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By his teen years, Lou had developed a curiosity regarding unexplained phenomena, including UFOs, and within a few years he had developed a network of contacts with others interested in the subject. By the 1970s, he was attending national Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) symposia and writing articles for UFO magazines and journals, including several coauthored with Jerome Clark about one of Lou’s areas of special interest and knowledge, pre-1947 UFO reports.  He served as Co-Editor (1977-1990) with Rod Dyke, and then as Editor (1991-2007) of the UFO Newsclipping Service, a monthly compilation of the best UFO-related newspaper articles from around the world. Prior to the Internet and cable TV UFO documentaries, the UFO Newsclipping Service was one of the better sources of UFO reports for researchers. Many UFONS subscribers also corresponded and exchanged UFO-related information with Lou, and through these exchanges he developed many longtime friendships around the U. S. and the world.


Lucius Farish 1937-2012

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