Beal, Jim

James Beal – author and researcher on EMFs.

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Jim Beal tells us insights from his long career in the sciences and space technology. He was one of the original founders of the Institute of Noetic Sciences with Edgar Mitchel, served as a student and board member at the Monroe Institute, and is now focusing on electro-magnetism and how to safely use it and expand it’s applications. In this powerful interview, Jim reveals the passionate curiosity that led him into some of the most amazing adventures of the past sixty years. Toward the end of this interview, this accomplished man of science discusses the place of spiritual alignment as a component of our successful transition to the next level of evolution.

Jim Beal: Explorer of the Cosmos and Psyche.

James B. Beal, M.S.E.E. – INACS Advisor

Mr. Beal was a Staff Engineer in the Advanced Processes Technology Department while at Martin Marietta Manned Space Systems, which occupies the NASA Michoud Facility in New Orleans, Louisiana. He was responsible for determination of new nondestructive evaluation (NDE) technologies and processes (Digital X-ray, eddy current, electrostatic cooling) which may be applied to improve performance of current Space Shuttle External Fuel Tank materials and welds. He is co-owner of patent 4,924,937, “Enhanced Electrostatic Cooling Apparatus,” a process to cool and strengthen thin aluminum welds on the External Tank.For many years he has been investigating potential applications of electromagnetic field (EMF) effects for environmental improvements to enhance long-term mental and physical health, and improve the healing process. Recently he has been supporting research about toxic elements in our breathing, eating, sleeping and working environments which can cause health-stress in system metabolic functions related to electrical and chemical sensitivities, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and a host of other problems not responding to current medical treatment (and primarily affecting women’s health). From his home in Wimberley, he offers his EMF Interface consulting services.

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  • Pocket binder / folder with …
    • BioElectroMagnetics Health Effects Update(s) circa 1998 – 2002
    • 1 original print cepia toned headshot photograph (see thumbnail above)
  • Website design notes and printouts
  • Various (3) EMF Interface Consulting – spiral bound booklets
  • CD-ROM: The Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields: Therapeutic & Hazardous
  • Various (3) EMF related trifold pamphlets
  • Healing, Consciousness & Unexplained Phenomena: Features of Energy Fields, Known & Unknown On & From Living Systems: March 2002 Presentation Outline (with author’s notes in pencil)
  • UFOs As Cultural Change Catalyzers, Innerspace Interface, xerox, unknown source


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