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January 31, 2023 – Austin, Texas

Greetings fellow Anomalists. Welcome to another edition of the Anomaly Archives eNews. As announced last week, Mark Jackson and I have resumed our weekly live anomalous news roundup show, Anomaly-NOW!

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An international team of unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP) investigators explores the Colombian Andes seeking solutions for the “Dancing Lights” of La Peña de Juaica.

Similar anomalous lights to those recorded in Norway’s Hessdalen Valley are witnessed between the Colombian villages of Tenjo and Tabio, about 45 kilometres (28 miles) north of Bogotá. Indigenous Muiscas knew the spectacular hill La Peña de Juaica as “The Door of the Gods” and local traditions maintain that it was baptized in 1608 AD as “The Hill of Dancing Lights” after colonists reported fast-moving multi-coloured lights in the air around its summit.

While the dancing lights of Colombia are similar to the Hessdalen Valley light phenomena, they are much older. Over the last 400 years the phenomenon has been called: El Encanto (The Charm), Mohan and Mohana (Indigenous spirits), Quicuyo (Black Worm) and Balón de Oro (Golden Ball). However, over the last sixty years the lights have most often been reported as ‘OVNIs’ (UFOs).

Season 1 Features:

  • Ashley Cowie – History Fuzz
  • Vinnie Adams – Disclosure Team
  • Dan Zetterstrom – That UFO Podcast
  • Walter Payne – Space Analyst – U.A.V. Pilot
  • Lydia Romer – Attorney and Judge
  • Jeshuran Rajasingham – Analyst
  • Natalia Reyes Escobar – Producer
  • Natalia Castellanos – Field Producer
  • Julio Fuentes – Security and Transport

Watch Season 1: Episode 1 is FREE and you can rent the following 9 episodes for a year.”


The Superhumanities

Historical Precedents, Moral Objections, New Realities 

by Jeffrey J. Kripal

A bold challenge to rethink the humanities as intimately connected to the superhuman and to “decolonize reality itself.”

What would happen if we reimagined the humanities as the superhumanities? If we acknowledged and celebrated the undercurrent of the fantastic within our humanistic disciplines, entirely new cultural worlds and meanings would become possible. That is Jeffrey J. Kripal’s vision for the future—to revive the suppressed dimension of the superhumanities, which consists of rare but real altered states of knowledge that have driven the creative processes of many of our most revered authors, artists, and activists. In Kripal’s telling, the history of the humanities is filled with precognitive dreams, evolving superhumans, and doubled selves. The basic idea of the superhuman, for Kripal, is at the core of who and what the human species has tried to become over millennia and around the planet.

After diagnosing the basic malaise of the humanities—that the truth must be depressing—Kripal shows how it can all be done differently. He argues that we have to decolonize reality itself if we are going to take human diversity seriously. Toward this pluralist end, he engages psychoanalytic, Black critical, feminist, postcolonial, queer, and ecocritical theory. He works through objections to the superhumanities while also recognizing the new realities represented by the contemporary sciences. In doing so, he tries to move beyond naysaying practices of critique toward a future that can embrace those critiques within a more holistic view—a view that recognizes the human being as both a social-political animal as well as an evolved cosmic species that understands and experiences itself as something super.”

University of Chicago Press


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