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Anomaly-NOW! 5/10/2023 – FBI on Tx Cattle Mystery? Ray Stanford, UFOs and Lucid Dreaming


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Anomaly-NOW! 5/10/2023

Mystery Cattle Deaths, Texas, 2023

Eighth cow found Monday in series of mysterious livestock deaths near OSR
by Alex Miller – Apr 27, 2023 – Bryan / College Station Eagle

Who? or What? Is Killing and Mutilating Cattle in Texas and Oklahoma? (VIDEO)
by Linda Moulton Howe – Earthfiles, May 3, 2023

  • – Young calf mutilated with cuts to mouth and
  • – Bloodless, trackless
  • – Mindy Tautest, Director Oklahoma MUFON investigated the scene
  • – FBI investigating the Texas mutilations

Interview with Mindy Tautest, Director Oklahoma MUFON

  • – FBI asking ranchers not to discuss”

Jeffrey Mishlove’s recent Ray Stanford interviews:

Ray Stanford

UFO Hunters Built an Open-Source AI System To Scan The Skies
The Sky360 project is building a worldwide network of automated cameras to keep watch for strange aerial phenomena.
By Tamlin Magee May 9, 2023

UAPT Live Night France 100523

“Sleep language” could enable communication during lucid dreams
Small muscle twitches could be the key to communicating during someone’s REM sleep.

Lucid dream