Extra-Terrestrials Among Us

Extra-Terrestrials Among Us

by George C. Andrews
“My aim as a writer is to express the truth as I perceive it on the subjects that interest me most” – George C. Andrews

George C. Andrews Bibliography  – FantomPowa: Flame Magazine

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Review excerpt from New Dawn Magazine No. 36:

This remarkable book is presented by Fate magazine, and contains a wealth of information on UFO sightings, contacts and abductions, cattle mutilations and evidence of government shenanigans and cover-ups. Some of the topics covered include evidence from ancient scripture and occult writings of alien contact and ‘wars in heaven’, aspects of the cover-up of UFO sightings / contact and deliberate discreditation / ridicule of contactees and their supporters, U.S. government involvement in said cover-ups, etc. There is a reasonable amount of material from the 19th century, and the author manages to link untraceable predators which decimate farmer’s cows and chickens in the UK midlands to the cattle mutilators of the American midwest (an interesting link to the so-called ‘ABC’s’ (Alien Big Cats) said to plague British farmers to this day.) Charles Fort receives credit for mentioning UFO related phenomena long before it became something in the public eye, and the book reproduces a number of his hypotheses (we are cattle!) as well as presenting some of the bizarre cases he collected. 


Review excerpt from UFO Book Review by Mac Tonnies:

Andrews’ book on UFOs and Fortean weirdness is a difficult mix of metaphysical speculation and solid reporting. The texture of Andrews’ book is scattered and paranoid and he never lingers on a specific subject long enough for the reader to come away with anything of real investigative value. This is an enjoyable foray into strangeness and conspiracy theory, but not nearly the journalistic dynamite as Timothy Good’s “Above Top Secret.”