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Anomaly-THEN! FLASHBACK October 2020: Twisted Tales of Willy Seabrook and His Flesh Eating, Zombies

WOW! The Twisted Tale of Willy Seabrook and His Flesh Eating, Zombies

Part One streamed Monday, October 26th, 2020

Einida Excs and Viktor Criterion present an Anomaly Archives Adventure Club lecture on the true, but barely believable, story of William B. Seabrook and his contributions to Zombie lore. The lecture is presented with a kinematic slideshow.

PART-ONE presents the story of Willy from his early days as an adventure writer to his exploits in a Paris morgue. Covering topics such as his friendship with Aleister Crowley, his work with Hearst and King features Syndicate, and his Adventures in Arabia.



These presentations originally aired with introductions featuring SMiles Lewis, Einida Excs and Viktor Criterion. You can see those versions at these links here: