Playfair, Guy Lyon

Playfair, Guy Lyon

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Guy Lyon Playfair (born 5 April 1935) is a freelance writer and translator best known for his books about parapsychology.[1][2][3][4]

Additionally, Playfair has worked for several U.S., British and Brazilian magazines, newspapers and publishing houses. From 1967 to 1971 he worked in the press section of the U.S. Agency for International Development in Rio de Janeiro. Widely travelled, he has lived in Brazil for several years. His books have been translated into about 15 languages. He has also written numerous articles for magazines in several countries, and has worked as researcher and consultant on numerous radio and television programmes.

For two years, Guy Playfair worked with IBPP, Brazil’s first and only serious psychical research organization. He has been a member of the British Society for Psychical Research since 1973 and was elected to its Council in 2004. He has contributed several articles and book reviews to its journal and newsletter.

In his first book, The Unknown Power (first published as The Flying Cow by Souvenir Press Ltd., U.K. 1975) he brings a wide reading in the literature of psychical research to bear on Brazilian paranormal phenomena, including those events connected with Francisco Candido ‘Chico’ Xavier, Zé Arigó and others. In The Indefinite Boundary (first published by Souvenir Press Ltd., U.K. 1976), Guy Playfair reviews evidence for the existence of psychic phenomena.

He wrote a study of time cycles in connection with paranormal phenomena in The Cycles of Heaven (1978). With Maurice Grosse he investigated the Enfield Poltergeist over one year, as recorded in This House is Haunted (1980). If This Be Magic, an inquiry into hypnotism (both 1985). He then collaborated with Uri Geller on The Geller Effect (1986).

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