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Journal of Psychohistory

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The Journal of Psychohistory, has been publishing quarterly since 1973, originally as The History of Childhood Quarterly and since 1976 as The Journal of Psychohistory. It is somewhat unique in the world of academic publishing in being one of very few journals not published by a large publishing house or by a University Press, subsidized by university funds. It has been independently published by Lloyd deMause for more than 40 years.

The JOP has been a place where many authors have been able to see their work published in more than 800 articles, as well a several hundred book reviews and review essays. We recently increased the number of pages and, and we welcome contributions to a new section that will run from time to time, Psychohistorical Perspective on Current Events.

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Perinatal and Birth Memory Hypotheses of Alien Abduction Phenomena

Alvin Lawson, “Perinatal Imagery in UFO Abduction Reports,” Journal of Psychohistory, Fall, 1984, pp. 211-239



 Journal of Psychohistory Volume 25, No. 3, Winter 1998 – The History of Child Abuse by Lloyd DeMause (Speech given at the National Parenting Conference in Boulder, Colorado, September 25, 1997 / Also appears in Sexual Addicitons & Compulsivity V 1 n1 1994)

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