Wes Nations Collection

James Wesley “Wes” Nations (1967-2014)


Wesley “Wes” Nations (Files / Collection) – author, explorer, publisher, traveler, and Friend of the Archives: Wes Nations Collection

LifeDream of SMiles – PreHistory of the Anomaly Archives,


In the early to mid nineties I met Wes Nations, editor of CRASH COLLUSION; the zine that introduced me to an entire community of researchers with vast Fortean / Anomalistic interests.

A few years after meeting Wes, and being blown away by his accumulated library of the anomalous, he decided to move to Berkeley, California. He let me and then fellow Texas resident John Carter (nom de plum) rifle through and fight over his library as he didn’t want to physically move all the books.

So the pre Anomaly Archives were injected with a large number of anomaly tomes.

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