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Rwhatisrv-inacs-nancy-jeane01emote Viewing: “What is it Really?” A Five-Step Overview
Presented by Nancy C. Jeane, M.Ed., September 15, 2015 at Austin Consciousness Connections in the INACS Nerve Center


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About Nancy C. Jeane

Nancy has a M.Ed. with 23 years of experience as an educator in public schools.  She has taken remote viewing training from most of the principle remote viewing trainers, including David Morehouse, Lyn Buchanan, Skip Atwater, Joe McMoneagle, and Paul H. Smith.  She is currently an assistant instructor and operational remote viewer for RVIS, Inc.  She also offers private CRV training in Texas.  She was elected to the board of directors of the International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA) in June 2014.

Beyond remote viewing, her certifications include several energy healing modalities including Reiki Third Degree, energy work with Mietek and Margaret Wirkus of Washington DC, and Dr. Norman Shealy of the Holos Institute of Health.  For the last six years she has been a Monroe Institute Excursion Trainer and a member of the Monroe Institute Professional Division.

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Nancy Jeane & ARV of the Pick-3 Lottery:

And recently, over a two-week period, an ARV student named Nancy Jeane concentrated on the Texas Pick-3 lottery. During those 14 days, she got two out of three numbers in the correct order eight times. And, she won the full Pick-3 twice. Considering that, by chance, one should win the Pick-3 only once in a thousand tries, and win twice only once in a million times, the fact of winning it two times in 14 attempts is mind-boggling.

Source: RV Methodologies – Associative Remote Viewing by Paul H. Smith, Ph.D. News from the Future, Aperture, Fall/Winter 2012, Issue 20




  • Remote Viewing: “What is it Really?” A Five-Step Overview Presented by Nancy C. Jeane, M.Ed. (booklet from event)