The Copycat Effect

The Copycat Effect:
How The Media and Popular Culture Trigger
The Mayhem in Tomorrow’s Headlines
by Loren Coleman


The Copycat Effect by Loren Coleman

Copycat Effect / Twilight Language: Book & Blog


VICENov 5, 2015
… reports is one that has occupied the mind of Loren Coleman for decades. … to the FBI talks about the copycat effect and considers it a reality.

Umpqua Shooting: More Blood on Media Hands (copycat effect)

AmmoLand Shooting Sports NewsOct 2, 2015
Loren Coleman wrote a book, The Copycat Effect, in 2004. The book details simple strategies for reducing media incentives for mass killings.

Influence of other killers on Va. gunman not unusual, experts say

USA TODAYAug 26, 2015
The increase in attacks on journalists plays into killers’ desire to get attention, said Loren Coleman, the author of The Copycat Effect. He said …

TV Crimes: Paris, Glasgow and the death of media responsibility

Fortitude MagazineJan 10, 2015
In his 2004 book The Copycat Effect: How The Media and Popular … in Tomorrow’s Headlines, author Loren Coleman stated “The media must …

Hong Kong murders: The psychology of copycat crime

The IndependentNov 5, 2014
Arguably the most well known writing on the topic was Loren Coleman’s 2004 book The Copycat Effect. Coleman believes that because …

Quebec reeling from nine domestic homicides in less than two weeks

The Globe and MailFeb 17, 2014
Loren Coleman, the author of The Copycat Effect, says clusters of such crimes sometimes take place when distressed people on the cusp of …

Real Prevention Measures for School Shootings (press release)Dec 17, 2013
A book, The Copycat Effect, by Loren Coleman, was written in 2004. It detailed simple strategies for mitigating the effect and reducing the ..

Do media vultures perpetuate mass shootings?

SalonDec 29, 2012
Do media vultures perpetuate mass shootings? EnlargeMembers of the media photograph mourners as they emerge from Blacksburg …

Guns, Mental Illness and Newtown

Wall Street JournalDec 17, 2012
Loren Coleman’s 2004 book “The Copycat Effect: How the Media and Popular Culture Trigger the Mayhem in Tomorrow’s Headlines” shows …