I became aware that a certain synchronicity was occurring in my life.

I would wake up and look at the digital clock, and it would say 11:11.

Or I’d go into the grocery store to pick up a few things, and the bill would be 11 dollars and 11 cents.

Or I’d have a sudden impulse to look at the clock when I was at work, and you guessed it, the clock would say 11:11.

I was baffled by this and couldn’t for the life of me figure out why this was happening. I finally just decided to stop whatever I was doing when I looked at the clock at 11:11 and become very quiet until the clock turnd over to 11:12. I would enter a mini-meditation, just quiet and receptive. Nothing ever happened, but I felt like someone was trying to get my attention to tell me something.

The oddest instance of this was one night in 1994 while I was living in Tucson, Arizona. I was tired and went to bed early. As a result, I was sound asleep by 9:30 pm. At precisely 11:11, i awoke with a start and opened my eyes to look at the clock. I went into my receptive mood as I always did when this happened, all the while looking at the clock. A minute later, when the digital clock turned over, it turned over to 11:34, not 11:12, as I expected it to. What happened to the 22 minutes? I was wide awake and looking straight at the clock the whole time.

From Richard Hoagland’s Site:
As we first reported to you last year in our (admittedly unfinished) “End of Days” series, we believe that the world has crossed a Rubicon into a new and extremely dangerous phase. The portent of this new period was defined by the passing of Sirius across the Giza meridian at precisely 12:00 midnight on January 1, 2000, an event which we have shown could NOT have been “coincidental.” At that time, we asserted that this singular event, dictated by a series of deft manipulations of the western Gregorian calendar, had been planned and worked towards for perhaps more than two millennia. The authors of this extraordinary and meticulously planned celestial event were a series of groups which have come to be loosely known as “secret societies” — semi-hidden bands of hand picked and self-appointed “leaders” who frequently attempt to manipulate secular political events.

Yet still, when we first witnessed the horrific acts of terror and cowardice that brought down New York’s twin World Trade Center towers, it simply did not occur to us that we might be witnessing such a “manipulated” event. Random acts happen. Violent, murderous thugs commit unspeakable acts of murder against innocent people everyday. The world is full of religious and political zealots who seek to either convert or kill those that refuse to bend to their will. This, in our initial reaction to the horror, most likely was the case with this worst single attack on American soil in our history.
Then the numbers began to come in.

It became obvious fairly early that there were some strange coincidences surrounding these events. As was quickly reported throughout the Internet, there were a whole bunch of odd “9-1-1” and “11” coincidences that linked to these horrific attacks.
For instance:

  • The attacks took place on 9/11
  • 9+1+1 = 11
  • Each WTC Tower had 110 floors, which is a multiple of 11ght 77. 77 is
  • The second plane, United Airlines Flight 175, hit the World Trade Tower 1 at 9:02 AM.
  • 9+2 = 11
  • 9/11 is the 254th day of the year. 2+5+4 = 11
  • After 9/11, there are 111 days left in the year
  • New York City (where the major attack occurred) consists of 11 letters
  • New York was the 11th state admitted into the Union
  • President Bush ordered flags to fly at half mast until 9/22, making an 11 day period of mourning

And so on. At this point, our interest had been piqued, but little else. We had no way of knowing, or certainly proving, whether all these resonances were simply true coincidence or part of some other larger pattern. But given our previous research into such recurring symbolism, we felt impelled to at least look.

The first place we started was with the date itself.

Read the entire article at

Lots of folks getting 11:11 — Look on the Internet
Enter 11:11 into your favorite search engine and find out how common this occurrence is.

And how many different interpretations there are of the meaning of the experience.


Favorite Links Page


Here are some of my favorite places on the ‘net
Here are some of the places I go when I want to be with and learn from my own kind of people.

Strictly Anomalous ….. There is more mystery than knowledge in the world. “Mystery surrounds us,” writes the naturalist Chet Raymo in Honey from Stone. “It laps at our shores. It permeates the land. Scratch the surface of knowledge and mystery bubbles up like a spring. And occasionally…a tempest of mystery comes rolling in from the sea and overwhelms our efforts…” Every Saturday night, Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland offers an adventure in new realities. Each Saturday’s program is available to internet listeners on this website on the Sunday following. Four weeks of archives are retained on the site Program information, good source of sites, humor, music and up to the minute information about UFO’s, paranormal and related subjects. Linda Moulton Howe’s website. Linda was the first to research cattle mutilations. She is also a serious student of the crop circle phenomenon and all scientific anonylies.

A New Way To Look At The Past The work of Zecharia Sitchin is based on clay tablets that were found in modern day Iraq (Sumeria). These are the some of oldest recorded writings known to man. Sitchin’s work consists of eight books. Below you can listen to interviews with Sitchin, or click on each book and learn more about Sitchin’s work. Or you can download his video series from the images below. I recommend everyone reading this section goto the “read this first” link to get an understanding of the importance of this man’s work.
From its initial release in 1993 to the present, Forbidden Archeology has shocked and delighted readers around the globe with a veritable encyclopedia of anomalous scientific evidence challenging the standard views on human evolution. This site offers a fascinating intellectual excavation of a vast store of hidden knowledge by author Michael Cremo, who has planted a time bomb in the archives of conventional history. The Journal of Strange Phenomena based on the work of Charles Fort. Fort was a newspaperman in the eastern part of the U.S. who, early this century, documented strange occurrences not covered by the mainstream media. One of the finest sites on the ‘net for up to the minute news of what goes on behind the scenes and for new UFO news. A very controversial writer and world-class speaker, David Icke is one of the finest sources of information about what is really going on in the world – and more importantly, the spiritual solution to the malady. Jim Marrs is ajournalist and author who lives in Fort Worth. He has done some of the best work on secret societies, UFO’s, etc. Richard Hoagland is the for NASA Advisor who did the seminal work on the Face on Mars and presented his paper to the U.N. Have You Ever Wondered…?

. . . why we humans use only about 10% of our massively supercharged brains?
. . . why idiot-savants can somehow access parts of the remaining 90%
. . . why we humans have a gene pool with over 4000 genetic defects?
. . . why our closest genetic relatives, chimps and gorillas, have very few?
. . . why we humans have genes that are only 200,000 to 250,000 years old?
. . . why anthropologists insist that we descend from creatures 4,000,000 years old?
. . . why we humans in no way resemble those ancient so-called “prehumans”?
. . . why we humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes for a grand total of 46?
. . . why our closest genetic relatives (sharing 98% – 99% of our DNA) total 48?
. . . how we humans could lose 2 whole chromosomes in only 250,000 years?
. . . why our skin is so poorly adapted to the amount of sunlight striking Earth?
. . . why we are so physically weak compared to our closest genetic relatives?
. . . why Earth is minus a huge part of its crust, the part where the oceans are?
. . . why Earth is the only planet or moon with moveable tectonic plates?
. . . why Earth’s moon is so extraordinarily outsized relative to other moons?
. . . why megalithic structures like the Pyramids cannot be duplicated today?
. . . why stones in those structures would buckle today’s largest moveable cranes?
. . . how the ancient Sumerians knew all about Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto?
. . . why we found Uranus only in 1781, Neptune in 1846, and Pluto in 1930?
. . . how and why the Sumerians kept cosmic time in units of almost 26,000 years?
. . . if these questions will ever end?


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