Anomaly-NOW! 20231108

Anomaly-NOW! 11/8/2023 – Animal Rebellion, ParaEntertainment Complex, & UFO News

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Headlines covered in this episode:

A Prehistoric Pyramid May Have Just Rewritten Human History, Scientists Claim

Ancient Precision: Confirmed! / Astonishing Results! More Ancient Egyptian Granite Vases Analyzed! More STL’s available. – UnchartedX

Orcas sink ANOTHER boat off Gibraltar after relentless 45-minute attack by killer whales ‘led by notorious White Gladis’

Distrust Of Paranormal TV Shows Is Sending Viewers To YouTube

From Amityville to Annabelle, the Warrens on film are a lie

Dispatches From the Inside: On Planet Weird’s ‘The Unbinding’

FREE Paranormal Pals Gathering at Radio/East this Sunday

Hello paranormal pals! Would you like to hang out, drink coffee, and discuss weird theory while winding down from Halloweek? Meet us at Radio East this Sunday (this is the new location, not Menchaca) Look for the glowing purple Paralight!

Statement by Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks on the Upcoming Departure of All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) Director Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick

AARO Director Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick Holds an Off-Camera Media Roundtable – October 31, 2023

UFO mystery over the Arctic Circle; Is the Pentagon hiding something? Vargas Reports – NewsNation on YouTube

UFOs and Aliens Are (Probably) Not What You Think: An Interview with Diana Walsh Pasulka

Diana Walsh Pasulka – Encounters

FishMan (comic strip)

VUMC scientists record powerful signal in the brain’s white matter

A Secret War, Strange New Wounds, and Silence From the Pentagon