Forbidden Science – Journals of Jacques Vallee

Forbidden Science – Journals of Jacques Vallee

Forbidden Science Volume Four

A new book by Jacques Vallee is must reading for every serious student of UFOs and  paranormal phenomena and also – I would add – esotericist. His writings are always intellectually challenging with new data and inside views from the UFO research community. The Forbidden Science Journals are now into the fourth volume, covering the decade 1990- 1999, subtitled The Spring Hill Chronicles. The difference this time is that many diary entries deal with Vallee´s work as private investor and venture capitalist. Somewhat frustating to readers, like me, who is not fascinated by economy and high finance.

SOURCE: Håkan Blomqvist´s Review


Known principally as an investigator of the UFO phenomenon ( Dimensions ) and a science fiction novelist, the French-born Vallee (now a resident of the U.S.) has also worked as a computer scientist in both academia and industry. Ufologists will not find the answers to all of their questions here, for although Vallee believes that UFOs exist, he has no idea just what they are. Therein lies the excellence of his dazzling diary: it offers a glimpse into the mind of a scientist who seems to challenge every preconception and established piety.

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With Jacques playing a central role in ufology since the 1960s, these books chart much of the history of ufology between 1960 and 1990 – anybody interested in the topic really should consider these required reading. So I was happy to find out that, while Jacques originally self-published Forbidden Science in a slightly expensive hardcover format, the good folks at Anomalist Books have recently re-released the three volumes in more affordable paperback editions:

SOURCE:  Forbidden Science: Take an Inside Look at the World of Ufology via the Journals of Jacques ValleeDaily Grail



“I’m the only ufologist that doesn’t know what UFOs are.” 

  • Jacques Vallee on the Martin Willis Show – October 15th, 2019 (YouTube).


1992-mufon-syposium-proceedings-cover“I am quite happy to attend this conference but I am not quite sure why Walt Andrus invited me to speak to you: I may be the only person here who doesn’t know what UFOs are. Most ufologists know (or think they know) that UFOs are extraterrestrial vehicles, in other words, spacecraft from another planet.”

  • Jacques Vallee’s opening lines in his speech at the 1992 MUFON symposium in Albuquerque, NM.