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Anomaly-NOW! 3/8/2023 – Biological Anomalies and UFO/UAP News

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New study discovers eight new prehistoric human groups
“It unveils important changes in the genetic makeup of some regions following major climate changes,” – Ludovic Orlando, a molecular archaeologist. Published: MARCH 5, 2023

Chernobyl nuclear disaster altered the genetics of the dogs left behind, scientists say (AV autoplay)
Scientists shared a look into how radiation exposure affects generations.
By Julia Jacobo / March 3, 2023

Strange life forms create an “alien” ecosystem in an abandoned uranium mine
Slimy biofilms made up of bacterial and eukaryotic life forms have taken over an abandoned, flooded uranium mine in Germany. FEBRUARY 3, 2023

All Living Cells Could Have The Molecular Machinery For a ‘Sixth Sense’
By Carly Cassella / 25 February 2023

UFO investigator claims to have ‘solved’ UK’s biggest X-Files mystery in Scotland Investigator Simon Holland believes Scottish hotel worker may have witnessed trials of a British Aerospace radar busting defence system in 1990
By Mark McGivern / 7 MAR 2023

Avi Loeb and the DoD’s Chief UAP Investigator Sean Kirkpatrick Say Solving Aerial Mysteries Requires Known Physics
By Micah Hanks / March 6, 2023


Could it be Satan

Satanic Panic is Alive and Well in Southern Maryland How a talk about historical witchcraft ignited centuries-old prejudices and bigotry
By Michale M Hughes / March 6, 2023