AFU – Archives For the Unexplained


What AFU stands for…


Archives for the unexplained (AFU) preserves a rich world-wide heritage of paper archives, book libraries, recordings, e-files, objects and other materials related to all kinds of unexplained phenomena. Our aim is to continously develop an independent archive foundation for research by generations to come.

Our present system of facilities has a total shelf capacity of more than 2 kilometers. After cataloguing of recent donations the library will include more than 20.000 titles/editions about anomalistic phenomena of all kinds.

The core of our collections has come, and keep coming, from ‘ufologists’ – people who are specialized in the study of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). That is why we have built an international reputation (1973-2013) as the Archives for UFO research, under the acronym AFU.

By decision of the AFU board, in April 2013, we took on the new name Archives for the unexplained, but still continue under the old, well known acronym AFU.

Source: Archives For the Unexplained