Austin Archives Bazaar 2022

Tabling Outreach at the Austin Archives Bazaar 2022

Tabling outreach at the 2022 Austin Archives Bazaar

Sunday, April 24th, 2022, was the first in-person Austin Archives Bazaar since 2018. We had a great time tabling at that 2018 event and so we were even more excited than usual to finally be able to do in-person outreach at the first AAB event in 4 years! We had a great time seeing all the other wonderful Central Texas Archives and especially, interacting with so many wonderful people. Reactions to our presence there was phenomenal – with so many people exclaiming, “Why haven’t I ever heard of y’all” and “Where are y’all located – I’ve got to see this collection!” We made a lot of great new friends and contacts so perhaps we’ll also get some leads on a new location for the Anomaly Archives.
ABGB – Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company